6 Benefits of Julie’s Online Naturopathic Consultations & How to Get Started!

Julie's Online Naturopathic Consultations - Available to Transformational Members

Julie has been providing Naturopathic Health Care Support, Treatments &

Counselling since 1990

6 Benefits of Julie's Online Naturopathic Consultations and How to Get Started!

6 Benefits of Julie’s Online Naturopathic Consultations and

How to Get Started!

Get the Guidance and Support you need to Heal: Restore & Rejuvenate!

In the Comfort of your own Home!

I have made available within my Transformational Membership, Online Naturopathic Consultations, to make it easier for you to have access to Professional, Evidenced-Based Guidance and support you in becoming and staying well in the comfort of your own home. Empowering you with tools that will help you to achieve a Lifetime of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality.

Recognized as a World Health Leader In Naturopathic Medicine by the Leading Physicians of the World. I base my guidance and support for you by encompassing Optimal Health as Being a Life force to Living a Full and Vital Life for the Whole of Your Life.

Answers to your questions

A guide for your Health Journey!

Whether you live in the outback or regional Australia, overseas, at no fixed address or don’t want to get caught up with all the medical jargon, appointments, you just want to get or become well on your terms with guidance and advice that you can trust. Then you have come to the right place. After 35 years of owning and running my Naturopathic Clinic, I wanted to allow myself freedom (some call it retirement). I didn’t like this word at all and wanted to continue sharing my knowledge and experience.

However, as you can imagine after 35 years helping people to become well, there is so much experience and knowledge that I felt obligated to share and continue to support people’s health, health concerns, questions and provide guidance as to a clear path of what they can do to become well.

Personally, I found as many of the clients have also, that attending Medical appointments, getting caught up in the medical wheel or as I have referred to my clients the “Medical Conveyor Belt” can be confusing and depressing, not conducive to becoming well at all. How do you use it to your advantage without getting caught up in the negativity of it all.

My goal and aim is to empower you with how you can take control of your health, simply with easy steps to firstly supporting your mind, not to become overwhelmed and keeping it in a positive space. Then with the foods you eat, implementing a diet of healthy eating, what will help you to prevent and overcome your health concerns or issues, then guiding you through making positive changes.

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What Next?

Become a Transformational Member

If you are not a Transformational Member, you will need to Join! The reason being that your Consultation is Strictly Confidential, your information is under strict security and will not be shared by any other parties. You will also have access to all the courses, eBooks and guidance available on the site.

How the Consultation Process Works!

Once payment and Membership is Approved.

You will directed to the Transformational Membership Discovery Page where you will be asked to complete an Initial Transformational Member Questionnaire. Once this questionnaire is completed you will receive a Welcome Package explaining the Consultation process. It is important that you provide me with all the relevant information about your health condition, health concerns, dietary, lifestyle concerns and any previous treatments.

Available Consultations

Online Email Consultations – you will have direct contact with Julie via email. You will receive a Health Questionnaire, to fill out with your health issues and concerns, that you will return to Julie via email. On receiving your completed questionnaire, Julie will provide you with a treatment plan, that will involve any life changes necessary, this can be dietary, implementing foods that will help with your recovery, cognitive guidance, helping with your mental health and emotional balance, this can also be instrumental in guiding you with making positive changes to any habits that could be causing you harm.

Online Phone and Email consultations – you will have direct contact with Julie via phone and email. You will receive a Health Questionnaire, to fill out with your health issues and concerns, that you will return to Julie via email. There is one phone call of 30 minutes and 4 response emails. On receiving your completed questionnaire, Julie will provide you with a treatment plan, that will involve any life changes necessary, this can be dietary, implementing foods that will help with your recovery, cognitive guidance, helping with your mental health and emotional balance, this can also be instrumental in guiding you with making positive changes to any habits that could be causing you harm.

A Naturopathic Health Questionnaire

How it will benefit YOU!

When you purchase an Online Naturopathic Consultation, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out with your Health, Lifestyle goals and any health challenges that you are wanting to improve or heal from, even most chronic conditions can be improved with healthy life changes. Once you have completed and forwarded your answers, I will go through these to begin working toward a treatment plan, guidance and support that will best suite you in your obtaining or maintaining Optimal Health.

I will then work through your answers and any further information you have provided in regards to your health concerns. I will then write a specific, individualized treatment plan for you. That will answer your questions, giving you a roadmap, to follow providing strategies and changes that you can make in order to become well.

A major part of my role as your Naturopathic Practitioner is I have in-depth knowledge of the various medications and their side effects. Often these side effects cause imbalance and sometimes damage to other areas of your body. It is important when working through your health concerns to verify if any of the symptoms and causative factors as in relation to the medication that you are taking.

Benefit of providing as much information as possible with your Questionnaire

When you provide me with as much information as you can about any underlying causes, healthy concerns, lifestyle changes, areas of health that are affected, your daily routine, your diet, living habits, and type of work. This gives me a complete understanding, enabling me to provide you with the best and most effective strategies, that are going to be your roadmap to becoming well. This is far more accurate than any test that can be given.

Why Medical Tests aren’t always accurate?

Let’s take the allergy test for example, whatever it is that you may be allergic too, will not be just one thing or one food, it may be a myriad of things such as chemicals that have built up in your body and that your body is reacting to.

I have found over the years, the best way to tackle this is following a detoxification process and to also build up your immune system. This is far more effective both in the short term and long term to that of the process of testing as there are too many variables.
The best Diagnosis is Achieved with by getting to know you, with the questions that you have answered in your initial questionnaire. Also, body signs, tongue and nails give accurate indications as to the inner health problems that are occurring.

Action and Accountability

My clients have often said to me, when they have become well. “Julie why don’t you tell people you can ‘cure’, cancer or the many other conditions that you have treated successfully.” My answer – because I don’t heal your body, you do by taking action, and making yourself accountable for applying the strategies and suggestions that I have provided. I believe that it is very important for me to put you in the driving seat of your health and wellbeing. Enabling you to be self-reliant because that is the only way, that you will truly enjoy a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality for your whole life.

Health and Happiness go hand in hand

Your Journey to Optimal Health and

Becoming Well is a Lifelong Plan

The level of health you achieve by choosing the Naturopathic way of healing, is a lifelong plan. That you will be implementing everyday of your life. This is the reason that I have built the online opportunities, so that you can have access to the Foundational elements for becoming and staying well everyday of your life. As you are a member of the Transformational Membership now, you will always have access to regular support and guidance outside of your online consultations, with the courses, eBooks and other relevant guidance you will need to help keep you on track, even through your most difficult times.

Is Naturopathic Medicine for Everyone?

That can be a two-folded Answer. NO!! If you are looking for a Quick fix, but as you may already know there are NO QUICK FIXES Obtaining and Maintaining Optimal Health, preventing Disease takes Time, Effort and Commitment – YES! if you want to Live a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality for your Whole Life.

If your answer is YES – Let’s Get you Started!

The link Below will take you to the 3 Membership options, you will need to tick the Transformational Membership and Follow the prompts.

Benefits of Choosing your Online Consultation

1: Access to all your health support and guidance in one place. Nutrition, Dietary, Mental health, Emotional balance, Healthy Lifestyle support, and learning how to make positive changes.

2: Saves time and less stressful than going from one place and person to another.

3: Comfortable & Convenient: There is nothing worse than when you are feeling fatigued, tired and unwell, trying to juggle appointments, family and work. The last thing you feel like doing is adding anything more to your day or week that is going to take effort.  With online consultations all you need is your phone or just a computer and a comfy place to sit.

4: Simple, Effective and Easy to Implement Treatments and Changes. The first place I will start with is what you have within your realm, become well. I have found over the years that for best results, it is important to keep things simple and that will fit into each person’s individual needs. A great deal of the time this has been in starting with Nutrition, implementing simple food changes and additions. It is said that the “Physician” of the future will not prescribe medicines but will use Food as Medicine. Well I have been obviously a physician of the future for my Naturopathic career now spanning over 35 years.

Let your Journey Begin to Health & Happiness

No matter where you are on your journey to improving your health or becoming well. If you are wanting to Learn important steps, keys, strategies, whatever you want to call it, that will help you to Master a Life of Health, Happiness and Vitality. A trusted, informative and clear Roadmap to follow, to give you the necessary guidance and support to Build a Strong Foundation, guiding you through making the necessary changes in order to finally learn the elements of taking charge of your Health, your online consultation is a great place to start.