Julie’s Online Naturopathic Consultations – Become Well in the Comfort of your own home

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Julie has been providing Naturopathic Health Care Support, Treatments and Counselling since 1990

Julie's Online Naturopathic Consultations - Become Well in the Comfort of your own home

Julie’s Online Naturopathic Consultations –  Become Well in the Comfort of your own Home

Julie’s Online Naturopathic Consultations have made it easier for you in having access to supporting you with Mastering a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality with Traditional Naturopathic Herbal, Homeopathic Medicine, Nutritional and Lifestyle support in making positive changes.

Recognized as a World Health Leader In Naturopathic Medicine by the Leading Physicians of the World. Julie bases her practice of encompassing Optimal Health as Being a Life force to Living a Full and Vital Life for the Whole of Your Life

A Naturopathic Health Questionnaire

When you purchase an Online Naturopathic Consultation you will receive a questionaire to fill out with your Health, Lifestyle goals and any health challenges that you are wanting to improve or heal from a chronic condition. Once you have completed and forwarded your answers, I will go through these to begin working toward a treatment plan, guidance and support that will best suite you in your obtaining or maintaining Optimal Health.

After thoroughly going through your answers, either via Email or a Phone call. Your support can range from herbal & homeopathic medicines, nutrition, dietary changes and counselling.  Giving you full explanation of  the difference between how pharmaceutical medications how these work within your body in comparison to herbal and homeopathic medicine, food and food supplements.

All Prescribed Naturopathic Medicines will be in support with any other health treatments or medicines that you are currently engaged with.
If you are having challenges with life circumstances or wanting to eliminate negative habits. I will guide you through making the positive changes, organizing coaching and strategies that will best support you.

Naturopathic Treatments and Protocol is based on –
Getting to Know You

This gives Julie the much needed information to make your individual Herbal and Homeopathic medicine, that will specifically help to treat not just your area of ill-health but also the underlying causative factors.
Your emotions and Life choices can either have a positive effect or a destructive effect on your health. It is vitally important that these be acknowledge and worked through in order for you to become completely well.

The reason for your intense Initial Questionnaire is to give Julie a complete understanding of your health concerns and underlying causative factors. The is far more accurate than any test that will be given.

Why tests aren’t always accurate? Let’s take the allergy test for example, whatever it is that you may be allergic too, will not be just one thing or one food, it maybe a myriad of things such as chemicals that have built up in your body and that your body is reacting to. So I have found over the years, the best way to tackle this is following a detoxification process and to also build up your immune system. This is far more effective both in the short term and long term to that of the process of testing as there are too many variables.

Health and Happiness go hand in hand

Optimal Health & Healing are the Prime Focus in Naturopathic Medicine!

For Optimal health and Healing. It is vital that consideration of YOU as a person: Not as some labelled health condition. Labelling is so BAD, because for every condition there are just so many variables that there can NEVER, be just one Treatment fits all, also there may be several variable factors to consider as the best way to support your body back to health.

As your body heals from your initial presenting symptoms, it is necessary to alter treatments and to look into how you can improve Lifestyle habits, stress, anxiety, nutrition – the foods that you are eating and healing any emotional pain or trauma.

Holistic Medicine -Natural Therapies and treatments are very much focused on individually prescribed herbal & or homoeopathic medicine. Due to the fact that you are unique as are the cause or causes of your health concerns. For example: Hypertension (high blood pressure) may have a variety of base causative factors such as: Stress, hormone changes, Diet,

Lack of exercise or mobility just as a couple of examples. These would need to be treated quite differently.
The best Diagnosis is Achieved with by talking and the questions that you have answered in your initial  questionnaire. Also body signs, tongue and nails give accurate indications as to the inner health problems that are occurring.

Nutrition – Your Best Medicine  

Fresh Wholesome Food will always support your body's return to Health. Better than anything else.
Making the Food, your BEST friend and NOT your WORST Enemy.

Nutrition is the foundational building block to your health. It is important to know, firstly if your diet is nutritional balanced. Does it suit your needs and are you Digesting your Food properly. If your digestion is poor then you will not be absorbing the nutrients effectively from the foods that you are eating. Therefore even taking Nutritional supplements will not help until the your digestive issues are solved.

  • Is it allergic reactions to certain foods or is it the chemicals that are being added to foods? Is it this tampering with whole foods that are causing allergic reactions. Food allergies can also be caused by a suppressed immune system. This all needs to be taken into consideration and cannot be successfully detected, even in food allergy testing.
  • Changing the Food you Eat to Improve your Health & Prevent Disease: Over the years I have found that the best way of helping my clients to become well, is in supporting them with improvement in the foods they eat each and everyday. This is empowering you to take charge of your health and life, it isn’t adding any extra cost to your budget because each person has to eat, therefore it is just in changing the food that you spend your money on to eat. Once people become focused on buying healthy food, they lose interest and find that they don’t want to spend their money on unhealthy foods.

Life Coaching and Cognitive Counselling 

To Learn More about Counselling and Cognitive Therapy Click on the Image above

Finding Balance in Life and the Courage to Do the Things you want to do. All can be Rather Tricky – Getting the Mind and the Body to Work in Unison to Bring about Balance, Optimal Health and Fulfilling your Life’s Dreams – This is my Core Desire for You
There can be underlying emotional, traumatic circumstances that are causative triggers to your health problems. By bringing together balance and harmony to your mind and nervous system. This will support your body physically and mentally with healing. Allowing you to have the strength and commitment needed to bring about your healthy life changes.

Medication Identification & Effects

Pharmaceutical Drug-Medication vs Prescribed Herbal & Homeopathic Medicines
Click on Image above to learn the difference…..

A major part of my role as a Naturopathic Practitioner is in having an in depth knowledge of the various medications and their side effects. These  side effects  cause imbalance and sometimes damage to other areas of your body. It is important when working through your health concerns to verify if any of the symptoms and causative factors as in relation to the medication that you are taking.
It is also important before prescribing any herbal or nutritional support to understand any interactions that may occur due to the medication that you are taking.

Herbal & Homeopathic Dispensary

Learn more about the Healing Powers of Herbal & Homoepathic Medicine
Click on Image to Learn About the Healing Powers of Herbal & Homoeopathic Medicine

Herbal and Homeopathic medicine still provide the most successful support to healing your body. I have an extensive herbal and homeopathic dispensary,  your specific herbal & or homoeopathic formulas are made & dispensed at the time of your consultation.
All Herbal & Homoeopathic medicines and supplements that I prescribe are Australian sourced & manufactured  for their efficacy and safety.
They are manufactured with the best quality assurance under pharmaceutical standards through to our world.

How Naturopathic Medicine Fits with you and your Family
Food for Thought: Learn Significant insights to choosing the Medicine and Health Professional that will suite you by clicking on this image above


Is Naturopathic Medicine for Everyone? – That can be a two-folded Answer. NO!! If you are looking for a Quick fix, but as you may already know there are NO QUICK FIXES Obtaining and Maintaining Optimal Health, preventing Disease takes Time, Effort and Commitment – YES! if you want to Live a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality for your Whole Life

If your answer is YES!

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