Meditation to Improve Energy, Vitality & Mental Clarity


Meditation to Improve Energy, Vitality & Mental Clarity

Meditation to Improve Energy, Vitality & Mental Clarity

Meditating a important key to improve your energy and vitality. Meditation is the Key ingredient for tapping into your Inner Energy source. Improving mental clarity, calming emotions and restoring emotional energy. Meditation is the key to connecting with the Inner you, your core, your heart and your soul.

By beginning each day with some deep breathing, meditative techniques will  improve your day, by improving your ability to Focus, Find Direction, Minimizing feelings of anxiety, distress and anger. Beginning each morning with meditation will also improve your quality of sleep at night.

You do not always have to practice your meditation in a quiet room or in silence as such. I often enjoy my morning meditation listening to a inspirational CD, having a bubble bath or going for a walk.

Bringing Peace, Resolution, Enlightenment & Harmony 

Meditation has been practiced since the 19th century by many Religious and Spiritual groups. Prayer is often used in conjunction with meditation, meditation being that clearing of the mind and thought processes, prayer bringing into consciousness areas of your life that you may want to change, be grateful for or want support with from a higher power.
People often find that after engaging in these times of meditation and prayer that the answers they are searching for become clear in their mind, bringing peace and clarity to their physical body.


Meditation the Key to your Inward Journey

The practicing art of meditation is the Key to your journey within YOU. Giving YOU the Ability to move into Personal Excellence
Encompassing your Unique Inner Core/Makeup otherwise known as “Spirituality”

Meditation allows you to know your very inner core the infinity that lies deep within you. This is where all feels peaceful, happy, pure bliss and in harmony. It is to be in tune with the fact that there is more to you than an external being something that just moves through life without meaning or purpose.

Meditation is nothing to do with religion or dominance. Prayer can also be achieved in the same light you don’t have to be a member of a religious organization as such to pray, pray only needs a belief in a Higher Power, the Creator of the Universe. Meditation and Prayer are about embracing the inner you, the true power within bringing to your consciousness your life of purpose and meaning. Tapping into your own unique power and control system.

How you will Benefit from Meditation

When you practice meditation you will feel less anxious, become more focused, manage stress far more effectively, you will have less bouts of ill health or disease. It will help to keep all your systems running in unison. Your blood pressure and heart rate will be balanced, you will have greater self-control and understanding.
When you practice meditation daily you will feel that you have better control and clarity of your thoughts, you will feel less anxious.

When I began meditation I thought it had to be something that I was active about, but soon learnt to let go of any need of activity but to just stop and be in the now, listening to my very breath and the air around me. I now can even do this standing in a que in a supermarket. Once you realize the power of letting go, this doesn’t mean that you are going to float off into fairyland and never going to be able to think constructively again.

Quite the opposite, your clarity of thought and emotions becomes very uniform is the word that comes to mind. Whereby allowing you to feel that sense of freedom that you don’t have to take control of others but giving you that sense of having a greater control, plus as sense of power over yourself and your life.

Meditation gives you the capability to look beyond the Obvious.
Enabling you to see a clearer and truer concept of things, allowing you to get to now who you are, where you want to be, what you want to do and where you want to go.

Incorporating Meditation into Your Daily Life

To incorporate meditation into your life it is not necessary to do a course or read any books. The practice of meditation is in clearing the mind of thought and activity. All you need is to make a space of your own to sit or lie down quietly, allowing your mind to relax by focusing on breathing deep.

Core Reasons to Practice Meditation

    1. Beginning with “Who I am”, am I just the person who is going to die one day without knowing who I am and what I want to leave as a symbol of my love, integrity and how I would like to be remembered.
    2. Understanding deep within your Soul, that you will only get out of Life what you put into it – Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually meaning that each of us, has a divine purpose.
    3. Leaving a Legacy – The sole purpose of your life is to build something constructive and positive. Not unlike when you put together a large jigsaw puzzle each person adding to finish the puzzle. Life is about learning, embracing, change and teaching. Each and everyone of you are students and  teachers – “To Learn, to Grow and Become”.
    4. Feeling Defeat or Frustration – When you are feeling defeated or frustrated is only because you are looking only at the physical accomplishments and not to the divine picture or outcome. Be humble and let go of your ego and the best will come.
    5. Work, Plan and Live in the Moment with the future in sight. When we plan our work or family commitments we must have in mind to train, teach and empower people to move forward with their life or work with the lessons we have taught.
    6. Connecting and Communicating to your Inner Source – is absolutely necessary to have a life of peace, balance, love and remembrance. Analyzing and taking charge of our internal strength, thoughts and intuition will allow you to keep learning and growing with the stream of life.

 In conclusion – Incorporating meditation within your day, will give you clarity and awareness of your thoughts, bringing them into balance, giving balance and a sense of peace within your emotions.

No matter Who We are – Shape, Colour
We are Part of the Divine Purpose of Life
It is up to You to decide What is your purpose
How & Who You want that to Be

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