How to Boost Male Fertility Naturally: For Conception of a Healthy Baby & a Healthier YOU!


How to Boost Male Fertility Naturally: For Conception of a Healthy Baby & a Healthier YOU!

How to Boost Male Fertility Naturally:

For Conception of a Healthy Baby & a Healthier YOU!

A Man’s Health is just as important when it comes to “Fertility” and “Conception” of  a Healthy Baby as is the Health of a Woman. You are going to learn healthy ways to support a man’s fertility with Nutrition, Natural Medicine and Lifestyle changes.

Even though preconception support and care has traditionally been centred on females, a holistic approach it what works best for the health of both the man and the woman, allowing every opportunity to create the healthiest baby possible.

This setting up your baby to have the healthiest and happiest life possible. At the time of conception, the man provides half the genetic material, making an extremely important contribution to the baby’s future health.
Did you know that not eating healthy nourishing foods and engaging in detrimental lifestyle choices prior to conception, is known to cause changes to the DNA (genes)? This will be passed on to your children that can lead to long-term detrimental effects on your baby’s health.
Taking a Look at Improving your Health for Conception & Beyond!

Explaining Male Infertility?

Conceiving a baby generally a simple and natural experience. However, for some couples there can be difficulties in conceiving a child.
As a male, your fertility generally depends on the quantity and quality of your sperm. If the number of sperm you ejaculate is low, or if the sperm are of a poor quality, it will be difficult, and in some cases impossible, for your partner to become pregnant.

If you and your partner have been trying to get pregnant without success for a period of 12 months, and you’ve been having sex at least twice a week, it’s worth taking a look at how you can improve your chances by improving your areas of your health. As there can be underlying problems that are being caused by having an unhealthy, poor diet or lifestyle habits that are depleting your body of necessary nutrients and causing you harm.

Wanting the Best Chance for Your Newborn Baby!

If you are wanting your best chance of having a healthy baby improving your fertility and your partners fertility naturally with the food, you eat and making adjustments and improvements to your  lifestyle choices is the way  to build a Lifetime of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality for both the parents and your baby.

Male Fertility - Preconception Health for Men. Building a Healthy Future for the Next Generation

Naturopathic Support for Fertility & Successful Conception

“Within our modern medical system there have been its own technical solutions formulated for assisting infertile couples regarding becoming pregnant.

The healing power of herbs direct from Nature to you
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Naturopathic medicine supports the underlying causes that may be preventing conception. Herbal medicine is very successful with treating these underlying causes as is dietary, lifestyle changes, Specific supplements and homeopathics also has a great deal to offer in assisting with fertility for couples wanting to become pregnant”

The number of couples that are unable to conceive is on the increase in alarming numbers, compared to a couple of decades ago. There is about 15 percent of couples who experience conception problems, and this percentage is growing. Infertility is defined as the absence of conception after one year of regular intercourse without the use of any contraceptive.

The problem doesn’t just lie with the female, it has been found that men are responsible 40 % of the time for fertility not occurring. As modern medicine has developed at set of technical solutions for assisting infertile couples in getting pregnant, complementary medicine can also offer its own assistance in increasing male fertility and sperm count.

It is important to have a complete health check prior to visiting a Naturopath to rule out any underlying health issues, this will help immensely with your Naturopathic Treatments.
So now we will take a look at what you can do naturally everyday to improve your chances of becoming a father.

How to Improve your Sperm Count

The average sperm count is between 120 and 350 million per cubic centimetre. A low sperm count is below 40 million per cubic centimetre. Low sperm counts or poor sperm motility may be due to environmental toxins such as chemicals, radiation, drugs, heavy metal exposure, cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol use, street drug use and pollution.

Heat can also reduce sperm production. Hot baths, sitting for long periods of time and tight-fitting underwear that constricts the testes can all elevate temperatures long enough to suppress sperm production.
The anti-ulcer drugs cimetidine and ranitidine have both been reported to decrease sperm count and produce impotence

How to Decrease the Toxic Overload for a Healthier Body & Mind
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The Importance of Reducing Chemical Exposure

The semen of the average man today has half the sperm, and of poorer quality, than 50 years ago. This is WHY: It is believed to be caused by exposure to Xenoestrogens (PCBs, DDT, dioxin, other pesticides, plastics and industrial pollutants) that mimic the effects of estrogen?

Prevention & Elimination of the Effect of Xenoestrogens

As their role with infertility and their role in underlying cause factor of other disease especially Cancer.

  • Avoid plastic containers for food storage, plastic bottles, wraps and utensils.
  • Use office paper products whitened without chlorine.
  • Use only non-bleached coffee filters, paper, napkins and toilet tissue to reduce dioxin exposure.
  • Avoid chlorinated tap water, chlorine bleach and other chlorinated products; use hydrogen peroxide as an alternative.
  • Eat organic food as much as possible to avoid pesticides and herbicides.
  • Avoid synthetic deodorants and cosmetics; use only organic products whenever possible.
  • Avoid animal products with a high fat content that contain hormones, especially conventional milk and dairy products, chicken, beef and pork.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine.
  • Avoid fried, charcoal-broiled or barbecued forms of cooking.
  • Eat lots of foods high in antioxidants (carotenes, vitamins A, C, E and selenium) such as green leafy vegetables, kale, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato, broccoli, cauliflower and yams.
  • Fruits such as pineapple, kiwi, red apples, lemon, grapefruit, bananas and rock melon
Fresh Wholesome Food will always support your body's return to Health. Better than anything else.
No Matter what anyone tells you apart from your Mind. Food is your Next Line of Defence to obtain, maintain & overcome Ill-health and Disease

Begin to Improve your Diet with these Easy Steps

  1. Your daily eating habits is your front line defence when it comes to any kind of health issues. If you do not change your diet then you can look forward to a life of ill health and possible disease. So by implementing these changes not only will you improve your chances of fertility you will also improve your energy levels and prevention of arthritis, heart disease, diabetes just to name a few. Also you can look forward to a healthy sex life right into your latter years.
  2. The inclusion of 4 – 5 different vegetables a day from vegetables mentioned in previous paragraph for example at least 2 green vegetables such as Kale and Broccoli is vital for healthy detoxification and nutrient uptake to help your hormone and body function optimally, at least 3 pieces of fruit a day such as a red apple, kiwi fruit and say a banana: legumes are also a great way to help boost fertility.
  3. Choose 3 portions of healthy protein per day, portion size to be that of the palm of your hand. Examples are lean red meat (2 – 3 x week), organic chicken breast (2 x week) Fish (2 – 3 x week). If you don’t like or can’t eat fish then include organic tofu or beans such as chickpeas, lentils, lima beans etc. (if the beans are tinned, ensure that you rinse them well before adding them to your meal)
  4. To maintain your ideal weight, it is important not to skip meals as food deprivation in men especially leads to a loss of sex drive and structural changes to reproductive tissue: hence leading to infertility.
  5. Obesity, on the other hand, can be associated with a low sperm count and impotence, possibly because of higher temperatures caused by excess fat near the testes.

5 Steps to Elimination or Minimization

It is important to avoid anything that is going to be harmful to your health such as tobacco, refined carbohydrates, such as cakes, biscuits, pastry foods, white breads:

  1. Decrease or eliminate your consumption of processed and packaged foods: Also takeaway foods such as McDonalds, Hungry Jacks, KFC and other deep fried foods.
  2. Stop – Adding salt or sugar to food
  3. Rethink Dairy: as dairy products these days can be a problem as cows are injected with a hormone called Bovine which is a growth hormone; this in turn has an adverse effect for us for the acceleration of certain cancers and for its toxic effects
  4. Reduce or eliminate your consumption of coffee: If you can not eliminate it altogether, then opt for just one cup per day preferably black and ground coffee use either a percolator or plunger:
  5. Reduce or eliminate your consumption of alcohol. Reduce your intake to just once a week with either a couple of glasses of wine or beer.

Herbs to Boost Male Fertility

Herbs that can be included in a specifically made herbal formula for you when attending a Naturopathic consult you Herbal Formula would go something like this:

  • Tribulus
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Rhodiola or Gotu Kola
  • Damiana

The herbs listed above may be effective for improving erections, sexual desire, blood flow to the sexual organs and general sexual health whilst having virtually no side-effects:

Since sperm formation takes almost three months, it will take at least this amount of time before experiencing the benefits of your Natural Fertility Program – Herbs take time to be effective. Remember to be patient and consistent when taking herbs for health. Never exceed the suggested dosage on the product label.

What the Causes of Male Fertility Can BE!

  • inadequate sperm production by the testes
  • poor sperm motility
  • varicocele (dilated veins in the scrotum)
  • undescended testis/testes
  • excessive xeno estrogen (environmental estrogen) exposure
  • infectious disease of the epididymis (storage tube for sperm), testes, seminal vesicles, urethra, prostate or vas; benign prostatic hypertrophy (enlargement)
  • endocrine (glandular) diseases affecting the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, adrenals and the testes (e.g. low DHEA and low testosterone levels)
  • congenital abnormalities
  • urethral stricture
  • malnutrition, especially protein deficiency

Infertility Statistics

  • Ten to 20 percent of all men have low sperm counts.
  • Two to three percent of all men are completely infertile, producing no sperm at all.
  • Infertility affects at least 15 percent of the reproductive age population, with roughly 40 percent of the cases attributable to men.
  • Eighty-five percent are treated with conventional medications (synthetic hormones) or surgery to repair diseased reproductive organs.
  • Less than five percent of infertile couples attempt in vitro fertilization, which has a 10 to 20 percent success rate at a cost of $10,000 plus per attempt. The in vitro fertilization program is highly toxic and it is still unsure of what the side effects may be to the mother and developing foetus.

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