How “Not” to Let Stress Get the Better of YOU – Learn 12 Key Steps to Restore Balance!

Rising above Everyday Stress: anxiety & Depression
How "Not" to Let Stress Get the Better of YOU! Learn how to Bring Balance back to your Life

How “Not” to Let Stress Get the Better of YOU!

12 Key Steps to Restore Balance to Everyday Living, your Mind and your Body!

The Key to a Healthy and Happy Life is dependent on “Not allowing Stress to get the Better of You”! This is the Key to bringing Balance and Harmony to Everyday Living, your Mind and your Body! Taking Charge and Managing Stress in Positive Constructive Ways will help with the Enjoyment of your Life’s Journey.

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Rise Above Daily Stresses

by Building Better Habits!

Everyday you will hear how “Stress can Kill you”. Yet Stress plays a Significant Role when it comes to Motivation and with making Significant Changes within your Life. However, there are times where you feel that “Enough is Enough”.

The Key to Building a Healthy, Happy Life is determined by constantly changing our Habits

Habits form the Foundation of your Life

Adjusting, Readjusting and Changing Habits that aren’t in alignment with your Core Desires is necessary to Reduce areas of Stress, Anxiety and even Depression.

12 Key Steps: Building Positive Habits

To Restore Balance: Reduce Stress: Anxiety and Depression

1: The first step is to tackle each stressful situation, one at a time, nothing is ever as urgent as it seems.

2: You can Do This! It is important for you to affirm that you can do this! Breathe deep knowing you can handle what is being given to you.

3: A walk every morning, out in the fresh air. Sometimes I even allow the tears of overwhelm to role down my face. Knowing that this is a good thing and allows the tension and anxiety to reduce. Allowing me to think more clearly about the things that are happening.

4: Talk to trusted people whom will help bring a sense of balance to your mind and thinking. They may even have some suggestions of how to handle things.

5: Take regular breaks – throughout the day. Listen to music that is uplifting.

6: Have a bubble bath – This is something that you can include a couple times per week.

7: One Step at a Time – If it all seems too daunting tackle it little by little, piece by piece, one step at a time.

8: Distance yourself from toxic people either physically if possible or a least mentally eliminate these people from your mind and your emotions.

9: Always to remember – “You are Enough”: “You have come this far and will continue the rest of the way”. Using the gifts, talents and lessons you have and are learning.

10: Allow yourself to move into a more Positive frame of Mind. This will bring balance and clarity to deal with the situation more effectively. There are many levels of Stress for which I will not go into in this article. But the main culprit that will bring Stress to the next level is an inability to find a solution to the problem. Finding a solution isn’t always easy because it can involve other people, sometimes many other people. So in this case it is a matter of putting the necessary details into place, staying consistent whilst understanding that at this stage. You have done everything that you can.

11: Stress isn’t imaginary it is a part of everyday life and for each of you there will be different levels of stress depending on your life’s circumstances. The important thing to remember here is that you are not alone and nothing is silly that you are feeling stressed about. It is always important if you are not coming out of these feelings of anxiousness and depression to speak to someone whom you can trust. If you don’t have someone in your personal realm it is important then to find a professional whereby you can seek some clarity in your situation.

12: Take Regular Mental Health Days: Depending on your work or life schedule make sure that you take a regular mental health day. It may be doing something you love like playing golf, going for a swim, staying in your pyjamas, reading a book, going to see a great movie or catching up with a friend.

Life is full of challenging moments, and these can occur each and every day.
Learning to manage and handle these moments is vital for a healthy, happy and peaceful existence. When stress gets the better of you, you can suffer from “Feelings of Anxiety, Depression Emotional outbursts” so it important for you wellbeing to improve or make changes in order to make life less stressful.

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