Healing Powers of Herbal Medicine: Supporting Optimal Health & Emotional Balance!


Healing Powers of Herbal Medicine: Supporting Optimal Health & Emotional Balance!

Healing Powers of Herbal Medicine: Supporting Optimal Health & Emotional Balance!

Ever Wondered Why are Herbal Remedies So Powerful?
The Healing Powers of Herbal Medicine has never ceased to Amaze me!

How they have supported my clients return to Optimal Health and Emotional Balance. During my 30 plus years of practice. Herbs are most often associated with flavouring of foods.

However, for centuries traditional remedies using herbs and plants have been dispensed by Naturopaths, Herbalists and Apothecaries. Today with modern research their is significant evidence to validate the medicinal properties of this plant based medicine.

Herbs make for Powerful Medicine

The effective use of herbs to be used as powerful medicines in the treatment of diseases and ill-health is growing because of their effectiveness in restoring healthy function within the body’s organs and systems. They are as direct from nature as you can get and this is the reason for the power they have for healing and restoration.

Where Herbal Medicine Originated from!

People have used extracts from plants for thousands of years to treat their ill health and disease.
The Egyptians were using herbal remedies some 3500 years ago, while there is also a great deal of evidence other than ancient communities, Herbal and homoeopathic remedies have also within European and English communities for centuries.

More than eighty percent of the world’s population uses herbal medicines in one form or another from China to Australia and from America and Europe to Africa. Western herbalism evolved from the work of apothecaries and the alchemists going as far back as the Romans.

Herbal folklore slowly evolved over the centuries with lotions and potions being passed down through families. The invention of the printing press in the fifteenth century led to an explosion in herbal medicine as recipes for treatments could be copied and used by anyone who could read.

By the seventeenth century, Nicholas Culpeper had put together a book of herbal remedies, which became very popular. In his book, Culpeper built on the idea of the ‘doctrine of signatures’ which the early chemist Paracelsus had first thought of. He believed that how a plant looked provided clues as to what ailment it would cure.
By 1985, the World Health Organisation was saying that herbal remedies are an important part of healthcare. In continental Europe it has become very common although its use is only gradually increasing in the UK.

The main success of Herbal medicine is evidence based on it’s effectiveness and  restorative properties. It can be used holistically with incorporating more than one remedy to treat, so that you are treating not only the illness but the underlining cause. Different to homoeopathics herbal medicine works on organ and tissue function so therefore it is important that it be prescribed by a qualified Herbal practitioner or Naturopath. Working within the realms of the “Hippocratic oath” as to do NO HARM or further HARM: The concept has been lost with modern medicine or rather prescribed drugs.

Due to the fact that it does not include any chemical substances, these chemicals act to block certain processes occurring within your body. Not to mention the toxicity of the chemicals that are doing harm.

Herbal and Homeopathic medicine is purely derived from plant and organic based plants and substances. Your body has a natural affinity to anything that is used directly from nature with very little processing or alteration of the genetic coding of the plant, vegetable or fruit.

Herbal medicine has now taken on a very Professional and Safe role with people having studied in the use and treatment protocols of Naturopathic medicine with Professional organizations for registrations of Qualified Therapist such as ATMS and the Natural Therapists Association as well as the manufacturing of it by people such as Mediherb Australia

Naturopathic-Medicine-Restoring-Optimal-health. & Quality of Life with the Wonder of Nature & the Knowledge of Science

Naturopathic Practitioner

As a Naturopathic Practitioner I am fully qualified in the pharmaceutical prescribing of Herbal & Homeopathic medicines. After going through your health concerns during your online consultation, I will be able to prescribe and formulate an individual Herbal and Homeopathic remedy for you. This is great because as soon as you, my client walks out of the door, you are on your way to becoming well. 

How Herbal & Homoeopathic Medicine Works 

Herbal Medicine works on supporting healing from organ and tissue level as does nutrition and nutritional supplements. The constituents within the herbs used in prescribed medicines from my clinic are, what is known as medicinal quality therefore supporting your body’s own unique healing powers.

Homoeopathics work on what is known as intracellular supporting detoxification and cellular renewal from an intracellular level. As you can see these two medicines work quite differently. They work well when prescribed together or alone depending on the level of ill health.

Unique Benefits of Herbal & Homoeopathic Medicines

What is unique about Herbal and Homeopathic medicines is that as a Naturopathic practitioner you are able to firstly treat the underlying and unique cause of the illness or disease and secondly they work to restore health, not causing any further harm and lastly but not least as mentioned at my clinic they are individually formulated for you and the cause of your health concerns.

Your Roadmap to Recovery

During my 30 plus years of practice I have not found anything that works more effectively than that of liquid herbal formulas and homeopathics to restore health. Combined with improved Lifestyle and Eating Habits you have the road to recovery.

Depending on your level of health it may take time because it is also necessary to implement lifestyle changes with diet, exercise and coping with life’s circumstances as well. With all of this being worked on I have seen wonderful results, with the best thing being that there isn’t an array of medical appointments. Sitting in waiting rooms for results or some whim of hope for a treatment or drug that may or may not work. To put it simply here from my perspective: 

Drugs are not designed to get you well, they are designed to modulate the condition temporarily until your body is able to heal or become better. The problem here is that in this modulating process quite often there can be detrimental effects on other organs and tissues. This leading to further problems, where side effects come into play along with the toxic effects of the drug otherwise known as medication.

Your road to health begins from the time you start taking your herbs and or homeopathics. As mentioned along with the support for other healthy lifestyle changes.

To Treat a Disease, You will Always Win/Lose
To Treat a Person you will Always Win

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