Heal your Heart by Healing Your Mind: Emotional Balance


Heal your Heart by Healing Your Mind: Emotional Balance

Heal your Heart by Healing Your Mind: Emotional Balance

Heal your Heart by Healing your Mind begins by implementing a positive element or outcome to even the most devastating of experiences. Focusing on what is good, kind and beautiful. Heal from a Broken Heart by Taking Charge of your Mind

Heal from a Broken Heart by Taking Charge of your Mind

Often when you are and have been surrounded by experiences such as death, destruction, trauma and abuse that you can fall into negative habits – Smoking, The Consumption of Excessive Alcohol, Drugs and other disempowering behaviours, that this will have an effect on your heart. Your mind has been fuelled with an encyclopaedia of painful and distressing experiences. You know that you don’t want your life to be like this and your mind full of all of these negative thoughts and experiences. So, let’s get started by letting go of those past painful and traumatic experiences, bringing to your mind happy and positive experiences that are now in the present.


Self Empowering Ways of Moving from the Past to a Positive Future

    • Remember the Power is within you: You and you alone have control of the thoughts you think and how this is affecting how you feel and how you act. When thoughts creep into your mind that aren’t serving you well, then tell them to GO! Take a deep breath and release these thoughts out into the universe, making a connection with your breathing.
    • Replace these thoughts that are – painful, negative or traumatic with happy, positive and peaceful thoughts to bring balance to your thinking. This will in turn change the way that you are feeling. It may be something as simple as paying attention to the birds outside, the wind, the rain feeling the power of nature that is forever constant provides comfort.
    • Affirmations or Inspiration guidance quotes, movies or books will help replace the painful and traumatic memories with positive thought experiences.

      Affirm – “I am opening my heart to the world, a heart that has come back together from the dust, void of past scars. Ready to live, ready to love, ready to breathe!”

    • Remember that you are More than your Emotions: Life is a roller-coaster-ride of emotions, experiences and activities. There is far more to you than these emotions. Visualise a “STOP”! sign when you are experiencing these emotions, not allowing yourself to become overwhelmed by these emotions. Observe how your body feels. Are your shoulders tense? Is your breathing shallow? Come back to your breath. Breathe into the parts of the body where you feel the physical expression of the emotion and release the tension.
    • You are Removing the Weeds that are Strangling you and Replanting with Beautiful Plants that will Replenish you. Your mind is the powerhouse of your body.
    • It’s OK to say NO! Either to situations, events or people whom don’t respect your decision to change. Often when significant changes are put into place, even when they are positive, friends or family may become unsettled, through fear of losing you or the life they share with you. Unless the life you have been sharing is part of the toxicity, pain, trauma and drama that you are in the process of implementing in your life, then just assure them that you are OK. However, if they are part of the toxicity, pain and trauma you may have to distance them from your life either temporarily or permanently depending how toxic they are.
    • Stay Focused in the  Present: The more your can draw your thoughts and feelings into the NOW! the PRESENT. The easier if will be for you to make these mindful changes and the less traumatic it will be. A good way to bring yourself into the mindfulness of the present, is to do regular daily tasks or activities in a different way.  Hold your toothbrush in the alternate hand. Drive a different route to work. Go for a walk in the morning instead of at night. Do you washing on a Thursday instead of a Tuesday. When you allow feelings of stress related to the past or begin to worry about the future, it is important to visualize that “STOP”! sign once again. Breathe and bring yourself back to the present. Always to remember – each and everyday put these changes into action, always to remember that tomorrow the sun will come up once again and these feelings will improve.
    • Value Yourself: Stop looking to others for recognition, praise or to acknowledge your value. Recognize your mistakes without allowing them to pull you down, forgive yourself and make the changes necessary to move forward from your mistakes. Each and every person is human and will make mistakes. Forgive yourself and understand that they only True! The only BAD mistakes are the ones where someone deliberately goes out of their way to harm themselves or others, these are not mistakes but acts of deliberation. Give yourself the love and kindness that you deserve, if you have difficulty with this. Think about how you would treat someone whom you valued.
    • Be Patient, Be Determined and Be Persistent:  Healing your heart won’t happen overnight. As you and I are creatures of habit; negative habits take time to break.  Re-establishing positive neural pathways takes time. It takes time to adjust, syncing your body and mind together takes time, commitment and a deep understanding of your core desires, that will help you make the significant changes.
      When you feel like you have taken a step backwards, just breathe and reconnect with yourself. The duality that exists between the heart and the mind can be bridged once you remain conscious and aware. Persistence will keep you on the right track, Determination will keep you motivated.

As I write this I am hoping that you that you are feeling excited for your life — better prepared now for the  highs and the lows, with a  willingness to greet each day and situation in the very moment of the present.

Always to Remember that you Mind is the Best Tool you have to Program a Healthier, Happier & More Vital YOU!

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