Happiness is only a Breath Away – 10 Steps to Build Inner Happiness

Happiness is a Habit Built

Happiness is only a Breath Away – 10 Steps to Build Inner Happiness

Happiness is only a Breath Away – It’s a Decision Not a Destination! Why do some people seem to be happy, no matter what is going on in their life. Yet I seem to struggle with feeling happy, overcome by sadness.

Decision to be Happy – No Matter What!

Personally I have struggled with finding my core essence of happiness. Looking around me, I had everything to be happy about, a husband and children who love me, a lovely home, wonderful friends, family and a business that really isn’t a business because it is my passion, my core desire. So why did I feel so unhappy?

The answer was simple, once I asked the question I was too busy looking outside of my world at what I hadn’t achieved or become rather than looking at the wonderful life that I was living. I made a firm decision to be – Grateful for everything that I had achieved and the life I had right in front of me, whilst embracing the deep Gratitude that I still had an amazing life to live right in front of me. Sharing it now with amazing people whom are in my life.

Happiness is at the Very Core of your Inner Being: Just waiting for Permission to come out!

Happiness is a Decision: Enjoying the Journey: It’s Not the Destination

After taking the time to see my life more clearly, I clearly saw that I had it all, that is all that was important to me, my values and my core desires. Accomplishing a beautiful family, career and a modern term these days [work, life balance]. I had incorporated this into a Great Lifestyle for both myself and my family. I had worked to achieve a wonderful relationship with my husband and sons along with their extended families.

I still had lessons to learn with my finances, but I still there were no major difficulties in this area. I just needed to work on building financial security for my future. I always had a sense that everything was meant for a reason, but I needed to put this Belief firmly into my mind.

I also had to come to realize that I could not control other people, I have a role in having an influence in their lives by my behaviours and the way in which I went about living my life. But the actual control of their life is in their hands.
If I wanted people to Enjoy me and where I was, I needed to enjoy them and where they were in their Lives.

Changing the Way You See Things

Balancing-Reality-Perception-Intuition - Being True to Yourself

Everyday is a new beginning for us to let go of the things we don’t want as part of our lives and to incorporate the things that we do want. This undoubtly includes people as well.

Happiness was all Around me: I just needed to Stop, Look around and BE:

Rest Relaxation & Fun for Optimal Health

Gratitude – Understanding the Happiness Within You

  • Without Pain: You can’t appreciate Joy
  • Without Loss: You can’t appreciate Gain
  • Without Commitment to Yourself and Your Life – Balance will Never be Achieved
  • Without Heartache: You can’t appreciate True Friends
  • Without knowledge of Yourself: You may Never know what Truly is in Happiness

Nothing is Negative when YOU allow yourself to see what YOU can Gain

and Learn from these Experiences

By Learning about Yourself, Deep inside you know “What is Wrong” to then put into place things that are Right.
You will Transform your Life by Learning about the Simplicities of Happiness

  • The Rainbow in the Sky
  • The Music you are able to listen to
  • The warm water over your body in the Shower
  • Listening to nature, the birds singing beginning and then heading off into the trees at night

I would like to share with you some of the valuable lessons that I have learnt along the way.

True Happiness Never left you, you just forgot to give your heart permission to release it

10 Steps to Build Inner Happiness

  1.  Everything you’re going through is preparing you for what you asked for. We may not see the big picture when we’re in it, but happy people know that sometimes the most difficult things are actually setting them up for success.
  2. Everything connects eventually. When you’re in it, you can’t see. But your journey is preparing you for a stronger tomorrow.
  3. Setbacks don’t define you. They nudge you into new awareness. Instead of looking at what isn’t working, focus on what is.
  4. You can’t run away from your past – Focus on forgiveness to free yourself. Happy people let things go and don’t stress the small things
  5. Nothing will ever go away until you learn what you need to learn. Are you running away or to something? Happy and healthy people will look deep within themselves to address their role in each situation so they can move forward and not repeat harmful patterns and situations.
  6. You don’t always get what you want, but you will always get what you need. Don’t get hung up on when and how your goal will manifest. Instead, focus on the journey and what you are learning along the way.
  7. You are always being guided, inside of you is an eternal light, that only becomes dim, when you allow sadness to outstay it’s welcome.
  8. Out of difficulties grow new beginnings. The setbacks you face are actually preparing you for a stronger foundation and a healthy, new start.
  9. Always trust the process. The journey is the reward, not the destination. Happy people are in the journey and enjoy the process as much as, if not more than the outcome.
  10. You have something the world needs.

Happy people trust that things aren’t actually as bad as they seem!
But they know they have an infinite amount of support around them And ask for help and support if needed

“You have Everything you Need & You are Enough”

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