Transformational Membership: How to Master 8 Key Areas of your Life

Transformational Membership Course Library to Learn, Grow & Thrive to Live your Best & Healthiest Life.
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Transformational Membership: All Access Pass  Unlocking the Keys to Transform your Health & your Life

Transformational Membership is your All Access Pass to Training

Courses, Insights And eBooks you need for

Unlocking the Keys to Master and Transform your Health & your Life

The Transformational Membership is designed and created by Julie Doherty a World Health Leader in Naturopathic Medicine, Health & Lifestyle Coach. Julie has been helping people to overcome illness and disease, to achieve optimal health, happiness, vitality to live their best and healthiest life for over 35 years.

The Transformational membership programs consist of online courses, guides, and support that cover eight essential areas of life:

1: Physical and Mental Health developing emotional intelligence.

2: Building Positive Relationships that sustain a balanced and healthy life.

3: Work: Career – Finding your passion to build financial stability.

4: Understanding your Core Desires to accomplish your Dreams and Goals.

5: Personal Growth, Care and Positive Change!  

6: Family Health: Parenting and Building Healthy Connections.

7: Staying on the Path: commitment, overcoming Fears and Challenges.

8: Quality of Life – Taking Charge enabling you to live your Best and Healthiest Life.

What you are Going to Learn

  • How to Build a Brilliant Mind – The ultimate key to achieving Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality
  • Keys to Making Positive Changes – Change can sometimes seem insurmountable, here you will learn what the keys are to making this process easier for you.
  • Taking Charge – Is about becoming accountable, standing up for yourself and your rights. Taking charge of your health and your life in positive and constructive ways.

What this Membership provides for You!

This Membership provides you with the guidance and clarity, that you need to transform your health and life for the better. To make positive changes that align with your core desires. This amazing opportunity offers you Lifetime Access to learn these exclusive and vital lessons, all in one place, in the comfort of your own home, at the pace and timeframe that is convenient with you. There is no external pressure, or imposing ads. It is a safe place to enjoy building your best life.

As a member you will get access to all the benefits and resources that this program has to offer, with a community of like-minded people who are also enjoying the journey. You will be able to interact with Julie, asking relevant questions about your health and any life challenges.

Transformational Membership is your All Access Pass to Training, Courses, Insights, and eBooks you need for Unlocking the Keys to Transform your Health and your Life. Your Lifetime Membership

Building A Lifetime of Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality Takes Transformation. Bringing your Core Desires, Dreams and Aspirations into Reality with Evidence based Important, Real Knowledge for Achieving an Amazing Healthy, Happy and Successful Life.

Transforming and Building a Healthy, Happy, Successful Life takes a Lifetime that is why Transformational Membership is your All Access Pass to Training Courses, Insights And eBooks you need for – “Unlocking the Keys to Master and Transform your Health and your Life“. Not only is it your All Access Pass for Courses and Resources for a Lifetime.

Automatic Discounts and Free Downloads

As a Transformational Member there is automatic discounts to for Online Consults and Coaching. Free downloads, courses and eBooks.

Access to the Entire Article and Blog Library

Starting from the very Beginning you have Access to all Content, Guidance and Support. You will be able to Unlock every single course.

Individual Guidance and Support

  • Life & Health Coaching

This exclusive and only available within the Transformational Membership where you will be able to have individual, access to book online coaching and mentoring appointments with Julie. Where we work with you to build a strong foundation for your Specific health concerns.

  • Personalized One on One Naturopathic Consultations

After your initial consultation, I will prepare a full individual health plan to best suite your concerns. That will be efficient and easy to follow path to deal with your health concerns. Taking it one step at a time. I will consider your personal situation, any lifestyle changes that may be necessary, dietary, nutritional support, Natural medicines such as formulating individual herbal & Homeopathic medicines. Your individual program will be written and posted into your coaching portal, so you can access it 24/7. As we work together, I will keep this plan updated with any further information and details that you provide me.  

  • Personal Accountability

Once per month you will be asked to submit an update that will let me know how you are going, from the suggestions made what you have managed to put into place, any changes that you have made, letting me know exactly where you are at, how you are feeling and any concerns that you are experiencing. I can then adjust your program and specific recommendations to keep up your momentum. Together, we will also monitor any natural medicines that I have suggested or prescribed to make any necessary changes to these formulas. 

  • Staying Connected

Any time there is a difficulty, a bump in the road or confusion, I am an email away. You will have access to a personal, private email support just between you and me. When you need help… just ask. As a Master a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality Member, you are never alone to figure it out all by yourself.