Getting to the Root of Pain: with this Simple Drink – Turmeric, Ginger & Galangal

Turmeric, Ginger & Galangal: The Best Anti-Cancer, Anti-inflammatory Combination

Getting to the Root of Pain: with this Simple Drink - Turmeric, Ginger & Galangal

Getting to the Root of Pain: with this Simple Drink – Turmeric, Ginger & Galangal

Getting to the Root of Pain is important for healthy elimination of pain. Making a Simple Drink, with these key root spices, will bring Relief of Pain in the Best possible way so as not to have a damaging effect on your health. Drink this Simple drink each day to relieve Pain by reducing inflammation, eradication of free radicals and improvement of blood flow to heal. Pain is not just annoying, it is debilitating, often restricting movement it can lead to depression.  Depriving you from doing the things that you love.

Pain your Message to Heal

Not to mention that pain is the body’s indicator that something is wrong, needing help and attention to heal. How, you go about supporting your body with this healing process is vitally important, as to how well you will recover. Food and produce directly from nature to you, should always be the first port of call.


Antioxidant & Anti-inflammatory Power house of Nutrients 

Reduce Pain, Inflammation, Improve Immune Response, Digestion ,Vitamin absorption, prevent and help overcome disease with this Simple, Yet Powerful Drink:


Note: Store the fresh spices in your freezer, one makes them easy to grate and remain fresh.

Into a glass add:
1 teaspoon of grated fresh ginger
1 teaspoon of grated fresh turmeric
1 teaspoon of grated fresh galangal
1 teaspoon of Manuka or Organic honey
1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar
Method: Cover with boiling water, allow to steep for 15 – 20 mins; Stir then fill glass with filtered water and drink

Relationship with Food and Pain

The typical Western-style diet is heavy on foods that promote inflammation, including highly processed foods and refined carbs. To become pain free, alleviating your pain will only happen if you change your diet and pattern of eating. Reducing or eliminating processed, packaged and fast foods and replacing these with Fresh whole foods, increasing your intake of leafy green vegetables to a minimum of a cup per day, making your meal portion of vegetables 75%. This will always provide you with the best medicine, money can buy.
Mindful Nutrition is about making healthy eating and lifestyle changes a regular part of your daily routine. Building a positive, healthy and rewarding relationship with food.

Foods to Avoid to Reduce Inflammation & Pain

  • Baked, Fried and Fast Foods. Sugar trans fats and saturated fats
  • Minimize your intake of red meat 

Foods to Include to Prevent Pain & Degeneration

  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetables: Carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, broccoli. Fruits include berries, oranges, lemon drinks, red apples, mandarins, oranges
  • Omega 3’s found in Salmon, Trout, Oysters, Cod Liver Oil, Tuna, Flaxseed, Walnuts, Avocado
  • Fibre such as psyllium, black kidney beans and lentils

Health Benefits of Green tea include: improved Brain Function, Supports Healthy Weight Loss & Provides Protection Against DiseaseGreen Tea is High in Antioxidants known as Catechins, that help to reduce pain and inflammation

In Summary:

Focusing on a whole-food diet with 75% Fruit and Vegetables, 10% nuts/seeds, 15% animal protein is one of the best ways to prevent inflammation and disease. Each day include a wide range of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, low-fat dairy or if you do not want dairy, include soy, almond or coconut produce, nuts, and lean meat is optimal. A healthy diet may just be the key to improving your overall well-being!

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