Food for Thought about Medicine Choices Today! 3 Exclusive Insights for Better Health

Food for Thought Medicine Choices Today! Will it Nourish my Body or Harm my Body?
Food for Thought about Medicine Choices Today! 3 Exclusive Insights for Better Health

Food for Thought about Medicine Choices Today!~ 3 Exclusive Insights for Better Health

Will it Nourish my Body or Harm my Body?

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The Essence of Your Health!

The Essence of Your Health lies in the choices and decisions that you MAKE! To Live your Best and Healthiest Life: To Master your Health, Happiness and Vitality, it is essential to understand what your body needs for Restoration, Regeneration and Maintaining health without causing “Harm”. This is extremely crucial when it comes to the Treatments and Medicines you choose. This article provides you with exclusive insights into Naturopathic Medicine: The differences between Naturopathic Medicine and Conventional Medicine: How they can work together.

Naturopathic Medicine is most commonly referred to as Alternative Medicine. Alternative to what? It was the very beginning of medicine and is still the medicine for the future – Do you think? Naturopathic Medicine is very serious about your Health assisting your body to become well in every possible way.

It is all about serious commitment to supporting you with Living Healthy Lifestyle Habits, Eating Foods that are going to both provide your body with the fuel it needs each day, to keep you going. As well as protecting you and providing support for your immune system to fight off illnesses and disease.

1: Understanding Naturopathic Medicine!

Naturopathic-Medicine-Restoring-Optimal-health. & Quality of Life with the Wonder of Nature & the Knowledge of Science

Naturopathic Medicines are focus is to bring health, balance and harmony back to you with medicines that support regeneration, rejuvenation and healing of the body’s functions.

When working with people to regain their health it is important that I support the connections between lifestyle, diet, genetic, environmental, mental, emotional and spiritual influences in the wellbeing of each person.

A Naturopath takes a Holistic Approach to Health rather than seeing the body parts as isolated. To see their unique structure of functioning Optimally together. It is important when referring to Health to understood, take into consideration, the context of one’s surroundings, behaviours, actions, activities, environment, family and social interactions.

It is important for Optimal healing and Optimal health that for any Health Practitioner learn as much as possible about YOU. And probably more importantly that you learn as much about your body and how it functions. As it is remarkable and with the “Right” Optimal fuel has the ability to Self-Heal.

Becoming aware of the links between influences in your life and the effect it could be having on your current state of health. The insight gained from this information will help determine and provide a roadmap to support your return to health. The emphasis is to uncover the hidden elements and causative factors that have led to your health decline. Then to actively become engaged in making incremental changes, to improve these circumstances.

We live in the ‘information age’. The media, internet, books and other sources of information are readily available to most people. It can be very confusing for you when knowing what path to take to become well.

2: Restore Health, Happiness & Vitality

Transform your Health & your Life

Restore Health, Happiness and Vitality

Achieving Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality is a lot easier when you have a trusted and guided path to follow. Mastering a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality requires Transformation.

Transformation of your health involves going beyond the way you Think, Feel and Live RIGHT NOW! Lifestyle Changes, understanding your emotional health and nervous system so as to cope with life’s ever-changing challenges. There are times, however, where good nutrition is not enough to regain health, as is the case in nutrient depletion with stress, toxic overload or in certain illnesses. 

3: Naturopathic and Conventional Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine does not replace Conventional Medicine as Conventional Medicine does not replace Naturopathic Medicine. However, in some circumstances Naturopathic medicine can be used alone, whereas to improve the effectiveness of Conventional medicine it would be advantageous to encompass the utilization of Naturopathic Practitioners within the Health System. Working together giving each person every opportunity of GREAT HEALTH!

Further information explaining the System of Naturopathic Medicine

Implementation of any medicine or treatment to regain HEALTH should be allowing YOU to take CONTROL; Not the MEDICINE or TREATMENT taking control of YOU!

I have written this article as “Food for Thought” not as to eliminate any genuine, honest and ethical forms of health treatments, but to give you a broader view of what your health options can be. It is brought to you from formulative years of study along with 35 plus years’ experience working hand in hand with my clients to support their individual needs in returning to Optimal Health.

“Because the Quality of your Life is Dependant on the Quality of your Health”

Master a Life of Optimal Health: Happiness & Vitality

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