How to Feel Great Throughout Winter! 7 Steps to Melt Away those Winter Blues

Overcome Sad: Seasonal Affective Disorder

How to Feel Great Throughout Winter! 7 Steps to Melt Away those Winter Blues

How to Feel Great Throughout Winter!

7 Steps to Melt Away those Winter Blues

Winter is a Time for Rest. Nature does it, so it can Bloom Beautifully for Spring. So as Human’s this is to be a Time for you to Rest, Recuperate and Reenergize. It can be a Balancing Time for Your Emotions and a Time for Reflection.

If shorter days and weather shifts in weather deplete your energy and make you feel blue, these are classic symptoms of what is known as seasonal affective disorder, SAD

Triggered by the change in seasons that occurs primarily in winter. It is important that throughout these Shorter and Colder days that you work through these feelings of depressive moods, feelings of sadness in order to achieve Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality. Learn How to Feel Great Throughout Winter with Healthy Food, Exercise & Rest 

Let the Sunshine In - Melt Away those Winter Blues with Healthy Diet, Happy Thoughts, Rest and Exercise

What is Happens!

How are your emotions going feeling a bit sad for no reason, tired and lethargic? Well there is a name of course – SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder.
As the days become shorter, less sunshine more darkness so does becomes our moods. This affects millions of people each year all around the world.

Work through these Challenging Times with Positive, Empowering Ways!

  1. Expose yourself to the light. Yes a lack of Vitamin D has been linked to depression, so we are fortunate to live in a country where we still have quite a lot of sunshine throughout winter so attempt to each day get some sunlight, if it is too miserable to venture too far outdoors, simply sit near a window or veranda, pergola area, skylight where the sun in coming in and absorb. You only need about 5 – 10 minutes and it feels great. Also helps build your immune response as well.
  2. Wear Bright Colours. It has been proven that bright colours instantly brighten our moods. So wear bright colours, surround yourself with colour.
  3. Get out & Mix with People: Yes I know it is much more tempting to stay inside by the fire or under the doona and yes some of this is good, but like anything too much of a good thing, then becomes the opposite. We need to catch up with positive people either for a meal or just a coffee and snack. When you do decide to stay in ensure that you engage with a positive movie, cuddle up with a loved one or pet.
  4. Go out in Nature: Yes I know it is cold, but nothing beats the oxygen that we receive from being out amongst trees and the fresh oxygen they produce. It is also beneficial to have a plant or two in your home or workplace it helps keep the air clean and fresh.
  5. Stay Active: I have noticed that when I decline from my daily exercise habits, my mood declines. So I still find that most days I can still get out there for a walk and when I can’t I do some yoga and use some light weight exercises for muscle toning.
  6. Stay Inspired: Read inspirational books and stories. Watch inspirational, happy and empowering movies.
  7. Take Time to Rest and Reflect: As I mentioned winter for nature, animals and yes YOU, is a time to Rest, Restore, Recover and Reflect to prepare for the Finer Days coming in Spring.

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