End Drama in Your Life -by Valuing Your Self Worth!

End Drama in Your Life -by Valuing Your Self Worth!

Bringing an End to Drama in your Life begins by Valuing your Self-Worth. This is a well known saying – “It’s Not What You Know, but Who You Know!” Two Keys to Moving away from Drama to a Happy, Healthy & Vital Life lie in- Understanding what is Drama and To Value Yourself and the Life you want to Live. Drama is all toxic or victim mentalities.

When a person brings harm to him or her self or to others. It’s more than being negative it is destructive and often leads to dangerous and violent circumstances. More often than not due to the fact that you are a caring person, eager to help people whom you have come to love and care about, yet they don’t have the same thought processes either toward you or themselves will bring unwarranted drama into your life.

Ending Drama in your life by Learning: These Two Major Lessons 

  1. Understanding What is Drama?
  2. Valuing your Self Worth 
Move Away from Drama, Toxic Habits & People by Valuing your Self-Worth
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Are you tired of all the drama coming into your life?

Either engaging with people who love to engage in your drama or bring their own drama into your life. You want to eliminate this drama but don’t quite know where to start. It is tricky, however you can do it! 

The Dynamics of Drama & What is it?

Drama is intensified with the indulgence of negative activities such as drinking of excessive alcohol, taking of drugs: abusive behaviours and disrespect of your surroundings and people in your life or community. There will be certain drama that you will want to totally eliminate yourself from and the people connected with this drama. Each and every piece of drama that you allow to continue in your life will rob you of emotional energy, happiness, your health and the vitality to do the things you want to do.

Drama is when a situation becomes totally dysfunctional and out of control. Usually it is because of drugs, alcohol that have brought ill-health, violence or criminal activities that has negatively affected their life and their relationships. Then having a major impact on your life, let’s look at supporting you in building a drama-free life.

Drama may appear as a vision of something that can make your life more exciting, easier and exhilarating. No taking into consideration the cost of losing who you are or want to be, your wellbeing, positive, loving friends, family or long term visions that will be depleted because of negative activities, responses and actions.

There are people who will push every button, try everything and do anything just to be different. But with Drama this is being different in a destructive way. There doesn’t seem to be a filter they put into place either to value one’s own self worth or surrounding friends or family.

Many times you may be fooled into believing that all this drama is normal and an exciting way to live because of  the celebrity news and gossip. The sad thing here is that millions of dollars, possibly billions are spent each year on gossip columns of magazines and newspapers. TV Shows and of course not to forget Social media. And many people including celebrities fall victims to these tabloids and false information.


6 Steps to Valuing Your Self Worth

To understand your self worth, it is important that you identify what are the things that you value most in life.

An example of this I share with you what I value most in Life. Having someone to love and someone who loves me: To share my life with. To make a positive difference to the world on my journey.

I truly treasure – Honesty, Loyalty, Being Reliable and a Willingness of sharing one another’s lives in order to bring about positive changes.

  1. Never to compare yourself to other people, as for each of person there is a different path. However if you see someone who is implementing things into their life that you would like to implement. Then by all means – Believe that if they can do it, so can you. Go about learning and doing what you need to, to accomplish what that thing is that you want to accomplish.
  2. Taking Care of your appearance helps you to feel better, gives you a sense of pride, the ability to go where you want to go and be who you want to be.
  3. Take Care of your mind. Your mind is the most precious tool you have in your body. It controls everything to how you feel, to how well your body functions. Feed it healthy, fresh food, positive thoughts, read positive books, watch positive, inspiring movies and most of all – Allow it to expand and grow with knowledge. Never, Stop Learning.
  4. Setting in place the “Law of Attraction”. Whatever it is you want for your Life – Love, Honesty, Gratitude, Commitment, Integrity, Kindness, Loyalty and Happiness. You need to bring all of these qualities into your realm of giving and life. When you give these qualities firstly to yourself, otherwise known as self-love then to other people. This is what you will attract into your life. Overcoming the Drama and moving into Love, Peace and Harmony.
  5. Move into your Higher Self. The better you get to know you and what you want in life and how you want your life to be. The easier moving into the higher self becomes. It merely means not allowing yourself to get caught up in the Drama. Moving away from anger, fear, temptation to cause or inflict pain or harm. Allowing your thinking to move to positive outcomes.
  6. Define your idea of Success. Success for each person is different because each of us has a different purpose. It is important that you keep success – Simple and Achievable. “In order to Succeed, Your Desire for Change has to be Greater than your Desire to Stay the same.” Success can be as Simple as Bringing a Smile to someone’s day.” Success is an inner Happiness that no-one else can take away from you, no matter what happens.



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