Embracing the Spirit of Christmas – 5 Steps to Becoming Connected

Embracing the Spirit of Christmas - 5 Steps to Becoming Connected

Embracing the Spirit of Christmas

5 Steps to Becoming Connected with

Love in your Heart & Peace in your Soul!

Embracing the Spirit of Christmas is about being or becoming connected. It’s a time to let go of past grievances, bringing together family, friends and even people whom do not know each other. Around this time of year, tension begins to build as you prepare for the upcoming events.

It is important to get organized, as this will help to reduce stress, drama helping to keep it a Simple, yet happy and special time. It is also an emotional time for many people with families separated for various reasons, let’s take a look at 5 Steps that can help with being and becoming connected at this time of year.

Happy Childhood Memories are Simple, is is just about being there. A part of the joy and love.

Happy Childhood Memories

When I was a child, some of my favourite memories was sharing Christmas with my parents, grandparents, cousins and friends. Christmas carols, visiting the Magic cave, all the Christmas lights and decorations. It was a time when everyone seems to forget their grievance’s, differences to laugh, bond and enjoy time together that will never be forgotten. 

It’s important to seize the kind of opportunities that present themselves this during the Christmas season, embracing the spirit of being connected, embracing love, forgiveness, joy and peace. 

Christmas is a Time for Connecting sharing Love and Memories.

5 Steps to Being and Becoming Connected

  1. Be Present in the Moment Do not let distractions or past grievances get in the way of immersing yourself in the joy and celebrations of being with one another. Take time to really bond, listening to one another, sharing past memories of happiness and making new memories that everyone will be able to look back on with joy in their heart and peace in their soul. This may be a Challenge but giving you wonderful moments, you are sharing with your family and loved ones. Put away all phones and technical devices to just enjoy being with one another. Share treasured moments of decorating and cooking with one another.
  2. Forget Shopping for Gifts: With you being the gift. Invite your parents, family or friends over for a pre-Christmas Dinner and Movie night. 
  3. Make Treasured Memories – What makes for treasured memories is what is felt in our heart. That unexpected kiss, hug, the voice saying “I love you”, “you are so special to me”. Listening to one another’s experiences, dreams and desires. Just being with the people you love and who love you. Cherish these times with one another.
  4. Meet New People They say that a “Stranger” is only someone whom you have not met before. Take time to let your guard down speak words of kindness to the checkout operator at the store, the elderly person having a coffee on their own, smile to people as you walk down the mall. Visit your local community centre, nursing home making a connection. Helping out with delivery of meals, decorating or just chatting to people builds friendships and connections.

Getting Organized for Christmas is about Keeping it Simple. It is all about connecting.

Getting Organized

Maybe you have family scattered everywhere and also close by: But how difficult is it to arrange for everyone to meet up for Christmas Day! Pretty Difficult HEY! Well don’t stress, just make sure that you are going to enjoy it. To me Christmas is a season, not just a day. This definitely eliminates the stress of having to catch up with everyone on the same day.

Every one of our Christmas’s can be quite different, just as are the members of our family and friends. The only hard and fast rules are that everyone comes with a “Smile” on their face, “Love and Kindness” in their heart. Enjoying this time of sharing and caring.

Christmas Eating made Easy

An example of what we have done for the past few years is that we have an open house from say 2 pm – 9 pm, I do up some platters one says with Turkey, Chicken, Ham with whatever vegetables, fruits and salad treats delight. Seafood is always a great winner with prawns, smoked fish, dips, assorted cheeses, vegetables and salads.

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Coping with Difficult Times. Reclaiming your heart and your life.

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