6 Steps to Embrace the New Year Every Day: with Great Intentions & Positive Change!

6 Steps to Embrace the New Year Every Day with Great Intentions: Positive Change: Love & Kindness!
Embrace The New Year - Every Day: Embracing Positive Change! 6 Steps to Meet Positive Action with Great Intentions

6 Steps to Embrace the New Year Every Day

with Great Intentions: Positive Change

Love & Kindness!

A Happy New Year Is Dependant on getting clarity of your intentions, the changes that need to be made, that are not serving you well, to implementing positive changes, love and kindness to your self and others. Taking your focus away from the magnifying glass to a much broader window of perspective and opportunity. Traditionally the New Year begins at the beginning of the year. However, you can make your New Year, begin everyday. Learn 6 steps to Embrace your New Year Everyday.

“Change is inevitable. Growth is intentional.” ~Glenda Cloud

Words are meaningless, without great intentions of positive change, love and kindness. Make your intentions in alignment with your honest heartfelt dreams, goals and plans.

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With the New Year – Comes New Opportunities

The New Year brings about the opportunity to let go of old outdated patterns and habits that aren’t serving you well. It is also a great time to reflect, being grateful, taking time to enjoy where you have been during the previous year, people whom have provide you service, your family and what you have accomplished.

Embrace Positive Change with All of your Heart's Desires. Letting go of anything that is not going to allow a Happy & Bright Future.

Making Everyday the Chance for New Beginnings

Sometime ago now, I decided to feel that same Joy and Excitement that I had for the first day of the New Year, every day. Making Incremental Tweaks and Changes that will help to make every day a chance for exciting New Beginnings. Every day is a new beginning, not just the first day of the year. Make Daily Resolutions, not just New Year Resolutions. These are far more powerful in supporting positive change. Begin by starting each day with feelings of happiness and believing that no matter what happens it will be a great day.

Opportunity for Positive Change

Opportunity the Fuel for your Core Desires to Take Action

Always to remember how change turns the wheel of time and life. Without change, life is static, stale, and limited. Without change, there isn’t growth. Like everything in nature, a flower doesn’t remain forever regardless of how beautiful it is.

As the calendar year slips into its final stages, people rush around in a frenzy of spending, making this an extremely stressful time. To look at this time in a different way as a time to reflect, become peaceful in your thoughts and focusing on being grateful with what the year has brought to you. This is setting your intentions for the up-and-coming year to be one of Happiness, Grace, Purpose and Great meaning. Allowing the new year to flow into a more powerful sense of achievement and success.

Each year brings with it an array of gifts and joys, while also being confronted with challenges and turbulences. Learning to bring yourself into a place of peace and harmony gives you a deeper sense of energy and vitality to flow into the New Year.

“Through Challenges comes Strength, Through Peace comes Love,

Through Happiness comes Joy”

~Julie Doherty

The-first-Key-To-making-positive-Changes. Is that the Desire to Change has to be Greater than the Desire to stay the same!

6 Steps to Embracing Change

Meet Actions with Great Intentions

Why is it easy for some people to make positive changes no matter how difficult the challenges are, yet others. Never seem able or have a desire to make positive changes. This is quite “Simple”. The people whom have made major, significant changes in their lives have come to a decision that they no longer want their life to be like it is. Hence their “Desire to Change, is Far Greater than their Desire to remain the same.”

  1. To Change or Not to Change – each and every day, especially when you come face to face with change. you have a choice of whether to embrace or to resist.
    Embracing change requires courage and trust because it’s always unnerving to step outside your comfort zone. But when you trust and embrace, change can bring you excitement, growth, and infinite new possibilities.
  2. Make a Happiness a Choice – Step into the New Year with the intention of choosing happiness for yourself and those around you.
    Happiness is a choice that comes from within. Regardless of your external circumstances, your perception determines your emotions.
    Choose to look on the bright side of everything; for example, ask yourself, “What can I learn from this?” Or count your blessings with heart filled gratitude, and happiness will abound.
  3. Emotional & Mindful Grounding – Becoming mentally and emotionally grounded is engaging in your higher reality and wisdom, for there’s more to you than just this physical and transient existence.
    During the course of your Lifetime you will experience a myriad of emotional highs and lows. Understanding their essence for the growth of your soul, the inner you is what gives you the courage to move on. Staying grounded, is beneficial for supporting you to handle all of your challenging moments as well as your not so challenging ones with ease and grace.
  4. Being One with New Experiences – Time and change involve flow and movement. Along with these are borne new experiences, people, places, and ideas. Be open to receiving and bringing forth the new and nourishing and let go of the old if they no longer serve you.
  5. Growth and Fulfilment – When you flow with the movement of time and change, and embrace the new whilst remaining grounded, trusting in the greater you, growth will occur naturally. Like the sun enables a plant to sprout from a seed, the happiness that you soak in, and project will allow you to grow and thrive.
  6. Vision into Visibility –You have a Vision of how you want your Life to be, from rising above and learning from your challenges will come your Strength. This will provide you with a solid grounded foundation. Allowing new creations, experiences to arise giving you a Happy and Fulfilled Life.

You will find yourself forging new fulfilling friendships, relationships, successes, and joys. New ideas will emerge into manifestations. Imagination and dreams will become a reality. A new phase will continue and take you forward with the flow.

What are your intentions for this New Year ahead? Remembering that the New Year can commence whenever you want it to. Allow your energies to flow embracing change with the wondrous gifts of life. Embracing the mystery, excitement and trusting the unknown with the memory of previous challenges you have overcome.

“Miracles Happen when your Actions Meet your Intentions”

Julie Doherty

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