4 Main Effects of Honey (Good Guy) & Sugar (Bad Guy) on Cholesterol & Heart Disease

Cholesterol Sugar the Bad Guy Honey the Good Guy
4 Main Effects of Honey (Good Guy) & Sugar (Bad Guy) on Cholesterol & Heart Disease

4 Main Effects of Honey & Sugar on Cholesterol

& Cardiovascular/Heart Disease


In reference to Cardiovascular, Heart Health and Healthy Cholesterol levels something that is important for you to know is the effects of Honey and Sugar. Why Sugar is the “Bad Guy” making the blood sticky being a major cause of cardiovascular disease and an increase in “Bad Cholesterol Levels” as it lowers the “Good Cholesterol levels“. Whereas Honey on the other hand is the Good Guy, because it lowers “Bad Cholesterol levels”.

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Why Healthy Cholesterol is

Important for You!

Cholesterol is vitally important to a number of human functions including the production of several hormones and is used in cell membranes. However, high cholesterol is a major risk factor for heart disease, the nation’s number one cause of death. There are two types of cholesterol. Low-density lipoproteins (LDL) is known as the “bad” cholesterol because it sticks to artery walls and is the root of problems derived from high cholesterol. High-density lipoproteins (HDL) is known as the “good” cholesterol because it cleans out the dangerous LDL stuck on the arterial walls.

Sugar and Honey. Understanding the difference and why Sugar is the Bad Guy and Honey is the Good Guy!

4 Main Effects of Honey & Sugar on Cholesterol

& Cardiovascular/Heart Disease

Learning Why Sugar is the “Bad Guy” and Honey is the “Good Guy”!

In a study where the effects of sugar and honey, were researched, it was discovered that – Honey helped decrease levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol while increasing “good” HDL cholesterol. Honey was also able to lower triglyceride levels by up to 19%.

Whereas it was discovered that with people who consumed a diet high in Refined Sugar, (HDL the good cholesterol levels decreased), and triglycerides, LDL “bad cholesterol Levels increased. These negative effects that sugar has on cholesterol function, is known to lead to high risks of cardiovascular and heart disease. High intake of refined sugar is a major contributor to obesity, diabetes, cancer and impaired liver function as well. These refined sugars are found mostly in processed, packaged and baked foods.

1: Detrimental Effects of Processed & Refined Sugar as it Lower “Good” Cholesterol

Processed, refined sugar, studies have found the effects of sugar on cholesterol levels the more added sugars were consumed this had a detrimental effect on cholesterol by lowering the “good” cholesterol, otherwise known as high-density lipoprotein [HDL]. HDL “good’ cholesterol, [HDL] works to take up “bad” cholesterol, lowering lipoprotein [LDL] assisting the transport to the liver. So this is an area where the consumption of sugar has detrimental effects, raising several markers for cardiovascular diseases. frequently cited as proving the effects of sugar on cholesterol levels. It is well documented also that processed, refined sugars make the blood “sticky” limiting the flow of blood to essential organs.

2: New Discoveries with Benefits of Honey on Lowering “Bad “Cholesterol

Effect on Total Cholesterol – Honey is being found as a healthy, non-drug option to help reduce cholesterol numbers. Research is beginning to suggest that it does in fact reduce cholesterol readings. Two separate studies conducted on the effects of honey on cholesterol came up with similar conclusions. A study published in “The Scientific World Journal” had participants who consumed 70g of honey for 30 days. The test group showed a reduction of total cholesterol by 3 percent, while a similar study published in the “Journal of Medicinal Food” showed a reduction in total cholesterol of 8 percent.

3: Effect on LDL – A deeper look into the studies showed even better results. Both studies concluded that not only does honey lower total cholesterol, but both showed a reduction in LDL cholesterol. “The Scientific World Journal” showed a decrease in LDL of 5.8 percent. The “Journal of Medicinal Food” participants had an average decrease of LDL cholesterol of 11 percent. These reductions are significant because reductions that great can mean a drastic reduction of risk.

4: Effect on HDL – The final conclusion of both studies was that on top of lowering total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, honey showed to increase HDL cholesterol as well. The “Scientific World Journal” showed an increase of 3.3 percent of the healthful HDL. The “Journal of Medicinal Food” participants had an increase of 2 percent of the beneficial HDL. This increase is exciting because a higher HDL level can help to offset higher numbers of LDL because of its ability to remove LDL from the blood stream

REFERENCE: Journal of Medicinal Food

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