Eating Plan to Overcome Sugar Cravings for a Healthy Heart, Bones & a Healthy Mind

Overcome Sugar Cravings for Optimal Health
Eating Plan to Overcome Sugar Cravings for a Healthy Heart, Bones & a Healthy Mind 
Making Healthy Food Choices for a Happier, Healthier You

Eating Plan to Overcome Sugar Cravings

for a Healthy Heart, Bones & a Healthy Mind

Are you Suffering from Sugar Cravings?  The best way to Overcome Sugar Cravings is with a Healthy Eating Plan, that is going to fuel your body with foods that will best eliminate the cravings and any unwanted withdrawal symptoms. It is well known that the excess consumption of sugar that is mainly found in processed, packaged foods is a major contributor to diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, stroke, arteriosclerosis, cancer, dementia and Alzheimers.

Decreasing the quantity of sugar that you are eating may seem an insurmountable task. I know you are saying – “I have a sweet tooth”. This just is not true the problem lies mostly with processed foods and it is not necessarily the sugar you are becoming addicted to it’s the fat. It is the sensation of the fat on your tongue that is the hidden cause behind you wanting more.

Diet plays a major role when it comes to obesity, as mentioned with the increased consumption of processed, packaged, fast foods. Sugar laden drinks, baked foods all play a major role in the obesity crisis, that as a nation we are facing. 

Harmful Effects of Sugar

Let’s give you some defining points as to the “Harm” that sugar is and will do to you if you continue with a diet of sugar laden foods and drinks. “It is sugar that is behind cardiovascular disease, not cholesterol”
Blood vessels become blocked when sugar molecules attack and destroy the protective layer

It is this protective layer that allows the blood to flow easily and readily to all your body organs and tissues. It is also being linked to a major cause of osteoporosis due to the fact that it depletes the body of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D.

Sugar strips away the Protective Coating of your Blood vessels

The Damaging effects of Sugar on your Arteries!

Sugar consumption has reached dangerously high levels, blocking your arteries and veins because of the increased consumption of fast, packaged and processed foods, soft drinks, pastries, cakes, lollies biscuits being seen as regular everyday treats and consumables.
It is these every day treats and consumables that are leading you to an early death and worse still, “Killing” your children.
Leading to an overwhelming problem with obesity, heart disease, decreased brain dysfunction, early onset diabetes and more.

How to Avoid Temptation 

Firstly, do as little shopping at the supermarket or grocery store as possible.
If you have to shop at the supermarket, have a list and only shop in the isles of the items that you have on your list.
Try to go shopping without the children.
Only purchase your Petrol from the Service Station (NOTHING MORE)
Avoid having any form of junk or fast food, drinks or lollies at home.

Overcome Sugar Cravings by following an Eating Plan that includes Fresh Whole Foods

Daily Eating Plan to Overcome Sugar Cravings

 Reduce your Risk Heart Disease, Osteoporosis & Diabetes!

Begin the Day:    Drink 2 – 2 ½ litres of filtered water per day – Water acts as a main messenger for vitamins, minerals and nutrients; secondly it cleanses the toxins that you taking in and these affect the quality of your cells. You loose 1.5 litres of water each day through perspiration and breathing so this also needs to be replaced otherwise dehydration take place and major organ damage is commencing.
As a fresh start to the day ½ -1 lemon squeezed into a glass of warm water first thing in the morning. Then it is important to clean your teeth, as the lemon will damage the enamel coating on your teeth.

Two poached, scrambled or boiled eggs. You may like to include some cooked tomato, asparagus, and mushrooms and bake beans.
Other suggestions for some variation can be:

It is necessary to have 4 – 5 pieces of fruit per day, so what better time to have it than breakfast. These can include mango, 4 –5 strawberries, kiwi fruit, banana, rock melon, honeydew, pineapple, apple and apricots. Add to this a tablespoon of L.S.A. and psyllium husks mixed, organic muesli or cereal, add 3 x tablespoons of Greek or coconut yogurt. You may like to begin with a bowl of porridge; oats are very healing for the nervous system.
Another way to have this is to put it all in a blender and you can drink it on the way to work.
A cup of herbal tea such as green, or a cup of plain black tea

Mid – morning snacks can include:
A piece of fruit, 3 x tablespoons of Greek yogurt or Coconut yogurt a handful of almonds or some hummous with water crackers or vegetables sticks such as carrot, celery cucumber, broccoli and so on

This can include a variety of foods such as:
Lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, celery, grated carrot, onion, alfalfa, chickpeas or soya beans, and avocado and may be some cottage cheese or feta cheese.
If it is cold weather you can include a cup of homemade vegetable soup.
For some variety and not wanting to lose weight includes – Pitta bread, a grain roll, or bread that is fortified with Soya and linseed.

Fish – this can be eaten two to three times per week, preferably at least one fish meal per day as this reduces the risk of cardio vascular disease and cancer. You then may include one red meat meal per week preferably lamb as this is still the least contaminated meat. Chicken and turkey can be included once or twice per week preferably organic.

If however you are vegetarian it is important to include soya beans, tofu, and bake beans, nuts such as cashews, peanuts or Brazil nuts these can be used whole in the stir fry or made up as a sauce over the vegetables. It is important to include at least 4 – 5 vegetables see below for examples. You may say WHY? Organic it is the hormones given to the chickens and cows that then in turn will bring about hormone disturbances in YOU.

This is why suggestions are becoming very strong to move away from Dairy products because of these issues.
Go for non-genetically modified, organic Soya milk and products.

Vegetables to include: Sweet potato, cabbage, carrots, parsnips, swede, spinach, beans, peas, pumpkin, broccoli, brussel sprouts and zucchini. Nori otherwise known as seaweed is available in various forms powder, sheets that are used for sushi, this can be include in soups or made up as sushi. You could have a Salad such as at lunchtime.
Note: It is better if wanting a spread to use a small amount of butter in preference to margarine and butter is a natural product which is metabolized by the body whereas margarine is man-made and is not easily metabolized or utilized by the body. However spreads such as tahini, almond and other nut or soya bean spreads are much more beneficial for your health

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