Easy Steps to Bring Focus Back into Your Life – Restoring Emotional Balance, Strength & Emotional Resilience

Bringing Focus Back Balancing Mind Body Emotions

Easy Steps to Bring Focus Back into Your Life - Restoring Emotional Balance, Strength & Emotional Resilience

 Easy Steps to Bring Focus Back into your Life

 “Restoring Emotional Balance, Strength & Emotional Resilience”

Do you ever have one of those Days, maybe Weeks, Months, even a Year? Where nothing is going according to plan, even if you seem to have had a plan? There are interruptions, just what you don’t need, things going wrong. But you are determined that you are going to achieve something for the day. Even after you have achieved that you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious and unsure how you are going to get back on track. In this article I will share with you some simple techniques how to improve your emotional and mental health, helping you to stay focused.

I find this can happen to me when I have had a three and a half week break from work. It is wonderful catching up with family and friends. Just enjoying each day with no real agenda. I actually find myself looking forward to going back to work, but boy!! When I get there I seem to struggle to get back into a routine that I was so looking forward to.

Staying Focused 

Along the way we know there will also be other distractions that we will come into play that can also take us off focus.

Build Focus by having a clear picture of your Core Desires
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Getting “Focused” Getting Your Head in the Right Space!

Getting your head in the right space is to taking charge of the feeling of overwhelm, or it can be that of complacency or just pure exhaustion – To that of achievement, peace, grace and happiness.

So what does this mean? I have learnt that before moving forward in any area of life it has been necessary to recognise and understand what we have already achieved! It is not about the size of the achievement but the fact that we have accomplished something that is good, worthwhile and able to share making a positive difference to our life.

Feeling of Peace in your heart and mind. When you have a feeling of peace within, you are able to achieve so much more, as you are not just focusing on the outcome but the process of what you are developing and contributing through your achievement. The peacefulness comes from knowing that you are contributing something that is positive, that will be of benefit to someone else.

Grace –being grateful for who, what is already in your life and for how your life as unfolded to now.  Peace of mind, confidence is the ability to believe that you can achieve anything that your heart desires.

Happiness is something that is vital for each and everyone of us in order to achieve your lifelong dreams and desires. Happiness is inside you, look at it as a key to making the decision that you are going to be happy no matter what. Now by this I don’t mean that when you go through painful times not being able to cry, miss people you may love and have lost. What I mean is to look for the true treasure and love behind this that will give you lifelong happiness.

How External Pressures Affect Us!

So what happens you put too many external pressures on yourself, you have to multitask in order to handle everything. Even if you are on holiday you think you have to be tuned in to your mobile phone in case someone calls, sms or tuned into Facebook, emails. In amongst all of this you may well be picking up the kids from school, excursions, friend’s houses or sport.

Meanwhile all of these things are going through your brain whilst also trying to process traffic on the road, what time do you have to prepare dinner, be at an appointment, contact a friend you haven’t seen for a long time. The list goes on but you get the idea, I am sure. You are living it.

So basically what is happening is that you are getting information overload and you brain hasn’t evolved to keep up with the speed of this technology and extracurricular activities that are been brought upon you.

When you have a break from all of this speed and hectic lifestyle your brain decides it is going to have a rest. Whether it is because of an interruption or a holiday so you will find yourself coming into a bit of a slump.

It is important that you don’t see these interruptions as making you a failure or giving you the feeling that you are never going to be able to achieve your goals. That you won’t be able to put new habits into place enabling you to live your life the way you want to, doing the things that you want and need to do.

You have the ability to bring your brain back into focus, so the importance here is to be patient with yourself, not allowing yourself to believe that by becoming an expert at multitasking that you are going to achieve more, because scientific evidence has proven that multitasking doesn’t achieve more, it only brings about confusion, frustration and a loss of focus.

Actually when you think you are multi-tasking, what you are actually doing is just switching back and forth between activities very quickly, often finding that you haven’t really accomplished a great deal. You are doing yourself a cognitive injustice because we are not meant to do this. It becomes quite distressing for us when we are attempting to achieve several activities at the one time.

Multitasking has been found to increase the production of your stress hormones bringing about the feelings of anxiety and panic. It also increases our production of dopamine giving us a false sense that this high level of activity is actually beneficial to us and can lead to it becoming addictive. Of course over time this brings about serious health problems.

Bringing Focus Back: Restoring Emotional Strength & Resilience

11 Easy Steps to Bringing your Focus Back

I am going to go through with you here the best ways to rejuvenate your brain and get back into focus: As you implement these activities they will then become lifetime habits and giving you freedom to be the great human being that you are born to be:

  1. If you have been on vacation from work, your brain will just cease up if you go back into full swing. So you go back and prioritize and list off the things pacing them each day according to the importance.
  2. With work it is important that you have incremental breaks away from your desk or job task. Every hour get up and go for a walk, lunch time get out of the office and into the fresh air. If you have an outdoor or physical job it, it will be important here to stop and sit having a physical and mental rest.
  3. Allow your brain time to day dream for ten minutes when you get back from you walk, this supports you with new ideas and also with implementing the things that need to be done.
  4. You are not a robot you have many senses and it is these senses that allow you to perform your best. When you are attempting to multitask, taking on too many ideas and things at once, this stops your very own unique intelligence from working.
  5. Create the environment that is going to allow you to be free from distractions. Turn off mobile phones, email and any social network notifications.
  6. Only have two to three “must do” on your to do list that is to do with work or establishing your career.
  7. It is vitally important that you have time for rest, yes even throughout the day a 15 – 30 minute catnap will allow you to be far more productive.
  8. Burning the mid night hours will lead to you being less productive, even if you have an assignment to finish. You will find it far more beneficial to go to bed say before 11 pm and get up early in the morning say 6 am or 7 am to finish it.
  9. REST: if your brain is telling you to rest, by just feeling exhausted. Then respect the signal and rest. Turn off the TV, Computer, Cell phone and any other distraction. You may need to do this for a day, a week or a month. It will just depend on what level of burnout you are at. If you set up a regular routine of doing this say once a day for an hour, then this will allow you not to suffer at such a great extent.
  10. Time, make time to spend with family and friends. Social activities are necessary for a brilliant mind.
  11. Last but not least the brain needs the right fuel, by becoming mindful about your eating habits will improve not only your brain function, energy levels and you will spend less time being sick. A diet high in sugary foods, saturated fats and simple carbohydrates will rob you of the ability to think as well as making you feel excessively tired.

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