4 Steps to Developing Positive Habits – Empowering YOU to Build an Amazing Life!

4 Steps to Developing Habits that Empower YOU to Build a Positive Life
4 Steps to Developing Positive Habits - Empowering YOU to Build an Amazing Life!

4 Steps to Developing Positive Habits

Empowering YOU to Build an Amazing Life!

The Foundation for Building a Positive and Amazing Life needs the Elimination of Negative Habits & Replacing these with Positive Habits

Habits can either Make You or Break You – The decision is yours to make which way they go. A vital habit to begin each day is in affirming that “YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH”. Giving you every opportunity to have a Great Day! Habits will have either a Positive Outcome for You or a Negative One.

What Many People Struggle with is – Changing the Negative Habits to Positive Ones – Power your positive changes by making the desire to Change Greater than the desire to Stay the Same!

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Developing Positive Habits is the

Foundation for Build a Successful & Positive Life


Change your Habits and Change your Life

Habits are something that you develop over your lifetime, some of these likes for example walking, you just do without even having to think. Becoming mindful in regards to your habits with the understanding that you have the ability everyday to develop new habits to support whatever it is you are wanting to do.

Like most of us during your Life you will have developed a combination of Good and Bad Habits. The Good Habits will be Positive giving you a Positive Outcome for you and your Life.

The Bad Habits will be Negative having a Negative Outcome or Impact for you and your Life. So what is important for you here if you want to be healthy, active and able to live your life the way you want. Is to change any habits that are going to prevent this from happening.


Positive Change MUST, always be a part of your life, with the understanding that you have the ability to change your perception and focus plus your reaction to life. By doing this you will be able to change habits that are not going to provide you with a great life, great health, vitality and positive relationships. 

The Only & Best Way to Change Negative Habits is to Replace them with Positive Habits

Building habits is reliant on overcoming negative thoughts, to allow positive people and experiences into your life. You can often undertake for many varied reasons habits that are negative for you and surprisingly enough you can come up with a myriad of reasons to continue these habits without bearing much thought as to how they will affect you in the long term of your life.

One of the many reasons I chose Naturopathic medicine as my career path was that it provided positive treatments and processes to enable people to restore their health, to age well with the best quality of life. “Very Positive, I liked that aspect”.

Eliminating Negative Habits

That will Rob you of Quality of Life, Happiness and Optimal Health

Negative Habits will have a direct effect on the Quantity & Quality of your Sleep. Developing Positive Habits improves your Quality of Sleep

If you continue with your life path with habits that are not only bad for you, with the understanding as to why they are bad or negative for you. Then you will be robbed of having a healthy, active and functional life, for your whole life. I don’t believe anyone wants to be robbed of this, so by changing my negative habits into positive ones, will enable you to enjoy every aspect of your life, for not only your early adult years, but your senior and more mature adult years.

Empower your Mind with Inspirational Quotes & Guidance

Empower your Mind for

Positive Change with Inspirational Quotes 

I know that by you reading this article that you are looking to implement these changes. Here is a link to my Inspirational Library of Quotes and Guidance that will provide you inspirational support and suggestions that you can put into place for a healthy and balanced life.

As children, each of you have lived with the barrage of commands from the adults and peers in your life: Stop fidgeting, Pay attention, Sit up straight. For some, those commands became a consistent source of pain, maybe you heard words such as “You’re stupid” or “You’re lazy.”

As you grow into adulthood, you don’t leave these remarks behind you. Instead, you continue with them being in your subconscious. Telling yourself over and over again how inadequate you are.
Your negative thought patterns if allowed to continue will have the ability to reap havoc on your life. Sometimes, you create your own reality by what you say to yourself each day.

For example, if you have one or two lousy things happen to you in the morning. You may tell yourself what a terrible day this is. Throughout the day, as you repeat this over and over, you begin to focus only on what has gone wrong.

By the end of the day, you have convinced yourself it was the worst day ever. If your were to change that to; “If instead, you had accepted that the morning started off poorly, but the rest of the day looked promising and repeated this to yourself all day, whilst putting positive activities into place.

Then you would view your experiences differently and look for the good in what was happening. And so, it goes throughout your life. When you continue to barrage yourself with negative thoughts of yourself, you will believe them. You then go on to view yourself and others in a negative way.

Although it can be difficult, you can change your thought process and change your outlook about yourself and about your life. This takes practice and work and dedication.

4 Steps to Create Positive Thoughts

Enabling you to Live a Positive Life

According to several psychologists, the process of changing negative thought processes into positive can take months, slowly, though; you will begin to notice a change in how you think.

1: Identify the Trigger – What is the reason behind the negative habit. Is it stress, boredom, anxiety, seems cool, or you don’t value yourself.

2: Making the Desire, Reason to Change Greater than the Reason to Stay the same. This is huge and will make the decision to change so much easier.

3: Getting a Clear Picture of How you want your Life to Be & How you want to Be! Dig in deep to your heart and core desires, dreams and aspirations. And write down your goals, actions, as to how you want to achieve them. Breaking them down into achievable bite sized chunks.

4: Identify and Implement a Positive Habit to Replace the Negative One! These can be short-term like meeting a positive friend for a coffee, going for a walk, reading a good book, watching a positive movie, listening to positive, relaxing music.

Never lose sight of your Goals and Dreams! These are the Keys to your Motivation and Determination.

Setting Goals for a Positive Life

One of the most important reasons for setting goals is that it gives you a plan and helps you to stay on track. Keeping your feelings and thinking on in the right space. Be aware of your thoughts and what you tell yourself each day. Keep track of the negative on a piece of paper for several days. Notice how many times you put yourself down through your thoughts.

1. Use a piece of paper folded long ways down the middle. On one side, write down each negative thought. On the right side, write down a positive thought to replace it. Be as specific as possible. You might write down a correction to the thought, as well as a goal.

For example, if you wrote down “I can’t believe I lost my keys again, I am so stupid” as a negative thought, your positive side might include such phrases as “I am fine just the way I am” and “I lost my keys today, I am going to start hanging my keys on the hook each day so I know where they are.” Your list should now include the most common negative thoughts you tell yourself each day.

2. Use a black pen and cross out each negative thought. As you are crossing them out, tell yourself these thoughts no longer have any control over you.

3. Begin to read the positive side to yourself several times each day. Each time you find yourself sliding back into your negative thoughts, tell yourself “STOP” and repeat your positive statement instead. As you begin to do this continually, you will notice the negative thoughts do not come as quickly as they used to. Keep a book with you and write down any new negative thoughts you may have.

At the end of the day, go through the same process, exchanging, on paper, negative thoughts for positive ones. Cross out the negative and add your paper to your previous one, so that you can continue to feed yourself positive statements and goals each morning and evening as you read your list.

4. Make sure you complete this entire process each day. The act of writing down your positive thoughts will make them stronger; reading them out loud several times a day will make them stronger still. As you begin to see progress, note how many times each day you are writing down negative thoughts about yourself. If you are completing all the steps above consistently, you should begin to see your negative thoughts decrease. Maybe in the beginning you were constantly writing down negative thoughts and filled up pages quickly. Several weeks later, you might see that you are filling up only a half a page in the same amount of time you were filling up a whole page.

No matter what, keep it up! Never Give Up!

Change your Thoughts & Change your Day

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