Dancing with Life: 11 Secrets to Enjoy a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality that matches Your Lifespan

Let's Start Dancing with Life by Determining your Core Desires: Understanding What Success means for You and Begin setting goals

Dancing with Life: 11 Secrets to Enjoy a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality that matches Your Lifespan

Beginning with Self- Care, Self-Love & Self-Acceptance

  1. Forgive and Accept yourself – Everyone makes mistakes it is all about being human. Understand these mistakes, learn from them allowing them to help you grow into the wonderful person that you were born to be!

2. Allow Happiness to Grow – change your perspective to appreciate every moment. With the understanding that without pain you never know the experience of true joy: without sorrow you may never know true happiness: without loss you may never appreciate what you truly have.

3. Clear your Mind and Release your heart: Step into the future with an open mind to the joy that you can and will experience: Open your heart – allowing yourself to love and be loved.

4. Love and Appreciate Yourself: Release negative thoughts about yourself allowing thoughts of gratitude and love to come in. Not allowing thoughts of criticism or doubt. Loving and appreciating each stage of your life.

5. Embrace Wisdom: Each day life will hand you a set of circumstances, some that you will have a certain amount of control and some that you will not be able to control. The secret here is understanding the difference. Then taking control of the things you can with regular routines, patterns and activities.

6. Care for You: Taking care of your health by embracing healthy fresh foods, having a regular exercise routine of say walking for 1 hour a day: Allowing yourself to heal from past hurts by deep breathing, shedding some tears and understanding that this is all very normal. It is now time to move on to happier times. Never stop learning!

7. Be Gentle of Yourself: There will be times of great difficulty, loss and pain. It is during these times that it is important to treat yourself gently and with kindness. Allowing the feelings to come in and then to pass. These are times when buying yourself some flowers, being tranquil by the beach or water or in nature – Watching your favourite movie or listening to your favourite music are all positive ways that will help you heal through these times.

8. Facing your Fears: More often than not the thought of something either losing someone or something is greater than the actual loss. The fear of doing something new or different is greater than the actual doing it. By facing these fears, understanding them helps you to become less fearful. Also helps with building your self confidence and self esteem.

9. Share you Life’s Experiences: Your life’s journey has brought about many experiences of change, loss, grief, happiness, dreams and fears. Sharing these experiences with trusted friends whom you know aren’t going to judge you makes these experiences easier to live with, knowing that you aren’t alone. Remain social and connect with people of all ages.

10. Remembering Your Strength and Resilience: You are stronger and more resilient than you think or give yourself credit for. The deepest heartaches when you work through them with clarity and understanding will often be the most strengthening and exhilarating of your life. Rebuilding your life or making changes to significant parts that just are not working maybe your most difficult challenges but will remind you of just how capable you truly are.

11. Live with Joy not Regret: Don’t live with regret for the things that you haven’t done. Live with joy for the things you are yet to do. You have chosen your path and the things you wanted or didn’t want to do. It is important for you to believe that, that was right for you. Not comparing yourself with other’s or their lives. Get in touch with your life – How you want to be and What you want to do! Because if you are happy with your life, chances are that those around you will be happy for you.

We live in a difficult world. But life does not have to be a struggle. From the author of the best-selling classic Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway comes a book of inspirational advice that teaches us how to feel calmer, more in control, and excited about life– despite what is happening around us. With profound insights and practical tools.

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