Unlock Positive Change 8 Vital Keys ‘Building A Brilliant Mind’

8 Keys to Positive Change: Transforming your Health & your Life







The Secret to 🤗 Transforming your Health and your Life is to Become Flexible and Successful with Making Positive Changes.

Do you dream of a Magic wand that you could wave and Transform your Life the way you want it to be! Me too.

But we know that positive change requires more than magic.

It requires a strong desire to change, stronger than the desire to stay the same.

No magic wand! Following the 8 Vital Keys in this course will fuel your desire for successful change. They are a powerful guide to Transform your Life and your Health!

Julieanne · July 18, 2023
Unlocking the Keys to Positive Change represents a significant stride toward transforming your health and life. In this course, you will explore 8 Vital Steps to ignite your desire for change.

This course teaches you how to Unlock Positive Change!

Learning 8 Vital Keys toward Building a Brilliant Mind!

Do you dream of a Magic wand that you could wave and Transform your Life the way you want it to be! I do too. However, we recognize that positive change requires more than magic—it demands a strong desire to change, surpassing the desire to remain the same.

Since we lack a magic wand, I have for you 8 vital keys and 7 lessons in this course to guide you with Fuelling your desire this being essential for building a brilliant mind and transforming your health and life.

The First Key to Making Positive Changes is that the Desire to Change must be Greater than the Desire to Remain the same

8 Vital Keys that you will Learn to Fuel your Desire

  1. How to Identify & Understand – What and Why you want the Change!
  2. How to Change Habits for Positive Results
  3. Attracting & Interacting with Positive People for Positive Change
  4. Flexibility – Opening your Mind to Possibilities: 4 Ways Flexibility Achieves Optimal Health & Successful Ageing
  5. 4 Key Areas – How to Fuel your Mind & Body for Sustainable, Successful & Positive Change
  6. Developing Emotional Intelligence, a Key to Developing Emotional Balance
  7. Creating a Sense of Urgency – The Linking Key to Taking Action for Positive Change
  8. How to Sustain and Maintain Positive Change for Long-term Success

Easing the Power of Change by Uncovering the Hidden Elements that are Blocking you

Feelings of Vulnerability and Loss of Control

However, your desire to escape the feeling of vulnerability and loss of control that comes about with change, is often the element that is preventing or blocking you from making positive changes. Often becoming self-critical and implementing negative influences that will prevent and block you from Living life, how you truly want to.

I am about to teach you 8 essential keys that will help ease the pain of making changes, especially the positive ones. Helping you to regain a sense of balance and rediscovery of what you Truly want, to steer your thought processes toward the outcome in a way, that you will feel empowered to make the changes, so that making the changes is easier and more palatable.

Major Benefit of Positive Changes

Making positive changes is a vital step toward your Transformation’s success. In the course Building a Brilliant Mind” are essential steps to build a Strong Foundation that will enable you to achieve a Lifetime of Optimal Health, Happiness, Vitality. To Live the Life” YOU Truly want.

But first you need to Master the key elements from this course on “Making Positive Changes”. Each person I have worked with, myself included, encountered challenges when implementing and making constructive and positive changes. come to a level of difficulty when implementing and making positive changes.

In Building a Brilliant Mind I teach you the importance of understanding and becoming very familiar with your Core Desires, your Core Values, Dreams, Visualizing and defining your goals to achieve these. In this area of your learning about key elements to making positive changes. I will guide you to discover, identify, define and comprehend what it is that you “Truly want” and the reasons why changing is vital for lasting positive outcomes. Becoming clear and focusing on “What you want”, not necessarily “What you don’t want”.

Personal Insight

Many years ago, now I was recovering from an attack on my life and I used Anthony Robbins book, “Awaken the Giant Within”. I used it as a workbook to help me to recover from this incident. I definitely recommend reading this book, it was extremely instrumental in supporting my road to recovery.

In Anthony Robbins book, [“Awaken the Giant Within”]. He mentions the fact that for the most part, when you ask people what they don’t want, they can give you a list a mile long. However, when asked the question what do they want? They find it difficult to answer. I found this to be so true and a revelation that certainly helped me to move forward with getting back onto my path and helping me with the ease of making positive changes.

The first step that is a significant key to making positive changes is to become clear in identifying and understanding exactly what you want to change and why. Some of these areas that need changing are inbuilt habits, not all of these habits are going to be in alignment with your Core Desires, Core Values and Dreams that you either have or will be working through in the course Building a Brilliant Mind. Therefore, it will be significant and important for you in learning how to implement the changes.

Living a full and vital life is all a continual learning curve of adjusting, making major and incremental adjustments, changes along the way. 

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