Week 2 – Building a Healthy Balanced Life by Design: Not leaving it to Chance!

Building a Healthy Balanced Life by Design: Not leaving it to Chance!
Week 2 - Building a Healthy Balanced Life by Design: Not leaving it to Chance!

Building a Healthy Balanced Life by Design

Not Leaving the outcome of your Life to Chance

I have chosen a Rainbow here as a sign for New Hope and New Beginnings. Where are your hopes and your dreams can become hidden. They can be buried somewhere deep in our soul and subconscious mind. Having been put aside with all the hustle and bustle of life. Getting caught up with life events that are not going to help or support you into living the life that you truly want to live.

Living a Healthy, Balanced Life is as individual for each of us, as what are our goals and dreams. Learning to let go of what is causing your life to become unbalanced to incorporating what you need to bring that balance back. This is something that is very personal and that only you can do.

Building a Healthy Balanced Life by Design

Achieving a healthy, balanced life can seem rather daunting and impossible achievement. Understanding all the concepts that are involved to learn how to live your life with Optimal Health, Happiness, Vitality and Success that is right for you. Bringing clarity and balance with your work, family, friends, building faith, having fun, achieving optimal health and fitness. Where do you start and how can you make achieving balance a simple process for everyday living.  

Life is a Roller-coaster-ride: Hang on, Rise above the Challenges - Enjoy the excitement

It is no secret that living a healthy, balanced life can be tricky, and a roller-coaster-ride of events in working toward your desired outcome of your individually designed healthy, balanced life. Notice I say your individually designed healthy, balanced life because this is about your journey, your destination and understanding that this if a lifelong process.

A great way to understanding your life is with the concept of it being like a giant roller-coaster-ride with many ups and downs. It is with these ups and downs that come at various times, stages and have various impacts on your life that uncertainty comes about. The downs can leave you feeling like there is no hope or end in sight and hopeless as to moving forward with any level of success. The ups can have you feeling, ecstatic and happy, like your life is perfect and that you are definitely on the right path to balance.

Finding balance is about holding on tight to the roller-coaster carriage reigns and understanding that balance is right there in the middle. It is not something that is stagnant but keeps moving whilst you have a firm grip on what you want and where you want to go.

Design your Life – Not to Leave it to Chance

Designing your life and not leaving it to chance is about making conscious decisions that you need to put into place that will serve you and your life well. In being the way, you want it to be, in alignment with your core desires, dreams and goals. It is about being accountable, taking control of your time, gaining the freedom with your life enabling you to do the things that you need and want to do, not just for today, but for your whole life.

What you will learn in Week 2:

8 Important Foundations

That will Help and Guide you Designing the Life you want to Live you are Going to Learn:

8 Important Foundational Areas that will Bring Clarity and Understanding to Designing your Healthy, Balanced Life

  1. Understanding your Hopes, Dreams and GoalsAchieving a Healthy, Happy Balanced Life
  2. Believing in Yourself – A Step by Step Guide to Building a Healthy, Happy and Balanced Life!
  3. Learning How & Why Building a Brilliant Mind -Improves your Mental, Emotional & Physical Health
  4. Intuitive Intelligence – Body Mind Connection with the Great Design in Mind
  5. 4 Keys to Build and Nurture a Positive Social Life How this benefits your Health, Happiness, and Quality of Life!
  6. Becoming your Best Self – Understanding Spirituality the Inner You!
  7. Occupational: How your Work, Career, Employment or Business Are Major Steps to fulfilling your Goals and Dreams
  8. Building a Healthy relationship with money

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