How to Build the Amazing Life you Want to Live by Design – Not by Accident! 3 Major Steps

How to Build the Amazing Life you Want to Live by Design - Not by Accident! 3 Major Steps

To Build the Amazing Life you Want to Live

by Design – Not by Accident

3 Major Steps

To Build the life you want, how you want to be to achieve your core desires, dreams and goals is going to take commitment, dedication and having a clear picture of each area of your life. It is about becoming the Master of your life, taking charge, responsibility and continually learning. This is what you will learn in my memberships, courses and programs, to live your life by design and not by accident.

The Honest Truth

I was with my father in the waiting room of a hospital and could not help hearing some of the conversations that were taking place between people. The conversations that seem to be similar and very relevant were that they were not going to tell the Doctor, Specialists certain facts about their conditions. And yet these same people were expecting these Professionals to treat them with the expectation of becoming well.

It once again became very clear to me, after hearing this type of scenario, in different situations, that – “How could these people expect to become well, when “crucial information” is missing necessary for this to happen. Now in saying this I am going to tell you a couple of things, that I have told all of my clients over the years when treating them.

“In helping you to become well, I am only as good as the information that you tell me about your health and also your lifestyle habits” “Secondly, it is a two-way street, I will give you the tools and information to support your return to health, but it is you that will be instrumental in becoming well. By implementing the treatments, medicines and lifestyle changes”.

Honestly, evaluating your life, your situation firstly to yourself, is the first move to making positive changes and improvements in moving forward. Whether this be with your health, your friends, your job, and other lifestyle choices.

“The buck begins and ends with you, the choices and decisions you make every day.”

Living Life can be hard work, to Build the Life that will bring you Optimal Health, Happiness, Vitality and the Best Quality, does not happen by accident but by design. Each and every day implementing changes that will be the building blocks to achieving this.

In my early twenties, working through the meaning of life, how and what I wanted my life to become. I realized that it first took asking those questions to myself. Then a plan of how to achieve my wants, dreams and goals. Then the most important asset, the work and action necessary to achieve this life.

These wants and dreams seemed “Simple”.

1: I wanted a husband not to just love me, but to like me and that he could be proud of me.

2: I wanted a family that I could love and nurture to become beautiful human beings.

3: I wanted a Career – that I loved and was passionate about, so that my family would not suffer. Realizing that I would be the main nurturer and carer. And I wanted to contribute something positive to people about Ageing Well, Being Happy with who they were, to enable people to live happy, healthy lives.

Wow! you know that is over 49 years ago! Yes, I have achieved those dreams and goals. Was it easy – NO! There were many times I wanted to give up, run away and some very tragic and difficult moments. But what stood me strong was having those wants, dreams and goals firmly in place in my mind and going on to learn as much as I could about achieving them, without losing sight of who and how I wanted to be.

Life is too Short - Not to Work Toward Building a Positive, Healthy, Happy Future. And Life is too Long - Not to give yourself every chance for success!

3 Major Steps to Building your Life By Design are –

1: A trusted and guided path to follow. This is what you will find in the Membership Programs.

2: Commitment, Dedication and Taking Responsibility to follow through with your plans and dreams.

3: A Clear understanding of what you want for yourself, the people in your life and how to achieve this.

My Dedication to You!

I am dedicated to supporting your journey to Achieving Optimal Health, Happiness, Vitality to Live your Best Life

My commitment to you is to provide you with guidance, support and evidence-based knowledge. That will give you a clear understanding empowering you with the necessary steps to follow in Building your Life of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality.  Giving you the Support and Guidance necessary to Take Charge of your Health and your Life. 

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