Bring Balance & Harmony into your Life: 5 Benefits of Spending Time at the Beach!

Spending Time near the Water improves Mental Health and Emotional Balance
Bring Balance & Harmony into your Life: Spending Time at the Beach! 5 Benefits

Bring Balance & Harmony into your Life

Learn the 5 Key Benefits of Spending Time at the Beach

A Great Way to bring Balance & Harmony into your Life, is by Spending Time at the Beach or Near Water. Scientific research has found that Spending Time at the Beach or near Water.

  1. Boosts your Creativity,
  2. Balances your Mind,
  3. Restores Energy and Improves the way you Feel

You have probably noticed how spending a day at or near the water makes you feel more relaxed, rested, and re-energized. These feelings are real, not just in your head.

Scientific research confirms that when you spend time by the water, your brain changes. Your mind is put into a restful almost hypnotic space, thanks to the soothing smells and sounds of the water. Researchers refer to this as “blue space.

Importance of Bringing Balance to your Emotions!

Bringing Balance to your Emotions is important for a Healthy, Happy and Balanced Life. Emotions such as sadness, fear and anger become causes of disease, break ups of relationships, loss of employment, when they are allowed to take over your mind and your life. They are often not recognized for what they are, the damage they are causing, and more importantly the need to restore a healthy level of clarity and balance. Under normal circumstances, they are not a cause of disease.

It is difficult for any human being to avoid feelings of anger, sadness, grief, worry, or fear to creep into his or her life from some to time. However, if you don’t recognize these states and do something positive to restore balance and harmony, allowing them to continue long-term, then they can lead to serious health problems and disease.

When your emotions are out of balance you are more likely to and vulnerable to eat unhealthy foods, engage in unhealthy habits, and lifestyle choices. As you can see it is vitally important for your quality of life and quality of health to become active in restoring balance. Spending time near the water is one of the ways.

Spending Time near the Water improves Mental Health and Emotional Balance

5 Key Benefits of Just Being Near Water

Whether it be Walking, Sitting, Canoeing, Surfing, Swimming

1: Boosts creativity – Being in a blue space makes you more creative, because it allows your brain to become relaxed.
Being in this dreamy space allows your imagination to come to life. This doesn’t happen in the middle of a busy or chaotic day. To feel balanced and receive enjoyment from the business in your life it is vitally important to allow your brain to recharge in this way.

2: Alleviates stress – Either by putting your toes in the water or going for a swim. Helps to relieve stress and boosts your mood due to the naturally occurring positive ions in the water. These positive ions not to mention to minerals found in water, especially sea water. Have a regulating effect on the negative ions given off by appliances used on a regular basis, that can leave you feeling angry, anxious and overworked.

3: Reduces depression – The sounds of the waves put you into a meditative state. This has been associated with reducing depression and improving mental clarity.

4: Improves your Perspective on the World & with People: There is a certain magic that changes your perspective to life putting your mind into a more positive state – You are embracing the perfection of life itself. Being where you are surrounded by beautiful scenery, the sounds of the water.

Enjoying the simple the presence of nature is incredibly soothing to the soul. It reminds you of the larger picture of life, that life in itself is very stable. The sun rising and falling each day. The birds awakening, the fish swimming and just the presence of air itself the very vital ingredient that is instrumental to life itself.

5: Improves your Intelligence – with the changing of these positive processes within your mind, this allows for expansion of your thinking, improving your capacity to learn.

Emotional balance and resilience is developed by incorporating a variety of support mechanisms that prevent emotions from having a negative effect on your health, your relationships and your life.

Developing Emotional balance and resilience is about identifying the emotions that are being felt in the moment, and recognizing them, without being overwhelmed or overpowered by them.

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