9 Steps to Break Free from Being a Victim: Limiting Beliefs & Being Happy!

9 Steps to Break Free from Being a Victim: Limiting Beliefs & Being Happy!

9 Steps to Break Free from Being a Victim: Limiting Beliefs & Being Happy!

Have you become a Victim of your Circumstances? I get it.

It can be hard to make changes. It seems hard to swap what has become the “Norm” or your comfort zone, what is familiar to you for the discomfort of firstly taking charge and going it alone, even when you know that the familiar sucks causing problems with people you care about, stopping you from doing things that you know are so much better for you.

Believe it or not each one of us who seem to have it together now, have all been through these limiting beliefs, that have held us back from time to time, kept us apart from positive friends, family, activities and even to enjoy work that we would love to do. For fear of being judged, hurt, or made a fool of.

Break Free  of Limiting Beliefs & Be Happy

9 Steps to Break Free of Being a Victim

Remember the Song: “It is Time to Break Free”. It is time for you to now Break free and let go of Limiting Beliefs and Thought Patterns that captured you as a victim is easy when you follow these 9 steps:

  1. Not being afraid to be alone. Enjoy your own company, be your own best friend. Take yourself to the movies, a nice meal, a boat cruise, even a walk to the park. Learn a new skill just for fun.
  2. Make a list of all the things that you have done RIGHT!
  3. Stop allowing events, circumstances, negative, toxic people to control the way you feel. As this comprises your values, what you know to be right, as a positive way of living and being. It creates conflict with those who truly care about you, seeing you being a victim.
  4. Making Positive Changes: You want to change, but where do you start. The decision to change is easy, it is the commitment you must work on, each day eliminate the negative and replace this with positive thoughts and actions.
  5. Become the Compass of your Life: You and you alone are the only one who has control over what you think, and what you do. This will have a direct effect on the way you feel.
  6. Handling Rejection: There will always be times of rejection for one reason or another. Mostly it is not personal, mostly it is that the timing is not right, you may not be ready, there is more that you need to learn. Look for valid reasons why it did not work and what you could do or have done differently.
  7. Become a Problem Solver, not a Problem Maker: In life there will always be problems. There are the people who make the problem bigger, by focusing on all the things that will not work, rather than looking at improving or including things that will work. Therefore, solving the problem. There are times when a problem is out of our hands and it is important to realize this, but not to add fuel by being argumentative, critical, just recognizing within yourself that this is the way it is.
  8. Action: When you have a problem or circumstance that you find difficult this will create anxiety, self-doubt and often procrastination to the point of not doing what is needed to be done to solve the problem or improve the circumstance. When you action is taken, this relieves the anxiety, improves your self-confidence and self-esteem.
  9. Make a promise to yourself to eliminate these problems and negative interactions each day with positive changes. Until your days are filled with sunshine, the people, and the things that you love. 👌🥰

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