Boost Memory, Cognitive Brain Power & Immune Function -10 Health Benefits of Rosemary!

Boost Memory Cognitive Brain Power Immune Function with Rosemary
Boost Memory, Cognitive Brain Power & Immune Function - 11 Amazing Health Benefits of Rosemary

Boost your Memory, Cognitive Brain Power,

Immune Function, Decrease the Risk of Alzheimers

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Rosemary

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Personal Experience

I can speak from personal experience when it comes to this amazing herb and its support with Memory and Cognitive Brain power. When I commenced my studies into Naturopathic Medicine unbeknown to me at the time I was Dyslexic, I was married with two young children and had only an introduction into anatomy and physiology with my Cosmetology and Massage Studies.

Determined to succeed with my Naturopathic studies I implemented ways to improve my Brain performance and memory. One of those being a cup of fresh Rosemary tea with lemon each morning. I felt the benefits of a clear head shortly after drinking the tea, the rest is history. I completed my studies with Distinctions and Honours. Obviously, not all due to Rosemary tea, I did Brain Gym exercises together with a lot of dedication, commitment and support from my dear husband. Let me share with you the many health benefits of the Amazing herb that is so easy to grow in your own backyard.

Chemical Compounds known as Phytochemicals!

Phytochemicals are chemicals that a plant produces to protect itself from getting diseases including cancer. These phytochemical have just begun to be researched and are one of the reasons that plant eating animals like elephants which only eat green grass and leaves become so big, strong and healthy. How can eating just green plants give them all the protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals to remain at a high level of health? The key is in the green plants and herbs. One of the phytochemical rich herbs is rosemary.

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Rosemary

The health benefits of Rosemary include promoting immune function, preventing indigestion, protecting the skin and nourishing the hair, providing protection to the brain, enhancing concentration and retention, preventing cancer and preventing macular degeneration.

And there are more benefits these include providing support for the liver and lungs, providing relief from pain and promoting respiratory function. It is the nutrients that studies have found in Rosemary Calcium, Folate, Iron, Magnesium, Niacin, Phosphorus, Potassium, Riboflavin, Thiamine, Vitamins B6, B12, C, E and Zinc that provide the body with the health benefits mentioned.

How these Amazing Health Benefits Work for You!

1: Immune Function: Due to the fact that rosemary is high in Vitamin E, giving it very strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is the antioxidant compounds in the form of caffeic acid and rosmarinic found in Rosemary that assists in the building of the immune system and helps in improving the blood to circulate effectively.

2: Prevents Indigestion: Indigestion is usually the sign of an underlying ailment and is characterized by discomfort in the upper abdominal region. To ease this discomfort, drinking Rosemary tea has been found to be helpful. Drinking this tea with a slice of lemon can effectively aid complete digestion of ingested food particles and is also suitable for treating stomach disorders that involve excessive acid production, or dysfunction, such as acid reflux. Rosemary has been found helpful in other digestive disorders such as appetite loss, gallbladder issues, heartburn, intestinal gas, and liver issues.

3. Supports Healthy Skin and Hair: Rosemary both drunk as a tea and applied externally as an essential oil, may stimulate blood flow to the skin. Providing help in management of conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and even fungal infections thanks to its antiseptic properties. Rosemary has also been used to support healthy hair growth and prevent hair conditions like alopecia (the partial or complete loss of hair from the hair growing regions) and can be used to support the management of dandruff on the scalp.

4. Memory, Cognitive Function & Protection for your Brain: Rosemary contains important compounds that give it the ability to buffer the effects of free radicals on the brain. Providing Rosemary with the ability to provide protection from brain ageing, preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s, brain damage as a result of it and can improve recovery in patients who suffer from neuro-cognitive disorders. Other important components in Rosemary may even protect the brain from tissue inflammation and damage and reduce clotting of blood in the brain, reducing likelihood of stroke.

  • Rosemary has the ability to stimulate the brain improving memory, enhancing cognitive power. When used in conjunction with aromatherapy for example in a room diffuser, the fragrance of Rosemary passes directly to the brain via the epithelium in the nose and increases attentive span, concentration and retentive memory. As it works its way to improving the functions of the brain, Rosemary may also help improve mood and alleviate depression, anxiety allowing for improved feelings of focus and accomplishment.

5 Prevention of Cancer: Rosemary has the ability to fight cancer by inhibiting the growth of cancerous cells and regenerating damaged cells. Rosemary may also help in slowing down the spread of human leukaemia and breast carcinoma cells and is used as an anti-tumour agent.  In ovarian cancer, Rosemary may inhibit cell growth and eliminate existing cancerous cells and may be useful for preventing other kinds of cancer affecting different parts of the body including those of the bladder.

6. Prevents Macular Degeneration: Macular degeneration is a progressive breakdown of the macula in the eye, possibly causing partial blindness in older persons. As this condition ensues, vision deteriorates until images become hardly recognizable. Rosemary may help prevent or at least slow macular degeneration, helping to preserve vision well beyond what it would have been left unattended.

7. Liver, Lungs & Kidney Support: Rosemary may help prevent liver damage since it can decrease markers of oxidative stress in the liver. It can provide protection to the liver disease and prevent liver glycogen (energy storage molecule) from depleting. It also helps reset elevated liver enzymes, a precursor sign of liver failure or hepatitis. Rosemary can assist with the improvement of kidney functions and reducing kidney stones, aids in flushing toxins out of the liver and increases urinary flow.

8. Provides Relief from Pain: Rosemary can act as a pain-relieving agent as such, it may be effectively used to fight painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea) and stomach cramps. Rosemary is also frequently used in aromatherapy for relaxing the nervous system since it induces calmness while relieving pain caused by arthritis. The oil derived from Rosemary may also be used to massage pained areas and even in vapor baths to provide relief from pain. The ability of Rosemary to relieve pain and modulate nervous system activity can also make it useful in treating intractable nerve pain.

9. Anti-Spasmodic Actions: Involuntary contractions are most times as a result of an underlying medical condition that can contribute to a deterioration of health if not properly treated. Rosemary is able to provide relief to nearly all types of spasms as it may effectively initiate normal contractions in nerves, muscles and even the intestines in order to promote better movement of the muscles and organized or regulated contraction in other parts of the body. Spasms can afflict any muscle system, and given diet is on point, rosemary is a welcome addition.

10. Promotes Respiratory Function: Rosemary, when used regularly can actively protect the lungs by preventing fluid accumulation and help to remove phlegm and excess mucus that block the respiratory tract.

Used Externally

When Rosemary is used in the form of an essential oil may also provide relief from congestion and allergies and can be useful to asthmatics who find triggers in common allergens such as dust, pollen and volatile odours. You can boil up a cup or two of Rosemary or 4 to 5 stalks in a 500 ml pan. Cover with boiling water for 30 -40 minutes. Allow to cool and pour into a glass bottle. This can be used for external use on cuts, infections, external bruising, as an underarm to combat body odour.


Rosemary can be used in various ways and is popularly seen in homes and gardens. While Rosemary may good for a variety of purposes including adding flavour to a dish, and managing various ailments, it needs to be used with knowledge and respect. Always when using natural medicines use in moderation, more is not what is best. To gain the best medicinal effects from Rosemary, use two to three teaspoons of the fresh herb per day as a tea. As with any health treatment it is effectiveness relies on you and your commitment to making healthy food and lifestyle changes that will best support your journey to Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality.


When using plants as medicine generally there are not many side effects as such, but if consumed in large quantities you may experience an increase in the condition were taking it for such as stomach-ache and indigestion. Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding are advised to stay away from Rosemary as it may affect the uterus and result in miscarriages or genetic defects.

When using Rosemary, make sure you are using fresh grown Rosemary. Do no purchase any Rosemary that has been bottled as most have been irradiated which would destroy any micronutrients including minerals, proteins and vitamins.

Some sources say that it may irritate the skin and increase the blood glucose level thus, it may not be a good choice for diabetics, and it may even increase the risk of bleeding, because vomiting and may interfere with other medications. Always consult an Integrative Health Specialist if you are unsure or are suffering a chronic condition.

When consumed in food, or a tea as recommended in the conclusion, Rosemary is safe to use and may also be applied to the skin or inhaled.

Fresh Wholesome Food will always support your body's return to Health. Better than anything else.

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