The Ultimate Guide to Being Fit Vs Being Healthy: 4 Steps How to Bring Fitness & Health Together

Being Fit Vs Being Healthy: 4 Steps – Bringing Fitness & Health Together
Being Fit Vs Being Healthy: 4 Steps – Bringing Fitness & Health Together

Being Fit Vs Being Healthy: 4 Steps

How to Bring Fitness & Health Together

Being Fit vs Being Healthy. Many people are misled to believe that Being Fit and Being Healthy are one in the Same However, in Reality this is found not to be True! In this article I explain to you the reasons “Why” and “How to Bring Fitness and Health” together in 4 Easy Steps.

Understanding the meaning of the words

“Fit” and “Healthy”

Being that the common use of the words “fit” and “healthy” are often used synonymously in everyday language. Even though these two terms have entirely separate meanings.

Fitness describes the ability to perform a given exercise task, and Health explains a person’s state of well-being, where physiological systems work in harmony.

For example: Even though it is typical that athletes are viewed as being “fit and healthy”, often, they are not healthy.

Depletion of Health with Athletes & Sports People

Where the depletion of health comes with athletes and many sports people, is the excessive training regime, that include major diet restrictions limiting their nutritional intake, with their diet often including the modern day highly processed, unhealthy high glycaemic diet.

Taking both these factors into consideration, what occurs is an involuntary response through the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, in turn driving systemic reactive oxygen species production, causing oxidative stress, inflammation, and a metabolic substrate imbalance towards carbohydrate and away from fat oxidation, manifesting in an array of symptoms often labelled as the overtraining syndrome. With these symptoms revealing an unhealthy athlete. To work towards an athlete embracing both being fit and healthy, it would be necessary to lower the training intensity, allow for times of rest and restoration, removing all processed and high-glycaemic foods. Implementing a diet of fresh whole vegetables, fruit, lean meat, chicken and fish, nuts, and seeds.

One would hope that with an athlete you would not have negative habits, however once again this is not necessarily true. Many athletes have been found to engage in taking of drugs that of course depletes any opportunity of health and a diet that is insufficient of essential nutrients.

“Dangerous” Foods

Exercise alone cannot prevent or override the dangers these foods pose to your body, depleting your health and quality of life.

Mistakenly People think that if they exercise vigorously & diligently then it's OK to Eat these Foods. Unfortunately, this is not true. No amount of exercise is going to eliminate the damage that these foods have on your body.

Mistakenly people often think that they can still eat unhealthy foods, and not follow a balanced diet, as long as they exercise vigorously and diligently. Unfortunately, this is not true. In the short term, it may appear that you have a great level of fitness and believe that because of this you also have a great level of health. No amount of exercise is going to eliminate the damage that these foods have on your body.

You would have heard of and even come across people who have just dropped dead mowing the lawns, or have appeared terribly fit, to have a major heart attack. This is what comes about by not bring your level of fitness and health together. Understanding that they go hand in hand.

Overcoming Poor Health,    Preventing Disease and Living your Best Quality of Life is dependent on Eating a Diet of Fresh, Whole Foods, and Eliminating Negative Habits.

Poor Health is being observed Worldwide

Poor Health is being observed worldwide with obesity, heart disease, cancer, liver, and kidney disease running rampant in countries where being healthy should be relatively easy.

Physical, Biochemical, Mental, Emotional Signs & Symptoms of Absence of Health

1: Physical –

  • Lack of physical ability to perform even simple tasks
  • Muscle soreness/stiffness/fatigue
  • General persistent fatigue
  • Cardiac, Blood pressure imbalance – Chest pain, Dizziness Light-headedness, Fainting, loss of balance
  • Disease conditions: asthma, thyroid disease, adrenal disease, diabetes mellitus or insipidus, iron deficiency with or without anemia, celiac sprue, hypertension

2: Biochemical –

  • Excessive oxidative stress/damage
  • Increased susceptibility to viral, bacterial, and other infections
  • Inflammation
  • Malnutrition
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Reduced muscle glycogen levels

3: Mental-emotional –

  • Eating Disorders
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Disrupted mood/behaviour
  • Loss of motivation
  • Reduced mental concentration
  • Anxiety

A Healthy Life is a Happy Life. Optimal Health requires your attention in all aspects of your life. Fitness - Being active on a daily basis, nutrition - eating a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, surrounding yourself with like-minded people.

4 Steps – Bringing Fitness & Health Together

No matter whether you want to be a top athlete, dancer, or gymnast. Bringing fitness and health together is crucial for living your best life of optimal health, happiness, vitality, and quality.

1: Make Being Healthy a Priority of your daily living, not an afterthought but a consistent daily habit.

2: Live a Simple Life, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy the pleasures of life. Quite the contrary, you will find more enjoyment and pleasure because you will have clarity of mind, physical, mental, and emotional endurance.

3: Self-Reliance: Understanding the Power is within you to take control of your life, when you implement positive changes, engage with positive people, you can learn anything that you do not know. NEVER STOP LEARNING!

4: Each day implement positive actions, thoughts and remained focused on the most important aspect. BEING HAPPY! A deep internal happiness that says – “I am good enough.

Embracing the Holistic approach to health and fitness takes being well to a new level by looking at the bigger picture to bring optimal function to your mind, body mental and emotional health. When you are wanting to improve your level of fitness, it is important to take into consideration the fact, that to achieve living your best life. That being of optimal health, happiness, vitality and the best quality. There must be a balance. Implementing health food choices, making positive changes to your way of living and thinking.

Eating a Healthy Diet is all about Balance. Eating a variety of Fresh, Whole Foods.

Get Started with a Healthier, Happier You

Balance is the Key

To Bring Fitness & Health Together

Master a Life of Optimal Health: Happiness & Vitality

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