Become Happier Right Now by Releasing the Need to Achieve: 5 Steps to a Happier You!

Release the need to Achieve: Learn How to Be Happy Right Now
Become Happier Right Now by Releasing the Need to Achieve! 5 Steps to a Happier You!

Become Happier Right Now by Releasing the Need to Achieve

5 Steps to a Happier You!

Today you are living in a constant stream of what success is supposed to look like and constantly being bombarded with what are your greatest achievements, what have you done with your life? Become Happier Right NOW! by Releasing the need to achieve.

Success is Different for Each Person

Success is something that is quite different for each person as are their achievements. It is meant to be different as are we all with our very own little quirks, skills and differences. It is what makes the world go round, giving each of us a reason for living.

What happens when you allow Success to define YOU!

What happens when you allow these perimeters to engulf your life, you will always feel like:

  • You are not good enough
  • You are haven’t got enough
  • You haven’t done enough

You will constantly be working to meet what you think or believe to be other people’s expectations and perception of you. This will lead to unhappiness, depression, anxiety and even to the great sadness for many suicide.

Your life is a lifelong process of learning, changing and growing to become the person YOU, want to become. Not what someone else expects or you think expects from you. By releasing the need to constantly achieve will allow you to take a step back to firstly enjoy where you are, be happy with who where you are and the people who are in your life.

5 Steps to Release the need to Achieve for a Happier You!

Releasing the need to achieve isn’t about never having accomplished, succeeded or achieved anything in your life. Releasing the need to achieve is about removing the external influences placed on you of what may be unrealistic or not relevant to you. No truly Great person ever began with the need to achieve, you’ll often hear them saying things like – “I never expected this to happen”. It is about following your desires, your goals and most of all being happy with you and who you are.

  1. Gratitude: Be grateful for each little aspect of your life. It has been a constant reminder to me throughout the years that until you are grateful for who you are, where you are and whom you are with, you will not move forward. When you become grateful the flow of life becomes much easier.
  2. Push past your Comfort Zone: To push past your comfort zone doesn’t mean to do things that bring about harm or necessarily discomfort. It is bringing into place a belief in yourself that you are good enough and if what you are wanting to do will compliment the life that you have now. So if it is learning a new skill, or meeting a new friend or taking on a new task that you know will provide you with a feeling of satisfaction and joy then go ahead.
  3. Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive One’s: Negative thought processes come into play every day of your life, the thoughts that you aren’t achieving enough or doing enough are just one of the many of these negative thought processes. This is where having a goal or a plan for your day with 2 – 3 things that are important to you and your life to do is important. It helps prevent you from getting into the negative thought process that you haven’t achieved enough. At the end of the day when you have completed the 2 – 3 priorities you had in place you will feel happy with yourself, giving you the courage and confidence that you are good enough.
  4. Remain Focused: Ensure your reasons for doing things remain in alignment and focus with what you truly value, what you believe is your purpose and the vision you want for your life. The type of person you want to be and how you want others to see you, not how you think they should see you. If people don’t love you when you are poor they aren’t going to love you anymore when you are rich, they will just pretend they do.
  5. Keep it Simple: All in all life is pretty simple and to be happy can be as simple as having a roof over your head, a warm bed to sleep in, food to eat and genuine people to love and who love you. The rest you just make up as you go.

“Don’t Forget to Stop and Smell the Roses”



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