Feeling Confused Regarding How To Achieve & Reclaim your Health? 5 Steps To Trust Yourself

Learning to Trust yourself is the vital key to Trusting other people. And Achieving a Life of health and happiness.
Feeling Confused About How To Achieve Health? 5 Steps To Trust Yourself

Are you Feeling Confused

How to Achieve Health & Reclaim your Health &

Who you Can Trust?

 Let’s Begin with Learning 5 Steps to Trust Yourself!

One of the biggest challenges people face today is who to trust with their health care needs. With the world of technology there is a constant bombardment of information.

When you have a question about anything, you might think that googling it will give you the answer. But often, you end up more confused than before, as many of the sources are biased or misleading.

In this article you are going to learn how to trust yourself more. The reason why you are the best person to rely on and how to achieve this in five simple steps. Trusting yourself more will enhance your natural instincts about who is trustworthy.

When Facing Serious Health Problems. Stop: Reflect: Breathe & Trust yourself.

When Facing Serious Health Problems

And what if you face a serious health problem? Then you enter the medical system, where you are subjected to numerous tests and treatments. You lose your identity and become a statistic. This does not make you feel better or more confident about your situation or recovery.

The next question is whether any of these tests can actually identify the root cause of your health issue. Many of my clients who have undergone this array will tell you NO! Now I am not going to say that there are not many great things that happen within the medical system. With highly skilled surgeons and improved technology enabling life saving procedures.

However, when it comes to restoring your optimal health, the skills here only offer you standard medications, that may cause more harm than good. My clients often tell me how they feel pressured and scared to take them, fearing the consequences of not complying. They also wonder whom to trust when it comes to becoming well again.

The Secret to Trusting Others Begins with Trusting Yourself. You have a unique inbuilt system that alerts you when something isn't True!

The Secret to Trusting Others

Begins with Trusting Yourself

Learning how to trust yourself enhances your unique inbuilt system that alerts you when something isn’t accurate. As a result, when a situation or person is safe, and honest you will feel relaxed and experience a gracious flow through your nervous system. However, when something isn’t right, it is like a warning bell that pauses your thinking, interupting your clarity of mind, like a stop light. Your body may feel rigid and unable to move. These signs will vary depending on the level of distrust that you are presented with.

When you encounter deceitful people or experiences, anxiety and panic intensify. This may result in agoraphobia, a condition where you feel so fearful and anxious that you avoid going out or meeting anyone. A major reason for this intense feeling is that you often lose trust in yourself.

However, what about your health and well-being in all of this confusion? It can be easy to lose trust in the medical system, which is full of pessimism. It does not allow you any wisdom or insight into yourself or your body. It prescribes you generic medications for your condition, ignoring the cause and the circumstances.

I want you to humour me for a moment and use your logical brain. Ask yourself: how can that work? No matter what area of your life that you may have lost faith or trust in, learning some key factors to support and restore faith and trust in yourself, together with understanding how to stand up for yourself in a positive, constructive way, is what will enable you how to trust again.

How Loss of Faith & Trust in Yourself can occur

Ill health and disease mostly result from lifestyle habits or circumstances. Some of these factors may have been within your control, while others may not have been. To recover with optimal health and quality of life, you need to understand what these underlying causes have been, so that you can make positive and sustainable changes in your lifestyle.

Any medicines that you are considering or have been suggested, need to have the ability to restore your health and healing being as individualized as you are. They should also support and heal the organs or tissues that have been damaged or not functioning effectively. I know this sounds serious and challenging, because it requires a change in perception of how you invest in your health and well-being. This is where Naturopathic Medicine excells and why it is referred to as holistic medicine, comprehensive system, because it supports the entire body, in restoring health.

This is vitally important if you want to retain an improved level of health and quality of life. It can be somewhat challenging for people who have never experienced a good quality, level of health or vitality, and do not have a foundation to go back to. But this does not mean that it is impossible. It is possible. What you need here is a belief in yourself that you can do this. The ultimate trust is in learning to trust yourself. You can start with small steps to build your foundation, that will lead to major change. I will not go on and on about this, because I want to teach you how to trust yourself.

Learning to Trust yourself, begins with trusting your instincts. That gut feeling when something feels wrong. Act on it and make positive changes.

5 Steps to Trust Yourself

“Your body is precious. It is your vehicle for Living a Life of Vitality, Energy and Purpose. Treat it with care.”

1: There’s nothing wrong with feeling fearful, and at times having doubt. Allowing perspective to take place so as not to allow “Fear” to prevent you from making positive decisions where you have your own back. Searching and understanding the answers that are going to serve you well, not just in the moment but for your life.

2: Trusting yourself is having a belief that you know what is best for you. Without being stubborn or self righteous. But endeavouring to want positive changes and elements in your life. To trust that your body knows everything. It does. Absolutely. As I was talking with you earlier about your inbuilt system of just having a feeling that something is wrong or doesn’t ring true. Hints of this makes me feel sad, distressed or feelings of happiness that something is right because you feel good.

3: If you take power away for the moment from your mind, your ego or fear. Tap into your body’s wisdom, your body’s unique ability to function day after day. Loving and understanding it’s ability to heal when given the right circumstances. Guess what this is how you can prevent and reverse ill-health, disease, hate of yourself and the overwhelming desire for perfection.

4: Over time I have learnt to listen to my body, allowing it to be my best friend. Not to judge or compare but to love and refuse to beat myself up for my mistakes or imperfections. To understand to appreciate who I am with the understanding that I have the ability to correct and change things that are detrimental to me. Bringing into place happy, positive experiences, circumstances and life treasured moments.

5: Each time you overcome problems, challenging times: To bring about changes, learning new skills and enlightened moments. You bring about a deep trust within you and the universe that “Everything is going to be OK”. You know and understand yourself better than anyone else, sometimes you just lose sight of that.


Insight into Medications vs Natural Remedies

A concise comparison of the pharmaceutical medications used in the medical field and the herbal or homeopathic remedies prescribed by naturopaths. The medications that belong to the medical model are based on chemicals that interfere with other vital processes in the body, often causing more harm than good. In contrast, Natural Remedies are obtained from natural sources without any harmful substances and help to restore healthy organ and tissue function.

Many prescription and over-the-counter drugs interfere with the body’s natural healing processes and increase the levels of homocysteine in your blood plasma. High homocysteine levels are linked to a higher risk of heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and osteoporosis. Therefore, taking these drugs may not only be ineffective for your health problem, but also harmful for your overall health. You may feel like you have no choice, but you do! You have the right to refuse these toxic medications, even if you face resistance or pressure from others.

Saying No for Peace of Mind - Reclaim your Peace of Mind

Choosing to say NO!

Your Choice, your Rights to “Say No”. To reject what harms you and to embrace what will help you to build a healthy and happy life.

When you make decisions about your life and health, you should have a clear vision of the kind of quality of life you want. Pharmaceutical medications, over-the-counter medications, certain foods and habits can impair your quality of life, reduce your cognitive function, and prevent you from living independently or pursuing your dreams. You may lose what matters to you.

So what is the Choice Here? To take stock of your life and health, to bring positive changes into place, and to implement natural remedies. Seeking out Naturopathic guidance, Healthy foods, Positive habits and support for managing your health concerns is essential for living your best and healthiest life. No matter how you choose do this, your health and life are your responsibility. Learning these crucial steps for Building Trust in yourself to enable you to be “Response-able”.

It is all about choice and what is Right for You. Here is another opinion by Liberty Voice in regards to Natural Medicines vs Pharmaceutical Medications.

Affirm – “I trust and approve of myself, Allowing my Body Every Opportunity to Heal”

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