Are You Confused About Who to Trust with your Health? Let’s Begin with 5 Keys to Trusting Yourself!

A Healthier You Begins with Trusting Yourself & That Gut Feeling When you Know Something or Someone is Right
Are You Confused About Who to Trust with your Health? Let's Begin with 5 Keys to Trusting Yourself!

Are you Confused about who to Trust with your Health?

 Let’s Begin with 5 Keys to Trusting Yourself!

One of the biggest challenges people face today is who to trust with their health care needs. With the world of technology is the constant bombardment of information.

If you want to know anything about anything you just have to google it, to possibly become more and more confused as many of the information becomes like an advertising billboard. What happens when you are diagnosed with a serious illness or disease. You will begin on the conveyor belt of the medical system. With arrays of tests and invasive procedures. You go from being a person to being a number in the system. Rest assured this isn’t going to help you to feel any better or install any confidence in yourself or overcoming your illness or disease.

The next question is will any of these tests actually determine the underlying cause of your health problem? Many of my clients who have been through this array will tell you NO! Now I am not going to say that there are not many great things that occur within the medical system. With highly skilled surgeons and improved technology enabling life saving procedures.

The one thing that I want to point out here and make quite clear is that the skills here do not include returning you to a level of optimal health. As my clients so regularly bring to my attention: That they are simply given a list of standard medications to take that they know isn’t going to make them better.

A level of fear is instilled in them as to if they don’t take them, this will lead to further problems. Funnily enough taking the medications will lead to further health problems. It is within these realms that the level of trust and who to trust when it comes to becoming well is just so difficult.

The Best Person to Trust is YOU!

You have this inbuilt system that when something is right you will feel comfortable, there will be a gracious flow with your nervous system and clarity of your mind.

If it is not right, there will be like a warning bell come to your mind or your will feel it as like a ‘STOP’ light. Your body may even feel rigid and unable to move.

The problem is that for the most part you don’t trust yourself, your intuition which is what I have just described. It can also be lost in the array of negativity that is brought about within the medical system. You are not allowed any level of intelligence or insight into you or your body. You will be prescribed a series of medications that are prescribed for everyone with your particular condition no matter what the cause or underlying circumstances. So here, I want for you to humour me for a moment and use your logical brain. Asking yourself how can that work?

Loss of Faith in Yourself – Even maybe a Level of Guilt!

For the most part ill health and disease come about due to lifestyle habits or circumstances. Some have been within your control whilst others may not have been. In order for you to become well and recover with optimal health. There needs to be an understanding of what these underlying causes have been, so that changes can be made within your lifestyle.

Any medicines to bring back a level of health and healing need to be as individual as you.  As close to their natural state in nature, in supporting and healing the organs or tissues that have been damaged or not functioning effectively. I know this sounds really serious and a lot of hard work because changes have to be made – Change in perception of now spending money on your health. Bringing your health back to a level where you feel well and alive with vitality once again. This is vitally important if you want to retain any level of quality of life.

Now where this can fall short is for people who have never known this level of health and don’t have a foundation to go back to.

However, this doesn’t mean that it is not possible, it is. What is needed here is a level of belief from you that you can do this. The ultimate trust is in learning to trust yourself. Beginning with small steps leading to major changes. Now I am not going to go on and on about this, because I want to teach you how to trust yourself.

Medications Vs Natural Remedies!

But I am going to give you a brief explanation about the differences between  pharmaceutical medications prescribed within the Medical field and that of prescribed Herbal or Homeopathic medicines within the Naturopathic Profession. Medications whether prescribed or over the counter that are considered part of the medical model. Firstly are chemically based, in order for them to work they will block other important processes occurring within your body.

That assist it in functioning efficiently. Blocking these processes prevents the ability of the body to heal itself therefore raising what is known as your homocysteine levels in your blood plasma. High levels of homocysteine in the blood are believed to increase the chance of heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and osteoporosis So when being treated by these medically prescribed drugs it will have no actually health benefit to your health problem and what is even worse is that it will then create further health problems for you.

I want you to know here even though it will appear that you don’t have a choice. You do have a Choice! You will be given a significantly hard time should you say, that you don’t want to take these toxic medications.

Choosing to say NO!

As far as I know you don’t live in a communist country as yet and it is your right to “SAY NO” and choose other options that you believe will serve you and your health more efficiently.

So if you don’t take them and do nothing to change your habits or lifestyle. What will happen?

OK, you no doubt will not get better and will deteriorate and eventually die. So is dyeing necessarily a problem. This all depends of course on your age and how much living you still want to do. However, what may be of significant importance to you is your quality of life. No doubt with the pharmaceutical medications evidence shows a deterioration of quality of life, chances of you losing cognitive function, the ability to live an independent life along with any other dreams or things you still want to do. You will be robbed of.

So what is the Choice Here? To take stock of your life, your health and bring into place positive changes, lifestyle habits and natural medicines prescribed by a naturopathic health professional to begin repair and restoration to your body. There has to be a level of commitment here on your part and the desire improve your quality of health.

It is all about choice and what is Right for You. Here is another opinion by Liberty Voice in regards to Natural Medicines vs Pharmaceutical Medications.

A Healthier You Begins with Trusting Yourself & That Gut Feeling When you Know Something or Someone is Right

5 Keys to Trusting Yourself!

“Your body is precious. It is your vehicle for Living a Life of Vitality, Energy and Purpose. Treat it with care.”

1: There’s nothing wrong with feeling fearful and at times having doubt. Allowing perspective to take place so as not to allow “Fear” to prevent you from making positive decisions where you have your own back. Searching and understanding the answers that are going to serve you well, not just in the moment but for your life.

2: Trusting yourself is having a belief that you know what is best for you. Without being stubborn or self righteous. But endeavouring to want positive changes and elements in your life. To trust that your body knows everything. It does. Absolutely. As I was talking with you earlier about your inbuilt system of just having a feeling that something is wrong or doesn’t ring true. Hints of this makes me feel sad, distressed or feelings of happiness that something is right because you feel good.

3: If you take power away for the moment from your mind, your ego or fear. Tap into your body’s wisdom, your body’s unique ability to function day after day. Loving and understanding it’s ability to heal when given the right circumstances. Guess what this is how you can prevent and reverse ill-health, disease, hate of yourself and the overwhelming desire for perfection.

4: Over time I have learnt to listen to my body, allowing it to be my best friend. Not to judge or compare but to love and refuse to beat myself up for my mistakes or imperfections. To understand to appreciate who I am with the understanding that I have the ability to correct and change things that are detrimental to me. Bringing into place happy, positive experiences, circumstances and life treasured moments.

5: Each time you overcome problems, challenging times: To bring about changes, learning new skills and enlightened moments. You bring about a deep trust within you and the universe that “Everything is going to be OK”. You know and understand yourself better than anyone else, sometimes you just lose sight of that.

Affirm – “I trust and approve of myself, Allowing my Body Every Opportunity to Heal”

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