7 Amazing Health Benefits: Sleeping on the Left Side

Amazing Health Benefits when Sleeping on Your Left Side
7 Amazing Health Benefits - The Magic of Sleeping on the Left Side

7 Amazing Health Benefits

The Magic of Sleeping on the Left Side

The position you sleep in has an influence on your health. Sleeping on your left side helps to keep your skin fresh and aids with digestion, diminishing problems such as heartburn.  Improving your sleep pattern and which side you sleep on will help to balance your stress hormones in the body. May have a positive effect on healthy weight when eating a healthy diet and being physically active.

Sleeping on the left side improves cardiac health, provides relief from back pain, it aids in the better elimination of waste products and also reduces heart burn.

I am not sure if you are aware both sides of your body are quite different. Your blood flow is quite different as is where your major organs are situated. Getting a Good night’s sleep can never be underestimated when it comes to your health.

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How the Position you Sleep

Influences your Health

But interesting here is how does the position or side which you sleep affect both the quality of your sleep and will have health benefits to your body. The right side of the body is where your heart receives deoxygenated blood from the inferior and superior vena cava. This directs your blood to the lungs where it is then oxygenated.

The blood returns to the left side of the heart. The muscle surrounding the right side of the heart is not as strong as that surrounding the left side.

The reason for this being that the left side needs to be able to pump blood to the entire body and therefore needs a larger contraction.

The right side of the heart also contains the SA node (sinoatrial node) that keeps the pace of the heart via electrical signals.

You can see by this leaving the right side of your body free it alleviates pressure allowing it to function more effectively, especially when it comes to your heart. Quite a vitally important organ as you well know.

So far, I have talked about your blood flow and your heart. However, there is the flow of lymph vitally important for detoxification and immunity.

The left side of the body is your dominant lymphatic side. Therefore, when you sleep on your left side, this allows your body more time to filter toxins. lymph fluid and waste products not needed by your body.

In Summary:

 7 main benefits to Training yourself to sleep on your Left side:

1: Improves Facilitation of lymphatic drainage

2: Allows the heart to pump easier due to this downward motion

3: Allows for Improved elimination, therefore improved bowel function

4: Provides support for Healthy Spleen function. Your spleen is part of your lymphatic system responsible for the storage of filtered blood. Its major function is to remove harmful bacteria and viruses in the blood stream. Lying on your left side assists with the drainage of your spleen. Removing these harmful substances from your body.

5: Allows for adequate and proper digestion, therefore helps to reduce heartburn.

6: Assists with circulation back to the heart, this helps for your heart to function more effectively.

7: Assists with the flow of bile. Bile being an alkaline fluid which aids digestion and is secreted by the liver and stored in the gall bladder.

During pregnancy sleeping on your left side is very beneficial.

Training yourself to Sleep on Your Left Side is relatively easy; it just takes Practice!

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