A Man’s Guide 13 Keys to Supporting a Woman’s Health – Caring for the Woman you Love!

A Man’s Guide 13 Keys to Supporting a Woman's Health!

A Man’s Guide 13 Keys to Supporting a Woman’s Health!

Caring for the Woman you Love!

Is about “Caring for the Woman you Love”, supporting one another’s Health and Happiness. Working through the difficult and trying times to Build the Best Life possible together. A woman is a unique constellation of emotions built together with warm, strength understanding and compassion. The support of her loving man is essential in supporting this unique constellation working together in harmony and balance.

Men Value Freedom and Consistency: Women Value Honesty & Emotional Freedom

“A Caring Man is a Sexy Man”

A-Man-if-Honest-Truly-Loves a Woman who is Strong, Caring and Is True to Herself

In today’s world there is a great deal that men should know about the unique health concerns facing the woman in his life. Often women get busy with caring for their husbands, children’s and other family member’s needs that their own needs seem to get forgotten. There are some simple, thoughtful ways a man can support the woman he loves in having time to take care of herself and to feel good about herself.

When a man and woman commit to marriage or a lifetime commitment of partnership, it is important to remember that it isn’t about giving up who you are, your dreams or your life’s desires. It is about each of you supporting one another in order to have a healthy and vibrant life together. To achieve both your individual goals and desires, not to forget to work toward achieving your goals, dreams and desires that you want to build together.

13 Keys to Caring for the Woman you Love

  1. A major step in supporting a woman’s health is allowing her the same freedom as man. This isn’t just about the physical freedom but with woman it is about emotional freedom, embracing her the right to do and be the woman she wants to be, not a clone of you, her parents or even her children. This gives your relationship together, what I call the heartbeat, keeping it strong with your woman having so much more to offer you, the family and personal relationships.

2. Take an interest in her not just sexually and intimately but as a person. Look deep inside of her, see her inner most qualities and acknowledging them to her in terms of endearment of what you love about her. These may at times not even be things that you particularly like, but actually love about her, her ability to stand her own ground, stand up for herself, whilst at the same time being totally vulnerable.

3. Communication is vital to a woman, woman are the negotiators, the empathizers for the most part wanting to solve or work through problems, discussions, thoughts and theories rather than just letting them go to chance. Communication is an area where balance is vital because men don’t like to talk about things and woman can tend to go on and on, often steering right away from the original subject.

It is important here than men need to talk more especially about their feelings, listen, and truly listen to what your woman has to say. Woman need to talk less and stay on target with their communication as to what they truly mean, also to truly listen.

4. Achievement of household tasks: Now with somewhat changing roles of men and women, no-one wants to feel they are left with the bag. With everything to do. This will be very dependent on each individuals work commitments, skills and ability.

However, the individual mundane tasks need to be achieved as a way of sharing with each person being responsible for tidying up after themselves. If this is done as a regular part of your daily routine, the other household tasks can be shared as you both see fit. If things at times get a little too much and you are working long hours, then pay someone to help with these chores such as housecleaning, gardening and lawn mowing. Always to remember that your relationship is the most important aspect of your life.

5. A woman likes to feel special, like she is the most important person in your life. This doesn’t have to be shown with expensive gifts, holidays or outings. In fact this is not always a true indication of your love for her. True gifts of showing how special she is lies in listening to her, taking an interest in her – what are her likes, dislikes, what is important to her and most importantly cutting her slack for being emotional, as this is all part of being a woman.

6. Encourage your woman, give her space to take time each day to care for herself, at least a half to an hour, each morning and night to shower, moisturize (do those “girly” things) that are so important. If she is tired encourage her to rest, take some slack off so she can have a bubble bath, go to the hairdressers, have a massage and buy a new dress. Work on your health together, such as healthy eating, going for a walk together

7. When it comes to sex, it is important to remember here that you don’t want to make it seem like it is another chore, something needing to be done. If you have a busy life, it is important to take time just for the two of you. I recommend a date night, at least once a week, where you don’t talk about work, the kids, your parents, her parents. Where you talk about each other, your thoughts, your feelings and what you want for one another. The sexiest thing in a man for a woman is in him showing compassion either for her or for people in their life and the world.

8. Being Strong and Kind: Your woman likes to see you STRONG, likes to know you are there to stand up for her if need be, but she also likes to see your human side, the side that just oozes your love for her and your children if you have them.

9. Love grows with time, but like all things it needs to be nurtured, cared for and continually brought into the now. NEVER TO FORGET WHY YOU LOVE HER!

10. Stay True to her: Infidelity can destroy relationships and isn’t the answer to your problems, it will just create further problems, distress and emotional hardship. There may be times during your relationship that you will have arguments, you may not always like how each of you are or behaving – This is Normal and Human. Allowing yourself to fall into the arms of another isn’t going to bring about the positive changes needed in your relationship. In an argument no-one is 100% Right and no-one is 100% wrong, understanding this is vital to supporting your woman’s health.

11. Forgiveness: You are both going to make mistakes, you are growing and maturing together, but often at different time schedules. You each have your own path to stay true to and at times this can be a little cloudy, sending you off track. The best way to get back on track lies in forgiveness.

12. Drugs and alcohol will destroy your relationship: once you have made a decision to commit yourself to a relationship, it is time to take a look at your previous lifestyle habits that if continue will destroy your relationship. Drugs and excessive consumption of alcohol act like kerosene and will cause combustion in romance, destroying any chance of a healthy relationship and happiness.

13. Security, Stability and Appreciation are of vital importance to your woman. A man will build a home, but it is the woman who makes it a home. A woman will go out of her way to make the home environment work for everyone when she feels secure, stable and appreciated.

Additional Reading for Guidance & Support Building Healthy Relationships

“A Man’s Health is Dependant on a Health Minded, Loving & Strong Woman”
“A Man’s Health is Dependant on a Health Minded, Loving & Strong Woman”
Click Here to Read Now

A Successful Relationship Is Built on a Foundation of Friendship, Trust, Love & Understanding. And the Decision to Never Give Up no matter how difficult things become. Finding positive ways to overcome challenging times.
A Successful Relationship Is Built on a Foundation of Friendship, Trust, Love & Understanding. And the Decision to Never Give Up no matter how difficult things become. Finding positive ways to overcome challenging times. Click Here to Read Now


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