9 Ways to Become Creative Designing the Life you Want to Live

Building Creativity Designing the Life you Want to Live
Learn 9 Ways to Become Creative Designing the Life you Want to Live.

9 Ways to Become Creative

Designing the Life you Want to Live

Learning to Become Creative with your life, not only helps you to make positive changes, live longer, but is a Key Factor for you to Age Well, provides Emotional Balance, improves your quality of health and your quality of life. Being Creative helps you to enhance your problem-solving skills, always understanding there is always another way to handle a situation, if the current one isn’t working. In this article you will learn – What Finding your Creativity can mean for you: How it improves your Happiness with these 9 Inspired Steps. That will help you to build your creativity.

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3 Key Benefits of

Becoming More Creative

1: Creativity is Supportive of a Longer and Healthier life. Scientific research into creativity, has discovered that intelligence alone doesn’t decrease the risk premature death. It was the expansion of intelligence to allowing creativity to play an important role, expanding your mind, that was a key factor in with improving health and quality of life.

The reason believed, is that it draws on a variety of neural pathways with your brain. Thereby being instrumental in decreasing negative emotions, reducing stress, anxiety, improving self-esteem, self-confidence and quality of life. Intelligence and Creativity are Built by your Willingness to Learn.

  • As you can see that not only can being creative help, you live longer, but it can improve your quality of health and life too.

2: Creativity Improves your Ability to Solve Problems. Being creative helps you become better at solving problems in all areas of your life and work. Instead of coming from a linear, logical approach, your creative side can approach a situation from all angles. Creativity helps you see things differently and better deal with uncertainty. Studies show that creative people are better able to live with uncertainty because they can adapt their thinking to allow for the flow of the unknown.

3: Creativity Helps with Developing Confidence and Self-Esteem. Being creative comes with many ups and downs and a high risk of failure or should I say unsuccessful attempts. Being yourself, expanding your mind opens up your vulnerable side. Being willing to take a Risk, not a risk that will endanger your life, wellbeing or someone elses life.

But to take a risk at implementing something new, changing your perception and ideas with the realization that things don’t always work out in the short-term but with patience and perseverance do work out in the long-term.

However, by engaging in the creative process is a great confidence builder, because you come to discover that failure, more often than not leads to success. Once you see failure as something that you can survive, learn from, helping you to grow, seeing that your efforts of creating new ideas, ways of doing things, releases any fear of mistakes or failure. To see failure and mistakes are steppingstones for building a life of purpose, commitment and meaning, Builds a Healthier and Happier you.

Creativity: Letting go of Fear of Making Mistakes.

What Finding Your Creativity Means For YOU!

I know you are going to say – “How can I do that when I am surrounded by Everyday Responsibilities and Must Dos!”
However, by becoming Mindful of the importance, of allowing your Creativity to be a part your Daily Routine. Will not only help you to Feel Better. It will build depth to your inner confidence. It will build your own unique set of competency skills. These will then move you forward to a Healthier, Happier and Fulfilling Life.

When you allow Creativity into your daily life, it helps to prevent you from losing site of the simple, pleasurable things in life. The things that come as no monetary cost. However, if ignored and pushed aside will cost you a great deal when it comes to your Happiness, improving and expanding your mind to believe.

Development of your brain function, drawing out from you, your inner abilities that bring about adding true value to both your life and the people who come into your Life. If you don’t develop your creativity or lose sight of it, you will lose the True Essence of who you really are and will miss out on Building the Life you Truly Desire and Deserve.  

9 Ways to Become Creative

Designing the Life you Want to Live!

Creativity – Expanding your Mind, having the ability or power to create; characterized by being your original authentic self, expressing yourself, giving your imagination a space and time in your day. We are all born to be Creative. I know if I hadn’t learnt these important ways to be creative, I wouldn’t be writing this for you today.

1: Be willing to try something new. When was the last time you stepped out of your everyday routine and did something totally different? Taking a dance class, going to a concert to experience something different than what you normally listen to on the radio, or even picking up a pencil and sketching the trees in your own backyard is creative action. Creative thinking and creative action start with a new decision about how you’re going to spend your time.

2: Create something with your own hands on a regular basis. There are plenty of opportunities to express your creative side. Even mundane tasks like setting the table allow you to try something new. For example, instead of buying new napkin holders, I made my own out of some wire and brightly coloured beads. They turned out awesome. It gave me a sense of pride and confidence knowing that I had made these.

3: Express yourself through visual, performing arts, or creative writing, music, or dance. You can turn off the television and do some creative journaling every evening instead of tuning in and shutting down. Create a play with the kids. Try lip synching to a new video on television. Take turns creating a different ending to a familiar fairy tale. Use your imagination.

4: Make creativity a habit. If you already dabble in creativity, make it a habit by scheduling time on your calendar for it. You’re more likely to live creatively if you actively write down your intentions. You don’t even have to sign up for a formal class. Try it for 30 minutes every week and increase the time spent on these activities from there.

5: Display something in your home and office that you made yourself. Your surroundings reflect your ideas. What better way to inspire more creativity, charm, and character than to include objects that you have made? Hand-made objects give you more to talk about, more vivid memories, and provide richer experiences overall than buying something similar. Over time it is also a visual reminder of how far you’ve come since your first started creating.

6: Visit creative spaces. Museums, art shows, gallery exhibits, theatre, and performances these places remind us of our own innate creative abilities. Plus, they’re fun to visit.

7: Take time to find new inspiration. Inspiration can be found in a variety of different places. Ask people you’ve known for years what creative stuff they do – you may be pleasantly surprised. Research within your own family, I bet you’ll find someone in your family that is artistic and can be a source of inspiration for you.

8: Ask Questions. Stay involved with other creative people. Inspire others with questions about their progress in their own endeavours. Something they say to you could provide you with an idea that moves you in a new direction.

9: Provide a creative outlet for someone that is new to the idea of living creatively. Just when you’ve figured out some new ways to live creatively, share your knowledge. Give the information away to someone who is totally new to the ideas. They will undoubtedly have a twist on your information that allows you to learn something new and keep growing.

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