8 Steps How to Build and Attract Positive Relationships that Bring out the Best in YOU!

Good Friends Are Like Diamonds in the Sand: Hard to Find and Impossible to Forget
8 Steps to Build Positive Relationships that Bring out the Best in YOU!

8 Steps How Steps to Recognize: Attract & Build

Positive Relationships

That Bring out the Best in You!

Unlocking Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality. The Essential Key Lies in Learning how to attract and connect with positive people. In this article you will Discover eight transformative steps to build and attract positive, meaningful relationships and how this shift can have a profoundly positive impact, on your life.

Embracing genuine, positive people, will bring out the best in you. Remember, it’s not about the number of friends you have, but rather the quality of those friendships. Social involvement and nurturing positive, healthy friendships are essential for achieving life satisfaction, maintaining mental and emotional balance.

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Good Friends Are Like Diamonds in the Sand: Hard to Find and Impossible to Forget

 A Good Friend is someone who will walk beside you, who is Honest, will not do you harm or want harm to come to you in any shape or form. May not always agree with what you do but will always tell you why. They are people who are working toward – Building a Life of Integrity, Loyalty and are Committed to always “Being True to Themselves & to YOU!” 

Clarity & Definition of Good Friendships

Friendships are Like a Flower They can't Blossom & Grow. Unless You Spend Time Nurturing Them

Building and maintaining healthy, positive relationships is essential for optimal health, happiness, vitality, quality of life and ageing well. Positive relationships contribute to achieving mental and emotional balance by giving you a sense of belonging. A vital place to begin is by being a good friend to yourself.

Make Today & Everyday - The Best Days! By Being the Best You & Never Settle for Less! Beginning with Believing that you Can!

Essential aspects to Consider:

Whilst reading these essential aspects of healthy, positive relationships, I encourage you to broaden your perspective beyond your current friends. Consider applying these principles to cultivate and understand positive relationships with yourself, your parents, and other family members as well.

  1. Signs of a Healthy Relationship:
    • Respect: In healthy relationships, there is mutual respect for each other’s feelings, boundaries, and individuality.
    • Trust: Trust forms the foundation. Trusting and being trustworthy are crucial.
    • Open Communication: Regular and honest communication is vital. Active listening and understanding each other’s perspectives are key.
    • Equality: Healthy relationships are based on equality, where both partners contribute and share responsibilities.
    • Shared Interests: Having common interests and hobbies strengthens the bond.
    • Emotional Support: Being there for each other during both good and challenging times.
  2. Benefits of Healthy Relationships:
    • Happiness: People in healthy relationships tend to be happier and more satisfied with their lives.
    • Physical and Mental Health: Healthy relationships are linked to better physical health and reduced mental health issues.
    • Increased Confidence: Feeling loved and supported boosts self-confidence.
    • Exploration and Learning: Supportive relationships encourage trying new things and self-discovery.
  3. Effective Communication:
    • Regular communication is essential. Be clear about your thoughts and feelings.
    • Understand that misunderstandings happen; strive for clarity.
    • Non-verbal communication (body language, tone) matters too.
  4. Maintaining Healthy Relationships:
    • Commitment: Relationships require effort. Invest time and energy.
    • Apologize When Wrong: Saying sorry helps heal relationship breakdowns.
    • Affection and Appreciation: Show love and appreciation.
    • Prioritize the Relationship: Make it a priority in your life.
    • Self-Improvement: Work on feeling good about yourself.

Each Person is unique with their own Life Path

It is important to remember, that each person is unique with their own distinct path to follow even your family and that this is OK, as long, as they are living positive, constructive live.
Encourage you to follow your dreams, not be frightened to tell you if think you might be off track, will understand that it is normal to make mistakes and allowing you to learn from them.

True friends will deter you from negative habits and encourage you in positive ones. They will love you because you are you. Not for what you have, do or accomplish. They will be there for the journey. To share your challenges and your successes. To just BE: Enjoying the Moment of Being in One Another’s Lives.

Success comes from Building Positive Relationships

8 Steps to Building Positive Relationships

that “Bring out the Best in You!”

Choosing quality over quantity friendships, is a major key to helping and supporting you to achieve your core desires, dreams and goals. Staying true to your values whilst building a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality

  1. Don’t Seek to be Understood, Seek to Understand: When you dig deep into understanding your feelings and your reactions. How you want to be treated and how you want to be with people. This gives you the first step into developing positive friendships.
  2. Be Positive- “Be Solution Driven – Not Problem Driven”: Being positive doesn’t mean walking around with rose coloured glasses because things will go wrong. There will be upsets sometimes even arguments. It means to look for something good in the situation, person or event. Don’t allow yourself to think the worst. Look to find a solution to the problem or to just agree to disagree.
  3. Be Real, Be Honest: See things how they are: Not worse than they are or better than they are, but How they are: This gives you a strong base to work from to move your life and relationships in a positive direction.
  4. Don’t Gossip -“Never to lie about someone or embellish the Truth”: Gossiping, putting people down is one of the best ways to detract positive friendships. So no getting off, on other people’s hardships, just allow it to be.
  5. Never Lie: Lying is just such a turn off for a positive relationship because if there is a problem and you are lying about it, then it can’t be solved. With trust being a major component to attracting positive people into your life. Lying will certainly sabotage that. If there is something that you don’t want to speak about, just don’t say anything.
  6. Don’t Compare Yourself or Your Life with your Friends: Or anyone else’s life. The only time that this can be healthy is if someone is doing or achieving something that you would like to achieve. Then knowing that if they can do it so can you. Otherwise enjoy the differences in one another’s lives.
  7. Care for You: Yes, take care of yourself, be your best friend. Love yourself unconditionally, eat healthy nutritious foods, take charge of your emotions and thoughts to bring about feelings of gratitude, love and warmth into your life.
  8. Don’t Take on other People’s Problems: This can sometimes be a difficult one, especially with family, spouses, children and so on. But an absolutely necessary one to develop positive friendships. Because you may have well worked through what they are going through, feeling really able to help. But unless they ask for this, JUST LISTEN. Then just allow it to be!

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