7 Steps to Rise above those Challenging Moments! Learn How to Live from your Heart & Work from your Mind

Rising Above Life's Trauma & Challenges

7 Steps to Rise above those Challenging Moments! Learn How to Live from your Heart & Work from your Mind

7 Steps to Rise above those Challenging Moments! Learn How to Live from your Heart & Work from your Mind

There are two things that have a Profound Effect on your Health –
Your Mind and Your Heart . Learning How to” Live from your Heart & Work from your Mind” Building a Life that is Heartfelt! By following these 7 Steps to Rise above Challenging Moments

Heart and Mind Working together: Working from the Heart to Build a Strong Mind

Your Heart & Your Mind Working Hand in Hand to Rise Above those Challenging Moments

  • The Mind: There is always a Positive and a Negative way of seeing things. Even if the situation is Negative it is about finding the Positive: If that becomes a little difficult then it may be about seeing how you can react more Positively to the Negative situation.
  • The Heart: Wow! Those heart-breaking moments, if you are fortunate to live a long life you will have many of them. The first thing to do with the heart is to step back, take stock – then with total belief understand EVERYTHING, YES I mean EVERYTHING –

To Rise above Challenging Moments is understanding that everything “Happens for a Higher Purpose” and to bring about CHANGE Whether that be a Positive Change or Not: Changing your Perspective from a place of taking to a place of giving. Is entirely reliant on the Perspective one takes – If it is something within your very own control, something to help you in becoming the BEST YOU: Then go for the IT – If it is something that is in someone else realm, then you just have to Step back: Allowing either the circumstance or person to take Control of the Changes.


7 Steps to Rise above those Challenging Moments!

  1. Learn to forgive: No one deliberately has it out for you each person is going through their own stuff. Where you draw the line is if they let their stuff impact you, by becoming angry, nasty, and abusive with their actions having detrimental effects for you. So forgiving doesn’t mean that you put yourself back into the fighting arena, you are well within your rights to back off and say this isn’t on and I will not allow you to treat me this way. This also includes forgiving yourself for your past mistakes and misdemeanours, therefore learning no one is perfect including yourself.
  2. Learn to Let Go: Wow, this can be a really tricky one and can take some time especially when it involves people we love. When I say let go I don’t necessarily mean letting go of the relationship but letting go of your responsibility toward what the other person needs to take responsibility for. We do not have control over anyone else, the same as no one has control over us. The best way we can have a positive influence with our loved ones is to get on and build a positive life for ourselves.
  3. Work out what you want: These may well sound easy, but I worked through Anthony Robbins “Awaken the Giant Within” and he mentions that one of the biggest problems is working out what we want, to fulfill our needs. You test this, if you ask someone what they don’t want, they can give you a list as long as your arm, however you ask the same person what they want and they will struggle to tell you one or two things. So test this on yourself, then I want you to put together a list of the things you want that are going to fulfill your needs. For example: I wanted a husband who would not only love me, but like me. I know that sounds funny but I had seen this so many times in relationships. So then I went about working out what I needed to do or things I needed to put into place for this to happen.
  4. Remembering that Life isn’t all about YOU: This may sound funny because throughout all of my work I will always drum in the importance of looking after YOU. Because you are important, however when we become full of our own importance only, not seeing others as being important this leaves us feeling isolated, alone and sometimes overwhelmed as to what to do with our life. So my meaning for this is that you are on the big scale of life a very, minute dot, but with your individual life you may well be a very powerful source when it comes to what you share with your loved ones, work colleagues and friends. For example you may be a brilliant surgeon saving lives every day, however there are many wonderful surgeons all over the world doing this. This doesn’t make your work any less important, just that you are not alone. There are other people doing wonderful things too.
  5. The Realization that you are Human: Yes I hate to remind you that you are human: you will cry, you will become angry, tired, confused, happy, sad and somewhat detached at times to life and people. I want you to know that this is all NORMAL. When it becomes abnormal is when it goes on for long periods of time without any change or incremental improvements if you are continually feeling sad, depressed, angry etc.
  6. Learn to communicate: Yes following on it is important to talk about your life and events, no matter how trivial or how terrible they may seem. However choose wisely whom you share intimate details with, ensure that it is someone whom will not make fun of you, feel sorry for you, but walk alongside of you giving you the opportunity to work things out.
  7. Seek Professional Help: Over the years I have sought counselling, spiritual support, self-development courses. I have continually listened to subliminal CDs to help me work through areas of my life I wanted to change or improve. It is not that you are a lesser person for seeking help but a person who has understood that you are not perfect, there is no such thing but you want your life to be BETTER:

 “Every day that you work on Improving Your Mind you will Improve your Emotional Balance Making your Life Happier & 
Easier to Rise above those Challenging Moments”

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