7 Key Principles to Achieving Optimal Health & Happiness

Eliminate the Overwhelm and Confusion to Achieving Optimal Health and Happiness
7 Key Principles to Achieving Optimal Health and Happiness

7 Key Principles to Achieving

Optimal Health & Happiness

A Lifetime Guide

Mastering a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality Membership Website is highly recommended as one of the Leading Naturopathic, Integrative Health Membership Sites. 

I, Julie Doherty, have meticulously crafted this site to guide you through the 7 Key Principles for Achieving Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality. To enjoy your best quality of life. These principles will not only support your health today but also sustain it throughout your lifetime.” Discover now how these principles will work for you.

What you will Find!

It is within the Memberships I offer Professional, Evidence based Options that have been proven successful during my 35 plus years of clinical practice. These options empower individuals to prevent and overcome ill-health and disease.

Simply understanding and implementing the Core principles to Becoming well, Staying well and Ageing well is the key to success in what you are about to learn. It has been my client’s, determination to improve their health and the hard work they invested in applying these core principles that enabled them to recover, restore their health, and transform their lives in remarkable and positive ways.

There's More to Health than Meets the Eye

“There’s More to Health than Meets the Eye!”

The Memberships are designed to help you to discover and learn these 5 Key Foundations to Being, Becoming and Staying Well.

  1. Understanding the Causative Factors that can take you from ill-health to disease. Learning how to implement the necessary steps that will best support your body in becoming well.
  2. How to Build a Strong Foundation that will support a Healthy Mind, Nervous System together with your Physical Body.
  3. Build and Develop a Brilliant Mind is a major key step to building your strong foundation to coping with all the obstacles, tragedies and pain that you will be presented with along the way.
  4. Key elements necessary for Making Positive Changes that last a Lifetime: Positive Change isn’t always easy and can be difficult to keep them sustainable. You will learn how to make these changes and how to stay on track.
  5. Key elements to Taking Charge of your Health that will ultimately have you in Charge of your Life.

Understanding your Body

A Key Element to Living a Life of Optimal Health

Brain and Nervous System - Optimal Function for Optimal Health

Your body is Amazing, comprised of a series of complex systems, that interact and communicate with one another. These series of complex systems include your skeletal, muscular, respiratory and digestive systems, as well as the intricate networks of blood and lymph vessels.

These systems are all controlled by your brain and nervous system. Hence why you will notice that I spend a great deal of time, providing guidance and support, that will teach you how to enable these two systems to function optimally.

To Achieve Optimal Health, Overcome Disease it is necessary to understand and implement these – 7 Key Principles that will optimally support the interconnection and interdependence of your Body’s Systems. To achieve optimal health it is necessary for each of your Body’s systems to work in unison together. Hence the meaning behind – “There’s More to Achieving Optimal Health than meets the eye”.

Holistic-Approach-to-Becoming-Well is the Key to Restoring your Body back to health

A holistic approach to supporting a person’s health, involves more than addressing their presenting symptoms. It means providing comprehensive support & treatment that benefits the whole person in becoming well. Whether the root cause be physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspect. Each person’s path is unique and depends on their individual circumstances.

Once you learn these 7 Key principles – Becoming well, restoring and maintaining optimal health will become a great deal clearer and easier.

7 Key principles

To Achieving Optimal Health & Happiness

To become and stay well, not just for today but for your whole life. Giving your Body the Best Chance for Restoration, Repair and Recovery.

1: Uncover and identify the hidden elements, underlying causative factors of the area of ill-health or disease. This is necessary for total healing, repair and recovery.

2: Treatments and Therapies to enhance the natural healing powers of the human body, that will cause no further harm, playing a significant role in supporting repair and recovery.

3: Holistic understanding the mind body connection, supporting the mind to provide positive support and message to assist with treatments and therapies. This is achieved through what is known as cognitive counselling. Health coaching and support assists with implementing positive changes with lifestyle, habits and food choices.

4: Social & Interpersonal factors these play a significant role in achieving optimal health. This includes the people whom you have in your life, life experiences and social connections.

5: Self-Empowerment an important role I am passionate about as a practitioner. I believe in teaching you the steps of what is best for you to achieve optimal health. How to take charge of their health and communicate with other health professionals. Standing up for yourself in positive, constructive ways is a must when it comes to achieving optimal health and happiness.

6: Self-Esteem: Self-Worth: Self Value these play an important role when it comes to making the necessary changes in building a life of optimal health, happiness and vitality. Understanding that you are “Worth It”.

7: Prevention: Obviously, this is the best option in obtaining a life of optimal health. However, this may not always be a possibility. By implementing strategies for prevention will have your body ready, to fight when necessary.

Understanding the Root Cause of Disease

Understanding the underlying causative factors of “Disease” provides you with a valuable opportunity to unlock essential insights. By identifying these factors, that can be avoided and those that can be proactively addressed, you empower yourself to prevent numerous chronic and potentially life-threatening conditions that will rob you of quality of life.

Ultimately, it amounts to treating your body with compassion, fostering self-love, kindness, and nurturing it with nourishing foods, thoughts, non-invasive, treatments that proactively, support your health and well-being without causing further harm or adverse effects. Remember, your health is a precious asset, and these mindful practices contribute to a vibrant and resilient life.

The Most Important Question to Always Ask?

The Most Important Question to Ask. Will it Harm my Body or Nourish my Body

Your Health is invaluable yet attaining it can be a complex journey. it can be difficult, The Health industry has escalated into a multi-billion-dollar sector, encompassing Pharmaceutical Medications, Vitamins, Supplements, and even the Food Industry.

Since beginning my journey in Naturopathic Medicine it has been my unwavering intention, passion, and purpose to educate every person who comes into my realm. Providing them with foundational knowledge and essential elements empowering them to “Take Charge of their Health and their Life”. This enables them to make informed decisions about their path about their health, lifestyle and living habits.

Taking Positive Action to Live your Healthiest Life, grants you control over not only your health and well-being, but also your entire life. Giving you every opportunity to achieve your goals and dreams. Remember, taking charge of your health is a powerful step toward a brighter and happier future.

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