5 Steps to Declutter Your Life – Transform & Balance your Emotional & Mental Health!

5  Steps to Declutter Your Life - Transform & Balance Emotional & Mental Health Today!

5 Steps to Declutter Your Life

Transform & Balance Emotional & Mental Health

Balancing your Emotional and Mental Health begins with –
These 5 Steps to Declutter your Life, that in turn will support Decluttering of your Mind. Setting the wheels in motion to Transform your Health. Starting Today!

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Benefits of Taking Charge

1: Provide you with a Strong Foundation to Build the Life you want to live and how you want to live it.

2: It will give you clarity of mind to dig deep to understand what your core desires, beliefs, values and dreams are.

3: You will have renewed energy and vitality by taking charge of what you think, that will inadvertently improve the way you feel, that will give you the energy and vitality to put the necessary steps in place to achieve the life you want to live. Nothing happens without putting the right processes into place. 

4: It will provide you with emotional resilience so that when going through difficult times you have now put into place mechanisms to bring balance back to your mind and your emotions.

Focus & Prioritize on What is Important!

Decluttering is about letting go of the things that you know longer use, but holding on to what is important. “Never to let go of the things that you love and treasure, that bring joy to your heart.”

#Clearing Out Things that are No Longer of Use: Building Positive Relationships

# If you feel Burdened, Cluttered and Overwhelmed – Your relationships suffer, including the relationship that you have with yourself.

# Taking care of YOU, in Positive, Constructive and Healthy Ways Gives your Life that Spring Clean that it has Been Waiting For.


Transforming Your Life Starting to Declutter!

When your Life appears to have become stagnant with little possibility of change. This may be the very cue that some action needs to be taken for the changes to happen. Change is something that is forever happening around each of us every day. But sometimes Fear will get in the way and prevent you from making the necessary changes.

By overcoming the fear and embracing positive changes you will bring about improved Health, Energy, Vitality. Feeling Happy with Yourself and Your Life. I understand, because I’ve been there. Many times!
Today I’m going to share with you five simple steps to begin your transformation to a Healthier and Happier YOU!

Declutter-your-Mind-Weeding-out-Negative-Thoughts-Planting Positive Thoughts to Serve You and Others Well

Inspirational Quotes & Guidance – Great Way to Refuel your Mind with Positive Thoughts

5 Easy Steps – Where to Start Decluttering

1. De-clutter your Environment: Wow, isn’t it amazing how much “stuff” we can accumulate. When we are surrounded by clutter, things may need cleaning. This will literally drain energy from us whilst having us feel anxious and unable to focus on what we really want to do. So, before you do anything go through your home, your office, your car and have a big clean up.

You will be amazed at how much better you feel, and you will be far more effective with any of your plans or projects you have in place. Decluttering your environment is a great way to clean out the cobwebs of your mind. Throwing out what is broken or torn and giving away things of value to someone else who has a need.

2. Organize Your Time: By keeping a schedule, yet allowing flexibility is a major step in reducing anxiety and stress. By having a schedule of must do’s not too many that they place excessive demands on your time. But that if something is asked of you and it is not convenient or fitting into your schedule then to say “No”.

So, that if you are not able to do something at a particular time when someone asks, you will be able to reschedule at a time that is more convenient. Prioritize and utilize shortcuts with areas of your life that aren’t going to be affected negatively, but you could spend less time on. This will allow you more time to do the things that energize you and allow you to feel good. With more time to do the things that you Enjoy in life.

3. Engage with Positive Supportive Friends: When you spend time with friends, family that make you feel as if you could just about achieve anything. Guess what you begin to believe it too. It lifts your spirits supporting you to feel good about yourself and who you are. You don’t need a lot of people just people that you know that you can trust, who will be there for you.

Not allowing you to dump, but allowing you share your thoughts and times where you just need to feel OK, about what is happening. You need people that you can have good, clean fun with, not encouraging you to do things that are going to bring harm to you. Being positive doesn’t mean you ignore the negative aspects of life – it just means that you find solutions and ways to rise above them.

4. Care for You and Your Body: When your body is amazing as you are, it needs to be nurtured with healthy fresh food, positive thoughts, loving messages, natural treatments that will support your body’s health optimally, not to cause you harm.

Ensuring great quality sleep by being active each day, going for a walk, taking time to meditate and making a decision to be happy no matter what.  When you care and have respect for your body, you will find that you will cope so much better with everyday life and all the interesting events it brings to you. If your body is healthy and in good repair, you’re better able to handle stressors in your life. However, an unhealthy body can cause great amounts of additional stress. 

5. Mind, Body, Spirit: Whether we believe it or not there is a higher power and purpose to life than what we see. Taking time to pray or meditate: That is allowing yourself to “Stop your thought processes”, throughout the day, allowing yourself to just be in the moment allowing the thoughts to just flow out and come to a stop for a short time. This can be as little as 10 minutes and up to as long as you feel needed to bring yourself back into being in a happy place. 

Not allowing yourself to think about yesterday, or tomorrow. To just be in the moment as to where you are Now! When you allow yourself to connect to your higher source this allows you to see the bigger picture of life. There is far more to you than you can ever imagine, not allowing your mind to get caught up with negative events or people is the best thing you can do to bring balance to your Body, Mind and Spirit.

Your spirit is that inner voice, that feeling that “let’s go” when things are going well, or a big feeling of “Stop” if life is getting out of hand.  If you are so caught up and busy, we are not able to tune into our own inner voice also known as intuition.

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Declutter your Environment for a Balanced mind

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