Balancing Your Emotions with 5 Easy Steps for a Successful Life

Coping-When-Feelings-of-Post-Trauma Fear & Anxiety Rise within You: Allowing Strength & Emotional Resilience to be Built

Balancing Your Emotions with 5 Easy Steps for a Successful Life

Balancing Your Emotions with 5 Easy Steps for a Successful Life

Bringing Balance to your Emotions is essential for fueling your mind for successful relationships, optimal health and happiness, with these five Easy to Follow Steps. Because as you know Life can be so Emotionally Disturbing on so many Levels at Times. Creating feelings of Frustration, Anger, Lack of Confidence, Anxiety, Panic & Pure Helplessness

No matter whether you are going through the loss of a loved one, difficult times with family and friends or maybe life isn’t going just how you thought. There are many difficult things that come into your daily life that upset your emotional balance. Over the years, I have learnt both personally and with supporting my clients, the importance of not allowing these experiences, define who you are, rob you of happiness, health and following your dreams.

Anxiety-Panic-Fear-Can-Bring-You-Down in a Screaming heap. Let's take steps to rise above it

Building Emotional Resilience: Coping with Emotional Disturbances & Life Challenging Experiences
Begins with by Building a Strong Foundation

Develop-Emotional-Resilience by Building a Strong Foundation
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Steps to Rise Above Feelings of Fear, Trauma & Panic
To a place of Comfort and Peace

Allowing you to feel and be in the moment. Releasing emotions in this way, allows you to take control, rather than them controlling you.
Before we start I want you to know that this is perfectly normal and these feelings should not be blocked, but recognized then using these steps to work through and rise above them.

12 Steps to Rising Above your Emotions!

1: It’s OK to Cry: If you need a Good Cry then definitely have one and let it out. It is the best thing to release deep seated emotional pain. You may feel a little or a lot drained after, but you will feel lighter plus clearer in your head.

2: Loss of a Loved One, Job or current status: This can in the physical sense of loss such as a loved one who has passed away, treasured pet. The loss of a relationship, job, business or career change. It is OK to allow yourself to feel the “Grief” don’t block this allowing these feelings to flow out of you.

Then put into place pleasant, positive thoughts that will fuel your heart and your mind allowing you to cope and feel differently about the situation . This will also work for negative situations to look for positive outcomes. Allowing positive solutions and happier times to come into play. There will come out of these situations over time:  Positive outcomes: Happier Memories: Realizing what you have learnt and that you have coped building strength within you having worked through these moments and experiences in life.

3: Be Patient: With yourself and others. It is quite normal when things aren’t going quite to plan, you aren’t learning something or finishing a project as quickly as you would like. Maybe your friends and family aren’t quite where you would like them to be. You know the saying – “Patience is a Virtue”. Well I have news for you as difficult as it may seem at times and your patience is tested. It definitely is a virtue and definitely worthwhile learning to get a handle on.

4: Be Quiet: If possible turn off all distractions and just work slowly and calmly in the quiet. You will feel so much better and able to cope.

5: Do Something Positive: that maybe you have been putting off, but you know once you do it, you will feel Great!

6: Don’t dwell on your mistakes: recognize them, then allow yourself to move forward with recognizing all the things that you have done right.

7: Prioritize Your Tasks: in Order of Importance to your Health and Well being. Whilst you are “Feeling Emotionally vulnerable” tailor your Tasks to Fit your Needs. In other words focus on the tasks that will bring you a sense of achievement and satisfaction when you have completed them.

8: Smell the Roses: Take time to Enjoy the small things in Life. Going out into the Fresh Air, Hearing the Birds, the Wind, Observing Nature this will give you a sense of peace and all is OK with the world.

9: Bubble Bath: Enjoy a Relaxing Bubble bath with a couple of drops of Lavender and Frankincense. You can add a cup of Epsom Salts to Ease Away those Muscle aches and pains.

10: Allow yourself to accept nurturing: it can be the first step towards loving yourself more. This means asking for and accepting help. If help isn’t available then engage in pampering yourself.

11: Nourish your body: with Healthy Food, a walk in the park and ensure you get enough rest. Going without sleep or not allowing yourself to relax will only make matters worse. Depleting you of emotional and mental balance. Feeling exhausted and further stressed.

12: Work with affirmations:  Follow this link for Julie’s library of Inspirational Quotes & Daily Affirmations these help to support your mind putting it into a happier and more optimistic place.

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