4 Keys to Making Positive Changes – Unlocking the Secrets to Embracing Change!

Keys to Making Positive Changes
A Key to Success Is to Embrace Positive Change

4 Keys to Making Positive Changes

Begins with “Unlocking the Secrets to Embracing Positive Change”

Making positive changes often seems incredibly complicated and exhausting hence why so many people fall back into old negative habits. It doesn’t have to be when you learn these Keys Elements. Building and developing Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality becomes so much easier.

Overcome the Desire to Change by Making the Desire to Change Greater than the Desire to Remain the Same

Embracing Positive Change is the key to developing emotional balance and learning the concepts of emotional intelligence. In understanding that you are on a constant path to learning, overcoming and “Change”. In this “Real World” you and I are living in. Amid all the chaos, confusion and negativity that each of us are faced with each day. It seems to be becoming harder to develop trust, to remain open to new ideas, to feel positive and engage with feelings of empathy for those people living a different path than you or what you would like to be following.

Embracing Positive Change Develops Clarity of Mind

A Major Key to Making Positive Changes supports development of Clarity of your Mind. Building Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Resilience

What is Happening? As there appears to be so much drama and turmoil going on it can be easy to lose sight of what is good, what is positive and that changes can be made to bring about improved and positive outcomes. But it takes a sense of urgency, emotional intelligence to bring about the changes that are needed. 

Have you noticed when there is a sense of…..urgency….something is life threatening, that people tend to pull together to work out a plan, a way of moving forward. Working to overcome whatever difficulty is being faced.
Due to the confusion and turmoil your brain has difficulty making sense of what is happening, so goes into a kind of sleep mode, a kind of numbness in order to cope. 

So what has this got to do with change and the ability to make significant changes that will support you and your life in a positive way.
Most people have lost a sense of connection between what are life’s priorities, a sense of who they are and who they want to be, most importantly most people seem to have lost their sense of community.

Looking out for one another.
Do you want to – BE!…….. FEEL! …….. or BEHAVE! ………………….
like this for another day, another week, another month and so on.

Emotional Intelligence is a Key to Successful Change

These are IMPORTANT: They are the basics or keys to achieving a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality. It is the PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECT understanding how to bring these about in a Peaceful, Happy and Joyful way where you rise above the overwhelming thoughts and inner voice messages of saying things like YOU CAN’T to YOU CAN!

Five Keys to achieve Emotional Intelligence & Balance

1. Empathy 

As a social being,  it becomes easier to understand other people when you begin to unlock your emotional keys as to why you are having difficulty making necessary changes, most of all it is a sense of “fear” of being disconnected to other people in your life.

The more that you connect with the lives and feelings of others working to build a positive and happy life, the more you will begin to connect with your inner feelings. So in order to make any significant changes, bring about emotional balance, learning to master your emotions, it’s important to listen and communicate with people about their experiences, their emotions and how they have worked through them.

It is important to NEVER, guess or make assumptions about others but to ask questions and listen, this brings about true authenticity helping you to understand that each and every person has their own challenges to work through in life. In understanding what you truly want is a significant key that will support you in making significant changes.

2. Self-reliance 

Remember that you are a unique individual in charge of your own results and life. When you take time to listen to your heart and your inner voice this will allow you to have a clearer understanding of what you clearly want.

An example might be that a friend or someone you know may want a Ferrari but you can’t even imagine wanting a Ferrari, but would love a cottage by the sea. Emotional intelligence and balance is understanding that, that is OK. Because you are unique with your own wants and needs that will bring balance, optimal health, happiness and vitality into your life.

Self-reliance is about taking charge of your life and all the aspects that go into making it positive, constructive and happy. Knowing that you are the one and only person that has the ability and the power to change things.
You will NEVER know what you can TRULY ACHIEVE until you come to know the TRUE YOU and the ability you have to make the Changes that lie deep inside of YOU, just waiting to happen.

3. Self-confidence

Self-confidence is built, it isn’t something that comes naturally. The steps toward self-confidence happen when you make the decision to be the real you,  the authentic you, to believe in your ability to make changes, to work things out and bring about positive outcomes. This is what builds true, long lasting confidence.

Self-confidence will be lost if you become a follower, conform purely to the wishes of others for their benefits and not because it is something that you truly want. You will lose faith in yourself when you don’t eliminate negative habits that will eventually bring long term grief, ill-health or unnecessary drama to your life.

  It is of vital importance for you to believe that  no matter  what the situation or struggle you find yourself in, you’re going to figure it out and get through it. Allow yourself the benefit of belief, and with each new challenge you overcome and work through this will give you the confidence to try new and more difficult challenges. Building a Successful Portfolio of the True YOU!

4. Social Interaction and Involvement

Becoming a Master of Emotions and finding balance is built by being honest and allowing yourself to be humble. Not displaying your true self, your thoughts, not sharing your dreams and aspirations will lead to long term unhappiness and emotional turmoil. Courage is developed when you share your thoughts, your gifts to the world in positive and meaningful ways that takes each person’s uniqueness into consideration.

5. Positive Self-talk

If you were to ask me what was a vital key to making positive changes, becoming a master of your emotions. I would have to say the conversations that you have with yourself. This is the true area for you to take charge because NO-ONE ELSE,  has control over the conversations that you engage with yourself, the thoughts that come into your response to challenging moments.

You must explicitly understand your self-talk and tell yourself how to feel and how to respond to life’s challenges in positive ways. In the morning a great place to start is by telling yourself how you WANT TO FEEL TODAY. Be authoritive and commanding that you will have the strength, the courage and the skill to handle whatever comes your way.

This is what I mean when I say

“There’s More to Achieving Optimal Health than Meets the Eye”

Life can be Better than you Ever Imagined! 

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