30 Steps to Living a Powerful, Significant Life of Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality

Taking Charge of Your Life for a Healthier & Happier You
30 Steps to Living a Powerful, Significant Life of Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality

30 steps to Living a Powerful, Significant Life

Of Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality

Life is Too long to Merely Survive – Too short not to be Happy

Learn How to Build a Powerful, Significant Life – The Way you Want it to Be!

You want to Build a Life that is Powerful and Significant, where you Enjoy Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality, for your Whole Life. Then it is important for you to know and believe: That Disease isn’t a normal part of Ageing and can be Prevented and Overcome! But first you must do some inner work, let’s get started:

30 Steps to Begin Building a Powerful Significant Life by Building your Inner Strength:

  1. Be YourselfIt is a lot easier to be YOU
  2. Be Generous within your Relationships with Happiness & Love
  3. When doing something always do YOUR BEST and do it CHEERFULLY
  4. Always be HONEST & if you can’t say NOTHING
  5. When Choosing a Partner for Life Ensure that you LIKE them as well as LOVING them & are able with them talk to them freely
  6. Don’t Believe Everything You Hear
  7. Give people the benefit of the DOUBT until they prove otherwise Love & Sex are not the same
  8. Love is a Lifetime commitment
  9. Sex can be just a one night stand with no real commitment
  10. Say you are SORRY even if you haven’t done anything wrong, if you truly value your relationship
  11. When you say you are SORRY mean it with loving eyes
  12. Be FRIENDS, before you become LOVERS
  13. Believe in the impossible
  14. Dream the inevitable Don’t Laugh at other people’s Lives or Dreams
  15. Walk alongside your fellow man – Not behind them or in front of them
  16. Love with all of your HEART, seeing the good in all
  17. Believe that “Everyone if Good” until they prove otherwise
  18. Understand that each of us is doing the BEST that we can at any given time
  19. Hurt and Pain are necessary emotions of Life: So that we are able to Enjoy the Happiness and Good that Life has to offer
  20. When you feel Angry or Hurt try to understand Why!
  21. Acknowledge this then move on to being Happy again
  22. If you want people to be interested in you: Then become interested in other people first
  23. All Great things come from many small incremental efforts of many people
  24. Understanding our own thoughts and feelings will empower us in understanding other people’s thoughts and feelings
  25. To Build LOVE, TRUST and RESPECT in life it first begins with GIVING it first
  26. Making mistakes is an important part of Life: Learning from these mistakes is the next most important thing in Life
  27. When you are experiencing painful times in your life remember to let others know this lets them know so they can give you the space and empathy that you need
  28. Always smile when you are talking with people even when it is on the phone
  29. Don’t Let the Love of your Life go, just because you are too busy to give them time
  30. Friends will come in all shapes and sizes and various times in your life, for various reasons but a Lifelong friend will be someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart

No Matter Whether you are Man or Woman

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