3 Key Factors Surrounding Men, Women & Children. That will Enable you to Live a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality

Important & Powerful Steps to Achieving a Healthy Life: Restoring Emotional Balance & Building Self-Esteem
3 Key Factors Surrounding Men, Women & Children. That will Enable you to Live a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality

3 Key Factors Surrounding Men, Women & Children

That will Enable you to Live a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality

There are 3 key factors surrounding Men, Women and Children’s Health Today! There is increasing concern of the decline in Optimal Health with Heart Disease and Cancer forever on the increase. I would like to share with you here three key factors that each person can address that will begin to improving your quality of health and also your quality of life because –

A Happy Life is Dependant on a Healthy Life 

Taking control of your health is the key essence to having control and autonomy over your life. It’s about not being dependant on someone else to know what is best for you, your health or your life.

Three Key Factors to Surrounding and Building Men, Women and Children’s Health Today!

Happy Families make Healthy Families supporting one another through Life's Challenges

1. Building a Strong Family Unit

  • The benefit of Building a Strong Family Unit – provides healthy support, unconditional love, a foundation for resolving and moving past problems. Being honest with each other and laying down boundaries so as not to take advantage of one another. For each person to be responsible for their own actions. To offer love, support, guidance and security to living a good wholesome life. So as not to do harm to one another or yourself.
  • Helps with Building Emotional Resilience – Learning skills together to cope with stress and life adversities. Sharing one another’s goals and dreams, believing in the strength and character of one another. Crying together, laughing together to rise to sharing happiness together.
  • Providing Support together to overcome Negative behaviours, language and actions toward every day living and each other.
Implementing healthy lifestyle habits for a Lifetime of Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality

2. Building a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Understanding the importance of healthy living and what it is – Beginning with the Food you eat and how it can effect your health in either a positive or negative way. Depending on the choices you make. Eating a Healthy & Well balanced diet involves not getting involved with all the marketing around food and stick to fresh foods such as vegetables, lean meat, chicken, fish, fruit and nuts.  “Keeping it Simple”. “Simple living” encompasses a number of different voluntary practices to simplify one’s lifestyle. Appreciating every moment, to live in a way that has a positive reflection and attitude toward life. To make healthy living a way of life, not just a thought.
  • Bringing your mind and thoughts together to balance – Replacing anger with communication and reason: Removing toxic habits [drugs, excessive alcohol consumption, junk, packaged, processed and fast food as these will remove all rationale by depleting your brain of all nutrition and leaving a path of destruction, such as extreme anxiety, depression, irrational thoughts and unwanted behaviours.
  • Gratitude, Love and Compassion: both for yourself and others. No matter how difficult things are at any given moment there will always be something to be Grateful for, to Love, Nurture and enlighten your Compassionate side.
  • Be Active: If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. Be active everyday both mentally and physically. Read, Watch and Listen to Positive People living positive and constructive lives. 
Transform your Health by Taking Control of your Life. Being Responsible

3. Taking Charge: Being Responsible

You and you alone are totally responsible for the thoughts you think, the actions you take and the things that you do. I know you may well be thinking “Gosh, she’s being a bit hard. What about_____________________.

An example: Don’t expect to smoke all of your life and then be shocked when you are diagnosed with lung cancer. The same goes with continually eating a diet of junk and fast food. Not eating vegetables, I think you might get the message. This will give autonomy, the freedom to be and do the things that you love for you whole life.

Benefits to You of Implementing these Three Key Factors Surrounding Men & Women Achieving a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality

There are things that happen in life that many times you won’t have control over, but the better equipped you are by Building, Strong family and community relationships, Building a Healthy Lifestyle and Taking Charge, [being responsible for yourself] and who you are. Believe me you are going to have a great start to Achieving and Mastering a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality.

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