12 Steps to Restored Health, Happiness & Vitality

12 Steps to Restored Health, Happiness & Vitality

12 Steps to Restored Health, Happiness & Vitality

A Healthy Life is a Happy Life Become the Master of your Health & your Life

Mastering a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality requires Transformation. Transforming your Health Begins with Understanding your Body Signs

It is about you coming to a happy place where you think, feel happy with your health and your life!

There are times when Achieving a healthy, happy and vital life, just seems to be Too Hard or Just Not within Your Reach. You have “No Energy” all you want to do is Sleep, Don’t want to go Anywhere – Don’t seem to have the Energy to do Anything, Even Socialize with Your Friends.

Adrenal Exhaustion or Burnout

Adrenal Exhaustion:

 Adrenal Exhaustion, Burnout is caused by  Emotional Overload/Stress that can lead to Chronic Fatigue, Increased Anxiety, Panic and Depression. It often comes about when you work or personal life is on overload. This triggers feelings of despair, lack of control, emotional outbreaks that are triggered often from post trauma situations and experiences.

These are Signs and Signals that your Body needs Care!

Your Body is Crying out for You to “Please Take Care Of Me” – I am Not Doing So Well”. Quite often Healthy habits are put on the back burner and Negative Habits take to for that being Overindulgence, Smoking, Excessive Alcohol drinking or Eating Fast Food that is low in Nutrition.

The Problem as you no doubt are aware leads to further burnout, tiredness, moodiness and further fatigue. More importantly your body will be prone to disease as the negative habits begin to destroy cellular function then lead to organ damage.

No Matter how difficult it may seem at the moment to make Positive changes it is vital that you begin to put these into replacing your Negative Habits and also any Negative thoughts. This is what will assist your Body’s recovery, bring emotional balance, improved health and happiness. It is   Worth it, to avoid Long term Health Problems.

Transformation of your health involves going beyond the way you Think, Feel and Live RIGHT NOW! Let’s begin with the 12 Steps below – 

Designing a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality! 9 Key Elements to Best Support Your Body!

 Begin Now! 12 Positive Steps toward a Healthier YOU!

1. Laughter is a great boost to a tired body as it causes the brain to release endorphins which induce a natural high feeling. Spend time with a friend who makes you laugh; a good movie; sit back and allow the people in your life to entertain you whether that is children, spouse or friends: sit back and allow your children to entertain you (forget any mess and untidiness for a while).

2. Avoid drinking any tea or coffee after meals, as caffeine inhibits the absorption of zinc and iron – both necessary minerals for keeping you well. A glass of orange juice is much better as it supplies vitamin C and increases the amount of iron that your body can absorb from food.

3. Too tired to do any exercise? Although it may take some sort of effort to summon up the energy, exercise will increase your stamina and general feeling of well being. A 20-minute session, three times a week, is ideal and if you join a class you will feel much more motivated: There will also be the benefit of meeting new people. A walk is excellent exercise; a good way to clear the mind, dispelling any tensions and stimulating the circulation. If you have children in any shape or form as your own or relatives, take them to the park. This will be great for all – Fresh Air. When you are feeling fit you are less likely to feel tired.

4. It is important to get out of the house at least once a day. Research shows that our bodies benefit from natural light and you’ll appreciate the change of scene. Spend some time in the garden, or even just walking to the shops. This is especially important during winter, when we tend to stay indoors a lot more.

5. Take a deep breath! Most of the time we don’t use our lungs to their full capacity. Shallow breathing tends to make you feel tired and lethargic; however, a simple deep-breathing exercise can give you an energizing boost. You can do this while you’re walking, lying upright with your back straight. Exhale through your mouth to the count of four and, again, hold for four. Repeat the exercise five to seven times to give yourself a needed lift.

6. It is important to cut down on sugar, especially added sugar found in processed foods, soft drinks, cakes, biscuits and pastries. As these add unwanted kilo joules and lead to age-related diseases. Eat healthier alternatives such as wholemeal bread, more fresh fruit and vegetables, and use dried fruit, fresh fruit, nuts and yogurt as between meal snacks. These will provide your body with the necessary fuel to do the things you enjoy.

7. A Change is as Good as a Rest! When you’re feeling jaded, change your routine. Minimize the amount of work, pressure that you have to deal with (only doing the important things). Change your routine somewhat for example a different route to work, school and so on. Take time out to allow someone to care for you a Massage or a New Hairstyle.

8. Eat breakfast. If you’re schedule is very busy there is always fruit and nuts on the way to work, or a smoothie with fruit and yogurt, or fruit and milk. These will help to give you a good start to the day.

9. Body temperature – it is important to keep cool in summer and reasonably warm in winter without being too hot. Ensure rooms are well ventilated and wear several layers of clothes in winter rather than over heating. When your body overheats, you feel lethargic because blood is drawn to the skin instead of carrying oxygen to your muscles, hear and brain

10. Become Mindful about your Diet, ensuring that you are getting adequate nutrition for your body to function effectively. This includes  adequate amounts of Vitamin B and Vitamin C as deficiencies can make you feel listless and tired.  You will get this by eating plenty of raw vegetables and salads, wholemeal breads, pastas, rice, protein, yogurt and fresh fruit.

11. If possible take a catnap during the day; 15 minutes can be enough to give you an energy boost.

12. How we think and how we deal with situations plays a very important role to our energy and enjoyment of life. It is important not to waste time about the things for which we have no control and to direct our energies to the things we do have control over which are our thoughts, our feelings, the things we say and do.

If you happen to be parents do not assume everyone is doing it better than you, this also is relative to whatever job you may be doing. Praise yourself for the things you do achieve during the day and try to set some time to reflect and plan. It is important to spend time doing the things you enjoy whether that is gardening, fishing, boating, walking, and swimming and so on. Take time to enjoy the small things the birds singing, the sun shining, the falling of rain and the fact you woke to live another day.

Optimal Health is Achieved with Balance between your Mind and Body


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