12 Known Dangers of Energy Drinks: A Lethal Weapon to Your Health!

12 Known Dangers of Energy Drinks: A Lethal Weapon to Your Health!

12 Known Dangers of Energy Drinks: A Lethal Weapon to Your Health!

Energy drinks are widely promoted as products that increase energy and enhance mental alertness and physical performance. Next to multivitamins, energy drinks are the most popular dietary supplement consumed by Australian teens and young adults.

Men between the ages of 18 and 34 years consume the most energy drinks, and almost one-third of teens between 12 and 17 years drink them regularly. The Dangers of Energy Drinks should not be ignored as they are a lethal weapon when it comes to damaging your health. Taking a deeper look as to how these drinks will harm your health.

This Deadly "Cocktail"  True to it's Name

“Serious Health Risks” have been linked to the Consumption of Energy Drinks
Such as Red Bull, Monster, Mother & V

“Red Bull may give you Wings:
But at what Cost?”

Sports Drinks have also been identified together with these Energy Drinks to causing Serious Health Problems

Toxic Elixirs [Energy Drinks]

Many of you have understood the danger hidden behind these Toxic elixirs.
However for some you may be unaware and think of them as magic potions for energy and vitality.
The truth about how they affect your body is very Dangerous, Life threatening and to some even Deadly.
It is a known fact that when these supposed energy drinks are consumed on a regular basis and long term that significant health problems will eventuate.
RED BULL was created to stimulate the brain in people who are subjected to Great Physical Force and in “Stress Coma”

“NEVER” to be consumed as a Regular Drink & Health Professionals believe

 “Never to be Consumed at all”

Danger to Marketing these Energy Drinks:

You are being Subliminally Programmed with Slogan such as: 

  • “Increases endurance; awakens the concentration capacity and the speed of reaction, offers more energy and improves the mood.”
  • All this can be found in a can of these ENERGY DRINKS, the power drink everyone needs.   These drinks are widely spread now over almost 100 countries worldwide.

Who Is Being Targeted

Their logos are targeted at young people and sports people, two major areas of our community that are easily transformed to believe and want access to anything that will give them supposedly added energy and endurance.

12 Known Health Dangers & Hidden Truth behind Energy Drinks

1: Vitamin Overdose

The vitamins typically used in energy drinks are Vitamin B2, B3, B6 and B12, all naturally occurring vitamins that the body requires. However, if you look closely at the nutrition labels, it usually says that it’s 100% of the daily recommended limit, and sometimes even 200% (or more) of the daily recommended limit. This means that your are getting more of these vitamins than you actually need. This is actually not be beneficial to you at all – especially when the vitamins are combined with caffeine, the effects are uncertain.

2: Caffeine Overdose:

An overdose of caffeine is known to cause following side-effects:

  • Headaches
  • Diarrhea
  • Heart palpitations
  • Dizziness
  • High blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle jerking (jitters)
  • Disorientation

3: Addiction:

The caffeine in energy drinks is basically a drug – that means you will be able to get addicted to it. A classic sign of addiction is when you feel like you need the energy drink in order to “feel normal”. When you don’t get your required fix, that means you have withdrawal symptoms, like shivering, sleepiness, or headaches. It may seem like you have a low chance of being addicted to energy drinks, but in actual fact, the more you drink it, the more likely it is that an addiction will develop.

4: Obesity:

This is a common outcome with all soft drinks, no matter whether they are sugar free or zero sugar. All of these will cause long-term health problems when drunk on a regular basis. The most predominant other than obesity is nerve damage and neurological problems.

5: Type 2 Diabetes:

Diabetes can occur when your body no longer is able to produce insulin, necessary for metabolizing sugar in your body. When this occurs that means you have  toxic levels of sugar in your blood, and this is a very serious problem. The high amounts of sugar in energy drinks means that your body is constantly flooded with sugar – from both natural sources like food, but also from additional sources such as processed, baked foods, other soft drinks, cakes, biscuits and other packaged foods.  You are at risk of getting Type 2 diabetes when consuming these foods and drinks.

6: Cardiac Arrest:

After drinking an energy drink, it seems natural that your heart rate would increase because it is giving you more energy, but studies have shown that it also thickens your blood, which makes it harder for it to make its way around the body. High levels of taurine and caffeine can stop your arteries from dilating properly, which can reduce blood flow to the heart and cause a heart attack. Irregular heart rhythms and spasms in arteries are also known to occur.

7: Anxiety and Panic Attacks:

Due to the overdose of caffeine and chemical cocktail in these drinks. This triggers anxiety and panic attacks because of the excessive stimulation to your nervous system.

8: Insomnia:

The caffeine in energy drinks is known to trick your body and brain into thinking that you are awake and alert, but this has long-term detrimental and debilitating effects to your body. 

Your brain is unable to rest and recharge properly if you consume caffeine too close to bed time. When the time comes to fall asleep, you might find that you’re actually unable to.

Taking an energy drink can cause you to have warped sleep patterns, and the inability to fall asleep when you need to.

9: Allergic Reactions:

This can be caused for one of two reasons you have an allergy to an individual ingredient or the combination of these toxic ingredients, that can also cause anaphylactic consequences.

10: Kidney Failure:

It has been noted that an increased risk to kidney failure. Taurine is seen as a potential culprit in this, as accumulation of taurine in the kidneys can have damaging consequences. The potential effects range from acute renal failure, or also taurine accumulation with excess intake.

11: Headaches and Migraines:

These can occur when beginning to withdraw from consuming these drinks and also because of the chemical overload that your body is receiving.

12: Gastro intestinal Problems and Vomiting:

The irritation of the stomach lining by energy drinks can also cause ulcers,  internal bleeding and vomiting. The substances in energy drinks that can cause this irritation are things like acids, or the excess of vitamins flooding into your stomach.

Energy Drinks The Cocktail of Death

After the Research associated with the damaging effects of these  drinks. FRANCE and DENMARK made the decision making these drinks  prohibited after finding that these drinks to be the  “Cocktail of death”

Why Named the Cocktail of Death

This is due to its components being mixed with GLUCURONOLACTONE’, a highly dangerous chemical, which was developed by the United States Department of Defense during 60 years to stimulate the moral of the troops based in VIETNAM, which acted like a hallucinogenic drug that calmed the stress of the war.

But their effects in the organism were so devastating, that it was discontinued, because of the high index of cases of migraines, cerebral tumours and diseases of the liver that was evident in the soldiers who consumed it. In spite of this, for example a can of RED BULL you will still find the components: GLUCURONOLACTONE, categorized medically as a stimulant: But what it does not say on the can of RED BULL, are the consequences of its consumption, and that has forced us to place a series of -WARNINGS:


1. It is dangerous to take it if you do not engage in physical exercise afterwards, since its energizing function accelerates the heart rate and can cause a sudden attack.

2. You run the risk of undergoing a cerebral haemorrhage, because RED BULL contains components that dilute the blood so that the heart utilizes less energy to pump the blood, and thus be able to deliver physical force with less effort being exerted.

3. It is prohibited to mix RED BULL with alcohol, because the mixture turns the drink into a “Deadly Bomb” that attacks the liver directly, causing the affected area never to regenerate anymore.

4. One of the main components of RED BULL is the B12 vitamin, used in medicine to recover patients who are in a coma; from here the hypertension and the state of excitement which is experienced after taking it, as if you were in a drunken state.

5. The regular consumption of RED BULL triggers off symptoms in the form of a series of irreversible nervous and neuronal diseases.

 These drinks should be prohibited throughout the world. To add insult to injury when mixed with alcohol a time bomb is created for the human body, mainly between innocent adolescents and adults with little experience.

Sustained Energy, Vitality & Sustenance is Obtained & Maintained from consuming a Diet of Whole, Fresh Foods and Beverages

Fresh Wholesome Food will always support your body's return to Health. Better than anything else.
Food is your Best Line of Defence to obtain, maintain & overcome Ill-health and Disease

We have “Hippocrates” to thank for the saying – “Let Food be thy Medicine & Medicine be thy Food”

Considered to be one of the most influential figures in the history of medicine and healing, Hippocrates was ahead of his time when, around the year 400 B.C, he advised people to prevent and treat diseases first and foremost by eating a nutrient-dense diet based on Fresh, Whole foods.

The foods that you eat each day play a critical role in controlling inflammation levels, balancing blood sugar, regulating cardiovascular health (including blood pressure and cholesterol levels), helping the digestive organs to process and eliminate waste, and much, much more. Did you know that certain anti-inflammatory foods even contain powerful active ingredients that help control how your genes are expressed?

Because foods influence inflammation levels, blood sugar, energy, hormones, brain, and heart health, they truly do act like medicine once consumed. A healthy diet plays a role in how genes are expressed and can have a positive effect toward preventing disease, even when a disease may appear to be hereditary.

Medicinal foods to include in your daily diet,  include all fresh vegetables and fruits, organ meats, grass-fed meats, healthy fats like coconut, nuts and seeds, sea vegetables and what are now being classed as superfoods like cocoa, papaya, spinach, kale, blueberries, broccoli, cooked tomatoes, oats, blackberries, garlic, brazil nuts, walnuts and black pepper.

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Learn more about the  Foods to Eat & Why together with Easy to Follow Recipes in

my eBook: Eating to Live


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