12 Health Benefits of Drinking Licorice Tea: Restoring Adrenal Energy & Repairing Leaky Gut!

Licorice Tea Restores Adrenal Energy Repairs Leaky Gut
12 Health Benefits of Drinking Licorice Tea:  Restoring Adrenal Energy & Repairing Leaky Gut!

12 Health Benefits of Drinking Licorice Tea:

Restoring Adrenal Energy & Repairing Leaky Gut!

The Benefits Licorice Tea is one of Nature’s Best Medicines for Restoring Adrenal Energy and Repairing Leaky Gut. Recognized for its strong candy flavour, but the herb itself — Glycyrrhiza glabra —  An adaptogen herb, licorice root can be found growing in Europe, the Mediterranean and Asia, and it’s been used for thousands of years for many health reasons.

Let’s walk through the history, uses and questions surrounding licorice root. This ancient herb has much to offer. Licorice is a household name in sweet treats, but it’s time licorice root becomes famous for its benefits.

History behind Licorice Root

Licorice is a member of the legume family, where most varieties are grown  in the U.S., Glycyrrhiza glabra is primarily native to Europe and Asia. Also, known as “Chinese licorice” on the ingredient list of products. In that case, it’s likely Glycyrrhiza uralensis, the second variety.

Licorice root benefits are primarily the same between the two varieties, according to the Journal of Advanced Research.  However, it’s worth noting that glabra is typically the variety referred to when discussing licorice root.

Glycyrrhiza’s name reflects its most popularly known claim to fame: “sweet root.”  With an extract that can be 30 to 50 times sweeter than sugar, we can see why our ancestors were inspired to turn it into candy! In Chinese medicine, anti-inflammatory licorice root has been used for centuries for many of the same uses that science has confirmed now — coughs and colds, gastrointestinal issues, and female reproductive issues.

One interesting note about the way licorice has been used in Chinese medicine is that it was used as a “guide drug.” Licorice root was used in conjunction with other herbs and remedies to enhance their effects and essentially guide other herbs used in a formula to where they would be most beneficial. 

European cultures also soon discovered the benefits of licorice as nutritional supplement. It is well documented that in former times Licorice has been used in ancient Greece and Rome to the Middle Ages and beyond for it’s medicinal purposes. By the 20th century, manufacturing allowed the root to be stripped for pharmaceutical uses and then extracted for candy sweetener.

Now, that familiarly strong licorice flavour is usually replicated by the similarly flavored anise seed (a common biblical herb), but you can still get genuine licorice candy — usually “black licorice” to distinguish it from the red imitation candy.

Medicinal Strength Benefits of Licorice

Research has shown that the medicinal strength and benefits of licorice root are important enough that the FDA issued a notice for consumers to be aware that black licorice is more than just a sweet treat.  Even when the root extract is used just to sweeten, it can’t be ignored as to the potency of this compound. As Licorice root is used as the  primary herb in supplements and remedies, the leaves have been evaluated for their antimicrobial benefits, as well. In an Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research study, the leaves tested well against bacteria and thus may work as a staph and candida cure.

12 Health Benefits Licorice Tea have for YOU:

  1. Licorice is powerful in healing and protecting reproductive systems vital to maintaining healthy fertility.
    A mild laxative, licorice tea can relieve constipation.
  2. Licorice tea has anti-inflammatory properties that may ease the pain of arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.
  3. It helps protect the stomach lining and is recommended for use for those who use medications that may damage the mucous membrane in the stomach. Ask your health care provider before taking licorice tea with other medications. It can inhibit the effectiveness of some and may cause an adverse reaction
  4. Licorice has been found to assist with adrenal exhaustion therefore is beneficial for lethargy, chronic fatigue and general tiredness. Licorice is an expectorant and can be of benefit in treating bronchial disorders.
  5. Studies have shown that licorice helps the liver neutralise toxins and can be beneficial in treating liver disorders such as hepatitis.
  6. Licorice is supportive for the health of your liver because of the compound glycyrrhizic acid, found in root of the licorice plant has been shown to be hepatic protective. Simplified means that it protects the liver from damaging substances, including damage from pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceutical medications, and alcohol. Obviously only to a certain degree if there is not an overconsumption of these.
  7. Licorice tea has anti-spasmodic properties meaning that it relieves, prevents, or lowers the incidence of muscle spasms, especially those of smooth muscle such as in the bowel wall.
  8. Licorice is often recommended by herbalists as a substitute for St. Johns Wort as a treatment for depression as it can be used in conjunction with antidepressant medication.
  9. It is reported to significantly ease pre-menstrual tension (PMS) and aids in balancing hormones
  10. It significantly reduces hot flushes in menopause.
  11. Licorice tea is used to treat low blood pressure.
  12. Licorice is believed to fight the formation of plaque in blood vessels and may help prevent heart disease.

Care should be taken 

Limit your intake of licorice to one or two cups per day and if you want to use it for medicinal purposes, use it under supervision of a health care professional. There is such a thing as “too much of a good thing” and licorice can have unwanted side effects if consumed in excessive amounts

Warning: If you suffer from High blood pressure you shouldn’t drink Licorice Tea

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