11 Steps to Building a Life of Significance: Living Your Purpose!

Building a Life of Significance Finding Life's Purpose

11 Steps to Building a Life of Significance: Living Your Purpose!

11 Steps to Building a Life of Significance: Living Your Purpose!

Building a Life of Significance, not to just mere existence, to go beyond survival to living a life of  purpose, to contribute to life in a way so to make a significant difference. Not to just my life but to other people’s lives. This has been a lifelong dream of mine since  my early teenage years.

I share with you in this article an insight into my journey to building and achieving my life’s significance and passion. Together with Easy Steps that you can incorporate to Build your Life of Significance and Purpose, whilst understanding your Core Desires and Passion.

Today is a Stress Free Day for Myself and My Darling husband.
So after cleaning up the house I decided to have a candlelit bubble bath. Allowing my thoughts to come into balance with my feelings. To reflect on my life as it is NOW!

To Build a Life of Significance – Not just Existence has been my life passion and I am reflecting as to whether I am achieving this. Leaving  my family home at 17 1/2 years of age, with nothing more than the dress I had on my back. To allow myself the Freedom to pursue my Life, seems light years away.

Beginning with nothing more than a “Dream to make a Difference” to  have husband is truly is my best friend with a love we share beyond explanation, three beautiful sons, daughter-in-laws and granddaughters. To have been “Recognized as a World Health Leader in Naturopathic Medicine, Life & Health Coaching”. All seems so surreal! I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be living my life’s purpose.

Insight into the Journey 

Building a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality is to –
“Never Lose sight of the importance of Family & Building your Life together”

My Life as with how your life maybe in varying degrees, has come with it’s series of Dramas, Challenges and Obstacles: If there were to be one thing that I have learnt that I can share with you:
Is in turning these into lessons of Positive experiences, Self growth giving you the Opportunity to Build a Life of Significance.

The ability to share these experiences and how I have managed to learn, grown and rise above them is both an honour and a privilege.
Thoughts never leave my mind as to how I can engage and make a difference to each person’s life who come into my path. It is in finding my purpose that has kept me on the path of making a difference.
A major Key to Building a Life of Significance lies in: Honouring yourself without Compromising either Your Health or Who You ARE!

11 Steps to Building a Life of Significance and Purpose  

Living a Life of significance and purpose can be challenging with all of the struggles and distractions that come along the way. Not unlike when you build a house when you decide that you want to live a life of significance and purpose there are some building blocks or steps that can help you to follow the path that you want to follow to live a life of significance, purpose, optimal health, happiness and vitality. Let’s take a look at some of those steps or building blocks that you can put into place.

Inspiration is the greatest gift because it opens your life to many new possibilities. Each day becomes more meaningful, and your life is enhanced when your actions are guided by what inspires you.
Bernie Siegel

1: Get clear about your Core Desires, your wants, your dreams and your aspirations for life. By having a clear picture of these from your heart will take you beyond the physical to a more meaningful and spiritual plane. It will carve a clear path between your heart and your mind.

2: When you become clear about your Core Desires this will give you a clearer picture of what you are passionate about, which is usually the things that lie deep in your heart. Finding your passion unfolds over a lifetime with the things that are close to your heart, heartfelt. 

3: Discover what is important to you, beginning with not the physical things, but how something will make you think and feel.  Find the activities that fulfill you and add meaning to your life in a positive, constructive way. If something does not give you a sense of purpose in life, it might not always be worthwhile to pursue it.

4: Help others. This is no secret that when you help someone else it gives you and your life purpose. It is not always possible to physically help someone else, but it is always possible to help someone else by setting a positive example with following through with your core desires and dreams. Valuable lessons can be taught to others by you living the best life possible in each and every way.

5: Focus on one thing at a time.  Our Modern world creates a great many difficulties for the human brain to cope with. You are flooded with streams of information that all appear to require your attention. This is what is referred to as information overload. It has a negative effect on the human brains attention span. A result of this attention deficit many people find it difficult to focus their entire attention on one task only.

The answer to this challenge in our technically developed world, is take your focus away from multi tasking to being present in the moment with one thing at a time. This improves your concentration, productivity, also supports building healthy, positive relationships, you will also learn and retain a great deal more of the information that enters your brain. Focus on what is really important to your core desires, your inner you and you will be much happier, living a much happier life.

6: Be your own Navigator with your own Time Frame. You will have people whom will want you to move at a different pace to the one you are moving with or to take a direction that is not in alignment with your core desires or plans for a particular time. I am not saying to ignore other people’s input or comments but do not immediately take them on board. Take on two or three varied opinions, then take time to think things over to allow your thoughts and your heart to choose the right fit for you.

7: Filter your inner critic: Yes, we all have that inner critic that can stand between you following through with the actions, activities and even changes that you need to make to build your life in the way that you want it to be. It’s the inner voice that tries to keep you safe. And in certain situations it can be quite helpful to listen to that voice.

8: When it comes to living your core desires, your inner most purpose, that critical inner voice could prevent you from taking the necessary actions that are the building blocks for living your best life possible. Instead of encouraging you to explore new and potentially meaningful ideas, the inner voice will keep you on the old and familiar path, or be telling you that you are not able to do something or learn something new.

The inner voice’s purpose is primarily to reinforce stability, to help you to stay on a positive track, keep you safe from danger or  undesired influences that may have you believing that you are not worthy.  It is important to filter your inner critic and redefine and eliminate any critical comments that will prevent you from following the path of your core desires. Interrupt any negative thoughts of “I Can’t to I Can”: “There is no way this can be done” to “There is always a way”. 

9: Be Creative: There is always more than one way to achieve an outcome and often there are many different ways. Always be open to creativity and change. Being creative is also about allowing events and things to take their “Natural course”.  You have done the hard yards, the work and it is now time to allow all your work to unfold. Allowing yourself the discovery of what is truly fulfilling for you.

10: Be Authentic: The one thing that will take you away from fulfilling your core desires and dreams will be trying to be someone else, being a follower of what you think is “Right” or “Better”. You have been built with an indoor radar that when listened to will tell you, what is “Right” and the “Best” for you. Have the courage to express yourself in a way that will have a positive effect for both yourself and the people around you.

11: Build Positive Relationships with Family and Friends: It is no secret that Healthier and Happier people have built positive relationships with family and friends. Now you might not always find this possible, but the secret is to “Never Cut anyone off”, to be “Thoughtful and Kind” with the understanding that each of us are different, with our different little “quirks”.

The key factor is that so long as those individual quirks and differences are not bringing harm in any shape or form. In saying that there will be some people you will have a close and interactive relationship with – “They get you and you get them” and there will be those who will not. Once again, distance may occur due to this, but “Never” shut the door, always keep it a little ajar. Never to allow bitterness, greed, anger or jealousy to get in the way.

Be Courageous, Be Bold, Live a Life of Simplicity and Purpose – Being Committed to Living your Best Life Possible each and every day

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