How To Eat Out & Avoid Gaining Weight: 10 Tips

How To Eat Out & Avoid Gaining Weight: 10 Tips
How To Eat Out & Avoid Gaining Weight: 10 Tips


Learn How to Avoid Weight Gain & Eat Healthy

When Eating Out

with these 10 Easy Tips

Eating out is definitely an Enjoyable past time, sharing time with family and friends. However, it can be somewhat of a challenge if you are wanting to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight or stay true to your healthy eating regime. Fortunately, I have made eating out easier for you with these – 10 Tips to avoid Weight Gain and without Compromising your Health.

Where to Go:

  • Choosing Restaurants where there is a menu with fresh healthy choices, also where the food is cooked on the premises and not re-heated.
  • Staff to be Warm, Friendly, and Inviting.
  • Avoid fast food outlets and ensure that the restaurant is well populated.
  • Word of mouth – ask friends that you know enjoy healthy food choices about restaurants that they have visited.

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Healthy Eating Out without Breaking the Rules

10 tips to Help you to Stay on Track

1. Start your day actively

No matter what your schedule – Always make time to start your day with exercise. By putting on an exercise video, going for a walk or attending a yoga class.

2. Don’t deny Yourself

Studies show that those who deny themselves their “favourites” often consume more calories in other food selections and are more likely to “binge” later. Decide in advance what you’ll have and how much you’ll put on your plate, and then stop. A great way of not having to count calories when eating out is to make your meal choice of what is known as a range of catabolic foods.

Catabolic foods burn up more calories than they supply. Just to give you an idea, all vegetables except regular potatoes, sweet potatoes are the preferred choice here and fruit such as apples, pears, all berries, rockmelon, watermelon and kiwi fruit. 

Preferred protein sources are lean chicken breast, Atlantic salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel, anchovies, trout and green lipped mussels. When implementing catabolic food choices avoid creamy sauces or salt laden sources. Avoid feeling denied by reminding yourself the benefits of eating healthy and how this is setting you up for a lifetime of optimal health with the reserves to combat any health challenges that may come your way.

3. Avoid Eating out of Habit

Sometimes when you have visitors, maybe when you go out, you may tend to eat just because everyone else is eating.  Without truly thinking about whether we are hungry or not. If you are not truly hungry then you may then opt for an appetiser or entrée something light just to be sociable.

  • I make it a rule to “Never” eat on the Run, no matter Where or Whom I am out with
  • I always Stop and Sit down to a meal: This way you are Mindful of choice of Food also How much you are Eating.
  • You will Relax and Enjoy your Food. This is also beneficial for your Digestion.

4. Drink water before and after your meal

This is important regardless no matter what because becoming dehydrated is also very dangerous for our health. It is a known fact that the consumption of water decreases cravings and helps to regulate hunger.

Be sure to consume water after any exercise workouts also when on outings ensure that you are regularly drinking water as this will decrease the likelihood of getting a headache as many of us do when we are out and about. It is such a spoiler of good times.

5. Regulate your Meat Protein Portion size

If you are having steak or chicken it is important to that the size portion consumed should be no bigger than the size of your hand. The other important thing is to avoid sauces and cheese added to meat meals as these are very difficult for your digestion. Always have a side serve of vegetables or salad as this will aid digestion with your meat protein

6. Take time for Physical Family Activities

When going out for a picnic or day in the park enjoy games such as tennis, cricket, throwing of a football or basketball. Go as a family for a nature walk or if a nice day the beach is great for a swim and games in the water. It is so important to play and laugh with your family. Doing physical activity together strengthens family bonds and builds traditions that can last generations.

7. Leftovers

 If you’re having family meals and get togethers then with the leftovers put then into disposable containers so that any of your guests can take these home or you may be able to freeze these for later.

8. Throw it away

 This is so important especially for Mum’s or Dad’s with young children, what only gets half eaten don’t you eat it or get someone else to eat it-Throw it away – I tend to throw it into the garden then any birds or other animals will eat it.

9. So Getting Back on Track

 Remember that the occasional splurge is what us nutrition experts call “moderation”. So every now and then go ahead have something that you love or that may be comforting! You deserve it!

Remember, a splurge should only be part of a meal or the occasional treat on a particular day. You will find if you eat poorly for several days, you will not only start to set the pattern again for weight gain, but you will also begin to feel tired, lethargic and very vulnerable to eating poorly.

Allow it to be the occasional plan to enjoy these occasional treats then get back on track to continue with your healthy living habits that you have put into place. Turning your healthy habits into a healthy lifestyle.

10. Don’t Feel deprived

 One of the biggest problems I know myself and have seen people trying to overcome is the feeling of deprivation from not having the chocolate, cake, chips or whatever you may have thought to be your fancy.

I overcame this by changing my thinking that if it was a food or beverage that wasn’t going to be good for me or nourishing then I wouldn’t indulge. The other ways to is that I usually fill myself up first with all of the healthy foods and then I am not hungry therefore I don’t have room for the foods that are not good for me.

I have always done that with my shopping I first buy all of my fruit and vegetables, any meat or fish then there is little left in the budget for the junk or foods that are not going to nourish me or my family.

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