Life After Trauma or Crisis! 10 Guiding Steps How to help Someone Recover & Restore their Life!

Finding Joy, Hope and Happiness in Challenging Times can be Difficult. But not impossible when people work together with empathy, and compassion, these emotions will be restored once again.

When someone is facing trauma or crisis, it can be difficult to know how to help them. There are ways that you can still offer some comfort and support. The first step is to learn about the event that they faced and how it affected them. This will give you insight and compassion for their situation and what they may be feeling.
Trauma can affect people in different ways, depending on various factors such as the type, severity, frequency, and duration of the traumatic experience, as well as the person’s individual characteristics, coping skills, and social support. In this article, you will learn the short- and long-term effects of Trauma and how you 10 Guiding Steps of How you can help someone going through a Crisis or Traumatic experience.

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