Master your Life!

Master your Health and your Life. Getting into the Driver's Seat of you Health & your Life

Let’s put you into the “Driver’s Seat”!

Of your Health & your Life!

Learning Key Foundations to Build and Master a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality

Without Confusion & Not leaving it to Chance!

Discovering Reasons as to Why there is More to Health than Meets the Eye! How to Move Beyond Sickness, Understanding the 4 Important Concepts of Healing, Health & Disease

What you will Find Here!

What you will find here is Professional, Ethical, Knowledge and Evidence based strategies for Becoming and Staying well, that have successfully helped with my client’s journey to Being and Becoming Well.

I have formulated these as a journey for you to Master a Life of Optimal, Health, Happiness & Vitality. There are Membership Options where you can begin or continue your journey to Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality.

I have designed the site to give you the necessary guidance and support with 100’s of articles, courses & eBooks that will help you become the Master of your Health and your Life. To provide you with the tools to Build your Best Life.

My Guiding Principles

Build the Life you want by design – Not leaving to Chance!

Build your Life that is centred around your values, dreams and goals!

Build a Foundation that is going to support you through even the “Toughest Times.”

The Key to Living your Best Life is to “Never” Stop, Learning. Making Positive Steps every day to a Healthier, Happier and Vital Life with a guided path you can “Trust”. I have worked hard to provide this for you.

Enjoy the Journey – Taking Small Steps Every day!

Become the Master of your Health & your Life! Because a Healthy Life is a Happy Life.

“All Access Pass” to every course, article and eBook, necessary for making Positive Changes to improving your Health, Life, Relationships and the Keys to Ageing Well.

Where to Start

Knowing what to do and where to start when making the decision to improve your health, and your life can be rather daunting! With my Free Membership you will receive exclusive access to articles & regular health specific guided news delivered to your inbox each week.

Uncomplicated: Real Life Guidance

Begin Building a Brilliant Mind: Balancing Emotions: Coping with Anxiety, Grief & Stress. Building Happiness & Success Steps to Self-Empowerment – Taking Charge of your life. Building Positive Relationships: Guides & Courses for managing or preventing serious health issues – Cancer Cardiovascular – Heart: Diabetes: Allergies: Immune: Digestion: Women’s Health: Men’s Health & Children’s Health

What People Say About Julie

What People are Saying about Julie is in reference to her dedication, long term commitment and sincerity to supporting people and her community with making positive and significant changes with their health and their life.

The International Association of Health Care Professionals Recognizes Julie as a Doctor of Excellence in Naturopathic Medicine and a Life Long Diamond Member of The Leading Physicians of the World

Stanford Who’s Who: Julie has also been recognized as a Lifelong member to Stanford who’s who for a Woman making an enormous contribution and difference with supporting people with successfully making healthy and positive changes.

Lisa Stewart says: “To anyone wanting to transform their health and in turn you will transform your life. Julie is the person to connect with. Julie helped me to restore my health and my life beginning with rebuilding a Foundation, I then went on to learn the Keys & the Tools that went on to help me make the Transformation to a Life of Optimal Health, Happiness & Vitality”. 




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