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As the Founder, Author, Owner, and Manager of this site, I am thrilled to present a space that is free from external influences, pop-up ads, and technical biases.

This platform provides you with honest, reputable, and practical health advice, guidance, and support. It has gained global recognition as a highly informative and trustworthy website for taking control of your health and well-being. 

Discover Essential Lessons and Strategies “How to Master your Health and Life”. Julie Doherty is your trusted Professional Health Advisor, Author, Coach, and Mentor, who has designed this exclusive platform ‘Just for You,’ free from external or technical influences.

Julie Doherty is a Fellow Accredited Practitioner of ATMS. With her Website being Proudly, supported by ATMS, Leader of the Natural Medicine Industry.

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In this course you will Unlock Positive Change by learning 8 Vital Keys How To Fuel Your Desire!
8 Lessons

Unlock Positive Change 8 Vital Keys ‘Building A Brilliant Mind’

This transformative course, provides 7 Empowering lessons with evidence-based strategies to enhance mental capacity, promote healthy brain function, and achieve optimal health, happiness, and vitality. These lessons will empower you on this remarkable journey.

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Unlocking the Transformation of your Health and life starts by Nurturing and Building a Brilliant Mind. This becomes achievable when you delve into the 7 Key Lessons outlined in this course.
7 Lessons

Building a Brilliant Mind: Foundation for Life: 7 Key Lessons

Unlock the Secrets of How to enhance the Amazing Power of your brain: Discover 7 Key Lessons to Improve Cognitive Function, achieve Mental Clarity and Emotional Harmony.

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In this Course you will discover 5 Simple habits that you can adapt each day to restore and renew your energy for a healthier and happier life.
1 Lesson

Restore and Renew Your Energy 5 Easy Habits to a Vibrant & Healthy Life

Imagine waking up each morning feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to conquer the day. In this engaging and concise course, you’ll explore five powerful habits that enhance health, boost energy levels, and increase overall happiness.

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Understanding the Concepts of Health, Healing and Disease. Moving Beyond Ill-ness. In this course, you’ll discover the amazing capabilities of your body and learn how to support healing, recovery, and optimal health.
4 Lessons

Going Beyond Being Sick – 4 Key Concepts: How to Master Health, Healing, Recovery & Vitality

Going Beyond Being Sick – Embarking on the Journey to Living a Healthier and Happier Life. Understanding the Concepts of How to Master your Health, Healing, Recovery and Vitality. Moving Beyond Ill-ness and disease. In this course, you’ll discover the amazing capabilities of your body and learn how to support healing, recovery, vitality and optimal health.

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Julie’s Knowledge-Based Blog Library

How to Heal Your Broken Heart! 12 Steps to New Possibilities & Finding Happiness!

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A 12 Step Ultimate Guide how to heal, explore new possibilities, and finding happiness once again.

Empowering your Journey to Living your Best Life with Parkinson's.

Read Now... 7 Empowering Key Areas of focus: How to Live Well with Parkinson’s.


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Overcoming Acid Reflux Heal your Gut Heal your Mind

Read Now…. Acid Reflux: Signs, Symptoms – 10 Ways to Eliminate Acid Reflux & Improve Digestion

Hi Guys, Learn 7 Steps Eat your Way to a Healthy Heart & a Healthy Mind!

Read Now…. Hi Guys, Eat your Way to Healthy, Ageless Skin: A Healthy Heart & a Healthy Mind

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Discover - What People are Saying about Julie is in reference to her dedication, long term commitment and sincerity to supporting people and her community with making positive and significant changes with their health and their life.

What People are Saying about Julie is in reference to her dedication, long term commitment and sincerity to supporting people and her community with making positive and significant changes with their health and their life.

Julie Vee says as Julie approaches her 70th Birthday: “You are a wonderful woman Julie and so deserve every joy that comes your way, as you’ve given so much of yourself to so many! Your kind grace and healing helped me, help my family in time of need and for that I am truly thankful. You are a great inspiration, all the best for a superb 70th birthday, live long dear lady. Love you” 🤍💛

Amy Ferguson says: “The most remarkable experience I’ve ever had was gaining insights into my health concerns through learning and understanding. What I cherished the most was the freedom to revisit lessons and courses without any external pressures. Moreover, I enthusiastically joined the Transformational Membership and haven’t regretted it since.”

Jordan Fee says: “I appreciated having the opportunity to address my health issues, without having any undue pressure. By diligently following Julie’s guides and courses, I am steadily reclaiming my health, and my peace of mind.”

Lisa Stewart says: “To anyone seeking positive changes in their health and life, Julie’s memberships and courses provide an excellent starting point. Her courses, newsletters, and strategic guidance have significantly contributed to restoring my health and well-being. Having established a strong foundation, I am now exploring the keys and tools to further facilitate my transformation toward a life of optimal health, happiness, and vitality.” 

Professional Status and Expertise

Julie, a Naturopathic Doctor of excellence, has dedicated her life to transforming and empowering lives through natural healthcare solutions. She guides individuals in making simple yet effective lifestyle changes to treat illnesses and diseases.

After graduating from SA College of Naturopathic and Botanical Medicine, she completed her studies in Naturopathic Medicine, Massage, and Cosmetology. Julie then opened her own clinical practice, offering Naturopathic medicine, Massage, and Natural Beauty Treatments for over 35 years.

Her desire to benefit people beyond her physical presence led her to creating this website over 10 years ago, providing Membership access where she offers essential guidance and support for both general and serious health and lifestyle concerns. Julie’s approach has successfully assisted people in their journey back to health.

Julie integrates the core principles of naturopathic medicine, including ethical, evidence-based knowledge that does no harm. Through her courses, books, and articles, Julie teaches how to harness the healing power of plants and nutrition, identify root causes, and empower people to understand their bodies. This knowledge is crucial for taking charge of your health and becoming well.”

Julie’s commitment to holistic health shines through her extensive experience and dedication to helping others achieve optimal well-being.