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Gluten & Dairy Free Banana Cake: Diabetic & Digestive Friendly

Do you sometimes Struggle!!! You want to avoid sugar, yet you feel like something sweet. You also want to avoid fats, gluten and dairy. Well here is a Great recipe for you, that includes the spice sumac & cinnamon to help balance sugar levels, turmeric your wonder anti oxidant, anti inflammatory spice: Honey and Bananas […]

Kick Starting your Weight loss Again!!!

We have all been there! Doing really well losing weight, feeling fit and healthy. Then it just seems that all the hard work and effort has just STOPPED WORKING!! This is what is known as the weight loss plateau, you still have a few kilos you would like to lose to reach your goal and […]

Best Foods Recommended for Keeping your Teeth Healthy & Clean!!!

You may well have been told that by brushing your teeth the reason being to remove food from your teeth. However did you know that there are certain foods that will actually help to make your teeth cleaner. Many foods when left on your teeth build up over time, causing plaque. This leading to tooth […]

Anti-inflammatory: Anti Oxidant Frittata Recipe!!

Improving Your Health is as Easy as Changing the Foods you EAT!!!! Frittata’s otherwise known as an Italian omelette, are a lot easier to cook than a regular omelette. I like frittata’s because they are an easy, yummy, economical meal. They are a different and tasty way of getting your vegetables into your daily diet, […]

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