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Diverticulitis: The Hidden Truth & Steps to Become Well

Diverticulitis is a common illness for more than 40 million People who are Suffering from it!! As a Naturopath the role diet plays in your overall health not to mention this profound and painful illness diverticulitis is undeniable. In other words there is no getting around it, the quality of your health is determined by the quality of your […]

Detox Your Lungs to Restore and Repair: The Ultimate Lung Cleanse

Whether you are reading this because you have given up smoking or just want to improve the function of your lungs. Whether you are a Smoker, Reformed Smoker or Non-smoker – It is vitally important that you now detox all those chemicals and toxins out of your lungs to now prevent any further complications down the […]

What Thrombocytopenia-Low Platelet Count? Steps to Regain a Healthy Count!!!

Many factors can cause thrombocytopenia (a low platelet count). The condition can be inherited or acquired. “Inherited” means your parents pass the gene for the condition to you. “Acquired” means you aren’t born with the condition, but you develop it. Sometimes the cause of thrombocytopenia isn’t known. In general, a low platelet count occurs because:

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